Monday, September 30, 2013

1st Puchong Baptism of 2013 (Week 33)

This week has been very good!! We had a baptism yesterday!! It was the first one the Branch has had in about a year! So we were all very happy about that! Anekwe was so happy after he was baptized! I have now had 4 baptisms on my mission and he was easily the happiest one I have seen! After being baptized he shared his testimony! It was so good! I got to go on exchanges with the Chinese Elders on Friday this last week. I went with Elder Earl to his area of Cheras and it was really fun! He talked a lot in Chinese and I could actually understand quite a bit. It was like my Chinese was coming back a little bit which was really fun!
Anekwe's baptism!!
We had some pretty crazy things happen. When we were on a bus a lady looked at me and just started speaking Chinese to me even though I only had my Malay name badge on. She thought I spoke Chinese! And then as we were leaving the mall a man came up to me and grabbed my hands and looked me deep in the eyes and started speaking Chinese.  I have no idea what he was saying and neither did Elder Earl, so that was pretty crazy! I had a prompting that when we were at the mall to go into Popular (the bookstore), so we did and we were walking around and this little Filipino girl came up to me. She was like, “Are you from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?” And so I said, “yes” and she was really happy after I said that. She told me that she had been looking for the church here in Malaysia for a while. She actually went to church yesterday in Cheras! So that is exciting!! We some how managed to pass out 11 Book of Mormons this week so it was good!

Hey Dad, ya this week has been good! That should be exciting to get to watch Utah play Stanford! I really miss football! We had a baptism so that was fun and exciting! Transfers are October 24, 2013. So we will find out in 3 weeks. I think I will for sure leave Puchong because Elder Misa will be training.  It will be really hard for me to leave because I have put in so much time and effort here! I just hope that now we have things on track that it will continue to grow! We have been given Book of Mormons from other missionaries because we have ran out. Supposedly our Book of Mormons from Salt Lake are stuck in customs. 

Tallest Hindu statue in the world (and C.J. playing
with a feature on his camera) 
Ya, I like Puchong. It’s a big challenge and a very tough area, but I really like the area. The cookbooks when I saw them looked so good and the bumper sticker is super cool! Do you like the newspaper? That weather sounds really nice. It has been very interesting living with 3  Elders, but oh well! It is training me for marriage!!! What are some things that have been changing at home with family? I love being out here and yes some of the experiences I have are very crazy and strange but, I love them all. They are mine and I wouldn’t change them!  I love and miss you Dad!

Elder Misa being a jungle gym!! 

Hey Mom, this week has been good and yes I am very unique because I'm the best!! haha. That will be fun for the girls to have volleyball tryouts!  Sounds like packing was fun!!  The doctor just gave me the same stuff he did before. My back is doing alright, just sore. The bruise is not as bad anymore just sore still. Ya, have the package sent to Singapore and yes transfers are October 24. And what is this package for?? Elder Madsen is doing really good and Elder Olivares is a Zone Leader in Singapore! Ya you will have to let me know how it goes with  the Ting’s when they visit. I love and miss you. Keep doing good!

Hey Maddie, No I don’t know when people are in Singapore because I am never there.  It sounds like you had fun at homecoming! Keep doing good with school and accounting and don’t go for New York. Love you!

Thirsty Monkey!!
Hey Lydia, It sounds like you had a really good week and keep playing hard so you can earn your spot in volleyball! It sounds like you had a good birthday also! I love you so much and hopefully those kids stop talking bad because that will get them nowhere in life. I love you so much and I miss you!

Hey Hannah, Yes, I really really miss coming to your softball games and practices and volleyball and just being at home for family sports in general! How close are you to getting your iPhone? It sounds like you are playing really good! Volleyball tryouts should be good!  Who are you going to play for this year? Wow, it sounds like you had quite a crazy and dangerous week. It sounds like you are turning out to be like me more and more every week with being a accident prone child! I love you so much!  I hope you get to come to Malaysia!

Hey Brooklyn, I always have a beautiful day Brooklyn and it looks like you are doing so good in soccer and school! Awesome you get to go get a pumpkin?! That will be lots of fun for you! I love you so much Brooklyn. Keep doing good! I miss you so much!

Love, Elder Stahle




Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Ordered More Book of Mormons! (Week 32)

This has been a very good week!  We were not as busy as usual but we were able to do a lot of missionary work! We passed 21 Book of Mormons this past week also!!!! We have ordered more than 200 English Book of Mormons over the past 6 weeks and none are even recognized by SLC. So we are in trouble! This week we will not pass out very many...because well, we have none to pass out! We are having a baptism this Sunday and it will be the first baptism since December 2012. So that will be very exciting!! Elder Misa will baptize him and I will confirm him on Fast Sunday! It has been hard to meet up with some investigators that we have. They are just getting very busy lately and not as able to meet right now. It isn't very good but we are sticking with it!
Elder Stahle and Anekwe at church this week.
Anekwe is hopefully getting baptized this Sunday!

We had President and Sister Mains at our apartment on Saturday night. They did a house inspection and interviews with us. My interview was so good with President Mains! He is such an awesome man and he has so many good insights about so many things!  He has helped me to grow so much! Transfers will be in 4 weeks so who knows where I will go! I will most likely leave since Elder Misa will probably train here in Puchong.

We have been teaching this new guy named Roger and he is from Ghana! He is so awesome and is really progressing well. He is going to be moving back to Ghana next week though so he wants to meet the Elders there when he goes back!

Hey Dad, I'm so happy that the Utes won!!!! That is now 4 years in a row!!! That is super cool about the Braves this year. Do you think they could take it all? That is so exciting that they are finally getting a new Maverick and that we got a new Apple Store closer to home! I have heard from a lot of members that the new iPhone is nothing special. How is Apple Radio? So to come and get me you will only need a passport when you go through immigration. They will give you a 90-day tourist visa. When you pick me up it will be in Singapore because for my last day we all go to Singapore and have a final interview with President Mains. So you will pick me up in Singapore then we will bus or fly around Malaysia! Ya, being here in this foreign country has taught me a lot and I would easily call this my new home in the future.  I would have to live in KL where all the Americans live (haha)! love you so much!  I sent a package home and in there is a newspaper in there which is the 50th year of Malaysia Day! So it is a special and rare newspaper so keep it and you can see how they print here in Malaysia! There is also 3 cookbooks with amazing recipes and then the sweet sticker [ I*Gotta*P, from Bubba Gumps ] for you! I love and miss you Dad I can't wait for you to come here!

My new investigator drives this 2009 Lamborgini Gallardo
Hey Mom, ya I saw my doctor again and it is going good. He gave me some more medicine to help the swelling go down a little more, but my back is doing good. My back is just sore and stuff, but no big deal. It sounds like the primary program was very good! That would have been very fun to see! I can't believe that when I come home Hannah will be in 7th grade and Lydia will be in 9th and Maddie will be graduated! Time really does fly fast. I'm coming up on 8 months in a few weeks!  That sounds like the girls had a good week for softball, volleyball and soccer. That is fun Maddie went to a dance at WX. It sounds like this next week will be very busy for the family!  Oh, I sent a package with Adrian this week and he works for FedEx so be looking for a package with cookbooks and newspaper!! It should take 4-5 days.  I will find out my release date in February, usually a year before I go home.  We will probably just use taxi's or we can rent a car. I can drive since I’m used to the other side of the road now (haha)!  All the girls want to come here? We can stay at Marriott so that will be good. We could even bus from Singapore up to KL if we wanted to. I do miss American food! Especially good tasting food with American influence!!! I love you so much and I miss you! I know that my mission will fly by because it already is going super fast...which stinks!

Hey Maddie, why would you go to New York and who would you go with?? Duh, I could have told you that accounting is easier than math. It is so simple!  It sounds like you are having fun at home with everything. Keep doing good. And who knows maybe you will come to pick me up at the end of my mission. I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, Happy Birthday today in Malaysia!! I miss Wingers so bad and just being able to get in my car and drive!! It sounds like you have had a good birthday weekend! I love you so much and I hope you had some red velvet cheesecake with me in mind...because I’m so freakin’ hungry right now! Have a great birthday tomorrow in America!!! I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, it sounds like you had a really good week and got a lot of new really good friends! That is great! That is good that you did awesome in your primary talk! Mom sent me your talk. It was so fun to hear what you said and everything! I can't believe you are almost in young women’s. You are growing up so fast! It would be very cool if you all came to pick me up after my mission! I love and miss you Hannah!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you so much and it sounds like you did good in soccer and that girl who pushed you sounds very mean! Wow! You got me a Utah Utes basket? Awesome!!! How is school going for you Brooklyn? It sounds like you did good with your primary program! I love and miss you!


Elder Stahle

Monday, September 16, 2013

Two New Roommates (7 months)

District Meeting with KL Zone

This past week has been very good but also very busy. Last week when we were emailing I got a call from President Doss and he told me he got me into a back doctor and that I had to leave right then to get to the hospital in time. I saw the doctor and he gave me a bunch of medicine and told me to just rest for 1-2 weeks. He said that he wants to see me on Saturday this week. He might give me a permission slip to go swimming to help my back. So I might get to swim on my mission, legally (hahahaha)! 

We were able to have a lot of really good lessons this past week. Anekwe is doing great! He is getting very close to baptism. We have him scheduled for baptism in 2 weeks. Which would be good because our branch hasn't had any baptisms in a year!! We got new Elders this week in Puchong. So that has been interesting to say the least having four (4) Elder’s in the house now.  It was kind of a slower week for Elder Misa and I because I was resting at home a lot more than we ever do.  I'm starting to feel a lot better. On Friday, Elder Misa and I went to KL and I had to do a baptismal interview for the Zone Leaders. The interview went very good. It’s like when I do an interview it doesn't really feel like I'm doing it at all. It’s like I feel like I'm there, but it is the spirit talking through me. It’s a really cool feeling!

Cool sunset

Our mission is getting so big now. It is crazy! I can't believe that by December 5, 2013, we will have our maximum number of missionaries allowed here in our mission of 176.  I don't know how President Mains will be able to fly everywhere and do all of the interviews and everything! I really admire him and how well he handles everything that he has to do.  I'm really surprised that he ever has any time to sleep. He is coming to KL on Thursday to do Elder Misa's new missionary training. I can't believe general conference is in 3 weeks either!

Hey Dad, ya I'm feeling pretty good now. I'm not really taking it to easy anymore. The meds has really helped a lot. I have been icing a lot lately. Yeah, the Harley shirt I got for you was so cool! I have noticed a big change in myself, with just like everything!! I have had a very long trial to get out here physically and now that I am out here, I am so grateful for the service that I am able to provide and the love I have for my mission!  I love being out here! I never thought I would experience some of the things I have either!!  This country is amazing!  

This past week I was kind of sick also. They call it Demums and it is so miserable. It is like runny nose, cough, headache, and body aches and you just feel like crap!  That freakin’ stinks about the Utes!! Was Oregon State ranked?? How did the Rangers fall behind Oakland?  Elder Misa raps, so it is funny. He is way good at free styling! Elder Misa and I this past week have been able to place 8 Book of Mormons which is still very good.  Yesterday coming home from church we met a guy named David. He's from Algeria and hopefully we are going to start to teach him! I love you so much Dad and I miss you!!

Hey Mom, well I'm doing very good and I loved your letter from this week!  I loved your testimony and I’m going to start sending post cards more often! I love you so much! It sounds like it was a good week for the Stahle family back home! That is so cool that Hannah got a double play! That is legit! That would have been a fun fireside to go and see! That is awesome! I love you so much!  I don't have a ton of time left to email today, but I love and miss you!

Cool new feature I found on my camera!
Hey Maddie, it’s going good here...just busy being a missionary on God’s time. That fireside sounds really cool! I love and miss you. Keep doing good in all that you do!

Hey Lydia, it sounds like volleyball is going really well for you and that is awesome! I love and miss you so much and I hope you get to play varsity more cause you deserve it! I miss you!

Hey Hannah, dang it sounds like you are doing really good with sports! I love and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, yes I love Malaysia and I’m happy! Do you like your shirt? I’m so happy you are a good helper! You scored 2 goals? That is so good Brooklyn good job! I love and miss you!!!


Elder Stahle

Baptismal Interview I did with this sister this week 

At church  yesterday
Gift for mid autumn festival for Chinese New Year.
It is mooncakes for Elder Misa and I.

District leader life on Sunday nights

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunway Pyramid cool experience (Week 30)

This week has been pretty good. We have been able to teach a lot of lessons with members present at the lessons. When I was in Klang that never happened. So that is a big change that I really like. Having members there is really important. I have learned to have the investigator be able to connect with someone other than us missionaries, proves to be effective.

Elder Stahle at Bubba Gumps sharing a Book of
Mormon with Forest Gump!

Today is transfers. I think that I will be staying here in Puchong and finish Elder Misa's training. We had a pretty cool story that happened this past week. We went to IOI Mall to go get some lunch and we were walking back home to do Weekly Planning. When we were crossing the bridge I had this super strong impression that we needed to get to Sunway Pyramid. It is a huge mall that is super nice. About 15 seconds after I had that impression, Elder Misa said. “I feel like we should go to Sunway Pyramid.” So that was a awesome experience! Elder Misa and I have never been there before so it was going to be an adventure. So there is one bus that goes to that mall and it only comes one time per hour. We walked to the bus stop and when we got there the bus pulled up!! The past 6 weeks I have been here I have never seen bus #68 before. This time it pulled up right on time for us! We went to the mall and started to go around trying to find who we were intended to meet. So we talked to this one guy and we didn’t feel like it was the one we were supposed to meet but we still gave him a Book of Mormon. Then we met a woman from Kenya and gave her a Book of Mormon. It still didn’t feel like it was her either, so we kept going. We went down to the ground level because there was a hockey tournament going on for all the Asian countries.  It was these two little kids teams playing and we got to meet lots of white people from Canada. Their kids were playing but they lived in Singapore (haha). So we were just about to leave and I saw this one guy who kept following us from a distance. So we were watching the hockey game and he came by me and just wouldn't stop looking at me. I had a very strong impression that I needed to talk to him. So I started to talk to him and I had a very peaceful feeling come over me like to let me know that he was the one we went there to meet! Come to find out that he is Catholic and his Pastor told him all about Mormons and how we are bad people. He knew who we were. He said he was looking for a true church that wasn't corrupt. A church that had God's power and hand in the church. So that was amazing! We are going to meet with him this Thursday.

Elder Stahle with Michale at Dim Sums

This past week we were able to place 11 Book of Mormons! I have not had a week here where Elder Misa and I haven't placed at least double digits so -- 10 or more every week! It has been super fun to see all the good that comes from it. We have a new investigator named Mr. Tho. He is an awesome guy! He takes us out to lunch all the time to teach him! We have him on date for October 20th and Anekwe is on date for September 29th. So hopefully we will get Puchong Branch it's first baptism of the year! [ I clarified this with him. Yes, the first baptism in all of 2013 in the Puchong area! ]

I’m doing alright. My back still hurts but not as bad. I’m still going to go see the doctor though.

Hi Dad! That is way exciting about Hannah's team winning the tournament! And that is so funny that Utah killed Weber State. And I can't believe BYU beat Texas Longhorns! Was that in Texas or Utah? Dang, the Alabama game should be way good!  I love you so much Dad and I miss you. I can't wait until you and Mom get to come here and eat all the good food!

Hey Mom. Don’t worry about me. It will be fine and I actually haven’t done any P90X since I have been here in Puchong.  When I did do P90X it was very modified. No new foods this past week but, no we don’t really cook at all in our house. I bought 3 cookbooks to send to you and they all look amazing. They are Singapore and Malaysian cuisine cookbooks and they look unbelieveable!!! That is way good about Hannah's softball team! I love you so much Mom and I miss you!!!

Hey Hannah, that is so exciting that you have been able to do so well in your softball games! I hope you are having fun with school also. I love you so much keep doing good. I miss you!!

Hey Maddie, ya my week has been okay and don’t worry about me i will be fine! I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, Keep up the good work. I am sure you will play varsity soon! What kind of volleyball shoes did you get? I love you so much!! I miss you. Keep doing good with sports and school!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you I hope you had a good week! I miss you too!


Elder Stahle

I got a terrible hair cut this week. This is my before photo...

...and after! Now I am Sargent Bilko!! Elder Misa
fixed my hair since he cuts his own hair.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Merdeka Day BBQ (Week 29)

This has been a pretty good week here in Puchong. We have been able to meet up with a lot of new people lately. We have been able to teach quite a bit, which has been good. This past week we placed 10 Book of Mormons! So in the 4 weeks I have been here in Puchong we have placed more Book of Mormons than I did in Klang in 4 months! We went to FHE for the YSA here on Friday. We brought Anekwe and he loved it! We watched a documentary called Two Brothers (more info - click here) and it was awesome! I would suggest it to anyone and everyone!! It is probably by far one of my favorite documentaries I have ever watched in my life.

Eating snake. So good!
We met this new man named Mr. Tho. He is Chinese. He is awesome! He said he's Buddhist and we asked him what he liked about it and he said, “that he doesn't care for it". I was able to practice some of my Chinese on him and Malay. He was very impressed! So that was fun. He took us out to get some roasted duck and it was amazing!!! The best I have ever had in my life!

We have been able to get a lot of missionary work done lately so it has been nice to do! On Friday, August 31, 2013, it was Merdeka Day, which means their freedom day. So like their Independence Day. Elder Misa and I went over to a members house for an Elder's Quorum BBQ with all of the young men. It was good. I feel like we have gotten a lot closer with the branch this past week. We have been trying to bring back less actives. It has been very hard also because half of the people who are less active only speak Chinese. My Chinese is rusty so it is hard to speak to them right now, but has been coming back just a little bit...but not very much!

Us with Jo Jo
I think this week I will get to do two more baptismal interviews so that will be good. This past Monday we went to the crazy food restaurant and it was so funny! We walked in and there was 8 of us missionaries in the white shirts and ties. The first thing they told us was "we are just a normal Chinese restaurant. We only sell chicken, pork, fish, noodles, rice, and beef". We didn’t even ask what they sold (haha). We found out that they sold crazy exotic meats. So we got crocodile from Africa, ostrich from Africa (It was the best meat I have ever had in my life!), flying fox, turtle, and snake soup. The snake soup was my favorite meat and soup. It was so good!

Hey Dad, Ya it has been a really sad week because I knew Elder Wiberg pretty well. I served here in KL with him for 6 weeks and at district meetings I would talk to him quite a bit. So it was super sad when I heard he passed away. I still am in shock that he died because, the doctors all said that he should be fine and that he will make it. But God had other plans for him I guess. His Dad told President Mains that, "Elder Wiberg has been transferred to his new area on the other side of the veil." When I read that it really hit me hard and really has given me a perspective as to what life is really all about. The movies, songs and things of the world mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. We are all working to get back to the Celestial Kingdom and I have seen that first hand since I have been out here.

Everyone here in the Singapore mission from Davis High has become an AP or at least a Zone Leader (haha). It looks like Davis High knows how to represent (haha). I can't believe I have now been out 7 months, in my journal I just had my 200th day on Saturday! I will probably be here in Puchong for 12 weeks. By the end of the year there will be 50 new missionaries. So Elder Misa will have to train, after I train him. So I will probably leave after 3 months here in Puchong. Yes, Elder Misa and I we get along very well we don't really fight or argue about anything.  He is really starting to like being here a lot more now.  I don't know if he can ever love it as much as I do though!

The members can see that we are working our butt's off.  They are starting to respect us a little more is the vibe I am getting. I feel that since we have been here we have made a huge difference for this area! It has been good to be able to do so much missionary work! It’s good to be able to report to the branch how many Book f Mormons we have handed out in the week.  We are at at least 10 per week!  

That is awesome that Utah did so good. Hopefully this will be a good season for them! I love that BYU lost!! (haha) Elder Misa started laughing when I told him that!  I love and miss you so much Dad thanks for all that you do!  

FHE with YSA
Hey Mom, That is very exciting about the girls and how well school is going! That is awesome that Brooklyn likes school and all of her new friends. I have been reading my Patriarchal blessing lately. There is a line that has been sticking out to me so much lately. I have never really picked up on before. So that has been very cool. And also my personal studies have been very good lately.  I have asked many missionaries who is on top of the temple? And everyone says Angel Moroni but in D&C 29:26 it looks like it will be Michael AKA Adam. So that has been a big debate lately (haha). President Mains couldn't even answer the question. So, I feel like I need to take it to the Prophet! I miss Mexican food so much!  [...since I had just told him about an event I had catered with a Mexican restaurant.] 

I am getting my last pair of pants altered and a long sleeve white shirt to fit me perfectly now on my arm sleeves. So it is nice! I love you Mom so much. Keep doing good and I miss you!

Hey Maddie, so it has been good. I ate a lot more crazy food. So far on my mission I have eaten turtle, snake, flying fox, ostrich, stingray, and crocodile. That is good you are taking accounting. It is such a fun class and I love Mrs. Ward. She's the best! Keep doing good in school and doing what you should do. I love and miss you. Have a good week.

Elder Stahle with Brother Adrian, a counselor in
the branch presidency here
Hey Lydia, that is so exciting that you made the volleyball team and that you are doing so well! That is cool you are able to do blocks now. I'm sure that has been fun for you! Keep doing good in volleyball. I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, That is good that you enjoy being the top dog of your school now. That has to be fun! And make sure that you become the leader in all that you do. It will help you for the rest of your life! Keep doing good in softball!! When does volleyball start again? I love you so much keep doing good! I miss you!

Hey Brooklyn,  sounds like you really enjoyed your first week of kindergarten and your first soccer game!! I hope that you like going to school because it is very fun!! I know that you are a very fast runner -- like a cheetah! I love you so much. Keep doing good!

I was in a small bus accident that has left my back really sore.  I flew up in the air 18” and came down really hard on my butt. The pain is not on my incision. It is 2-3 levels below my incision. Icing helps it. It could be a bruise. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or lay down, but something is off. I’m going to call Sister Mains. Everything will be fine. My patriarchal blessing tells me that I WILL SERVE A FULL TIME MISSION  and I'm only at 7 months right now so that isn’t a full mission yet. It will be fine and I will keep you posted.

Make sure everyone reads the Book of Mormon daily and prays as a family. I need all the help i can get out here. I have to go. I love you all!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Stahle