Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elder Stahle's Farewell

Today was Elder C.J. Stahle's missionary farewell.  We arrived early to the church and took the second row, and then 3rd and 4th rows seemed to be for extended family.  The whole chapel and overflow was full.  It was amazing to look back and see people even in the very back standing.  Our son gave a powerful talk that was spiritual with a lot of meaning, and was also so heartfelt.  As parents, we thought he was prepared, but with his talk, we realized that our son was missionary ready and so much more  prepared than we ever realized!  So proud of this young man!  After sacrament meeting we went back to our house and hosted lunch for family and friends.  Nearly 100 people stopped by and we were ready with a lot of food.   C.J. even helped to plan the meal, so that was fun too.  

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