Thursday, March 28, 2013

Singapore!! I have arrived!

After 3 different legs to Elder Stahle's flights to Singapore and 26 hours of actual flying time, I HAVE ARRIVED!!!

Here's C.J.'s little email from President Mains account:

I made it!!  I got here safely and I'm already sweating a ton!  And, I got a contact on the train!   Love you!  Bye

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Pics that C.J. sent to use while he was in Singapore, before arriving in Malaysia, are below:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MTC (Week 6)

Nothing happened this whole last week, other than we did culture day stuff. It's been fun. My bags ended up weighing 39 lbs and 35 lbs and the heavier one is the one I will take with me through Malaysia. Thanks for all the pictures with the girls and the dogs. They were awesome!! We got to go to the temple today and it was really nice, although the Sisters in our district took forever to get ready! Haha!!  I would not be surprised if some of the Sisters miss the flights today because they take forever to get ready!   

I'm super excited to go over and start teaching. Not too much to write this week because basically we just relaxed and hung out. We were able to ask whatever we wanted to know about Singapore and Malaysia. Last night we got to take pictures with all the teachers! It was nice. Today we took more photos at the temple. I will send you the pics.
Hopefully I will serve a lot in Malaysia. And yes Mom, I will email every week!! Please send me jolly ranchers, the hard ones, because I heard the kids over there love them! 

There are 9 in my district: 6 Elders and 3 Sisters, but 1 Sister is going to Indonesia.  There are 2 districts and the other district is all Elders. So everyone that is going over is 15 total people. The big photo that was taken at the temple had the Tonga district in it too.

I will call tonight. I love you all and miss you all so much!!!

Jumpa Lagi
Love, Elder Stahle

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Night Before Elder Stahle leaves the MTC

9:49 PM
Hey! The day is finally here! I leave tomorrow and I’m so happy about that! I am so sick of the food here. But I also like the shelter that is here because it is like an incubator. It keeps us safe and everything which is nice but, I’M A PEACOCK...YOU’VE GOTTA LET ME FLY!!! Haha!  Do you remember that show? THE OTHER GUYS. (haha) We quote that movie here all the time!  

We have to be at the travel office here at 4:30 PM, so I’m guessing they will drop us off at the airport tomorrow at about 5:30 PM. I should be able to call right after I get through security. Yes, I bought a calling card here. It cost $5 and it has 3 hours of call time in America on it. Yes, I’m so excited to get out of America!!  It is so true I have never thought about it that way before about service men and women as well as with missionaries doing the same thing. But in a way, I feel that we are doing the more of the lifesaving because ours is eternal!!

We had culture day for the past 3 days and I’m dying to get over there now! Brother Simon showed us pictures today from his mission and he got to hold baby lions, tigers and panthers!! It was crazy. I’m so excited to get over there! All of my nerves are gone!!! It’s so crazy. This one guy who just came in knows Sister Luedtke! He is from Finland where she served. He said that he loved her! I’m excited to get another companion!! I actually heard from all of them this week. Elder Madsen is training and Elder Olivares only sent me a 1 line email saying he is sick and hopefully he will get to see me. I dont know whats wrong there. Elder Rasmussen said that they found out today who they are training! I love and miss you so much Dad!! Oh yeah... the chips and salsa were gone in about 5 minutes!! There was about 20 people in our room eating it!! It was crazy! I’m going to buy an external hard drive over there just in case my camera cards get lost getting shipped home so i can back them up!

Our teachers are writing on the board their
predictions of where they think we will serve.

I was getting to the book Mom jeeze learn patience! I know I have had to since being here. I love the book, everyone in my district thought it was so cool. Most of them have wanted to look at it over and over which is cool! I love all the pictures you put in it, they are perfect! Who has been telling you they want one? These past 6 weeks have gone by so fast it has been nice! We get to go to the temple tomorrow which should be good.  President Taylor said it was okay! I don’t want to be any other place than on my mission either. The Tongan district left today to go to Tonga! On the flight over, I was going to get up every hour to walk around and I’m taking my lacrosse ball in my backpack. I have backed off on my piriformis lately. I’m so excited for the food! I didn’t eat dinner tonight...that’s how sick of the food I am (he sent us a picture of himself in the laundry room eating a frozen pizza!)

That is way cool about all the mission calls in our ward. They should all have fun. I've seen TJ Edwards here a lot but he flew out today. Did you get my box I sent home yet? Oh yeah, Katie Beckstead sent me a huge Easter package. I will send pics of it today. It was really nice. I love you so much Mom and I miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, that sounds so fun and exciting that you got to learn the letter Z! Thanks for the Easter care package it was so nice.  I'm going to take a lot of the chocolate over on my mission!! Thanks Brooklyn I love your eyes and your freckles too and your smile!! I love you Brooklyn!!!!

I love you all so much I will write more tomorrow, I can’t wait to call home too!!

Love, Elder Stahle

So I'm sick of the food here, so here is my yummy,
frozen pizza for dinner!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MTC (Week 5)

So this has been a pretty good week! We got our travel plans on March 14th, so we are so excited!  Especially me, and all the teachers always tease me everyday which is way funny. They always tell me that I finally made it and everything, so it’s been good! There have been some pretty good experiences this week!

The Singapore District
So back to when we leave....  We leave Salt Lake at 8:05 PM on Tuesday, March 26th, and go to LAX and we get there at 9:05 PM.  We then don’t leave for Hong Kong until 1:05 AM and we arrive in Hong Kong on March 28th at 7:40 AM.  So yeah, it’s such a long flight!! Then after that, at 9:10 AM we fly from Hong Kong to Singapore, and we will finally get into Singapore at 1:00 PM.  And for our mission they also included a return flight so that it looks like we will only be there for a few weeks visiting (haha), so my return flight that isn’t real, is from Singapore to Tokyo, Japan then Tokyo to LAX.  When we all saw our travel plans, we all thought they were real!  (Not - haha)  I'm so excited to get over there!

One of the really cool stories that I have that I forgot to tell you for the past two weeks is this story. So I was talking to everyone in my district and when their original date to come into the MTC was and they all told me January 2, 2013, so when I told them the day that I decided to come out on my mission they all told me that about 5 days after I made my decision that they got a letter in the mail from the church telling them that they had been delayed and that they were coming in February 13, 2013, the same day that I decided to come in!  So, I think that is pretty cool!!  Maybe they all got delayed because I was coming in... or maybe it was just a coincidence!

Elder Stahle with his companion, Elder Robbins
[ To provide more information on this story, C.J. talked to President Ostler, our Stake President, around Thanksgiving time.  He asked President Ostler when the next group of missionaries would be going into the MTC, since he was doing really well and feeling close to being strong enough and healthy enough to actually work towards a re-entry date.  President Ostler called C.J. back 1-2 days later with information.  He told C.J. that he could go into the MTC on January 2nd, February 13th, or May of 2013.   He immediately told President Ostler that he felt like February would be the perfect time for him to work towards.  He also told him that starting in February, they would be changing the length of time in the MTC from 9 weeks to 6 weeks, so that sounded good to him too, since he spent 4 weeks there the first time. ]

I sent home my SD card yesterday so that you could hurry and download the pictures then send the card back to me with the last package that you send! I’m going to be mailing stuff home this week with some stuff that I don’t need duplicates of (sheets, towel, etc).  We have to be very careful with our weight in our luggage.  

A cool story that I had with the holy ghost this week!  So it was kind of strange.  Early one Saturday morning, I decided to go and check the mail.  It was 2:00 AM in the morning and as I was walking to my mailbox, I had this feeling that I needed to go into the bathroom, and I had just gone like 5 minutes before, so I didn’t need to go to the bathroom.  I didn’t know why, so I just went because I was prompted.  Inside this bathroom there was this a severely handicap man who worked here.  I don’t know how long he was standing in there trying to get out. He was reaching for the door handle and missing it by about 6 inches and when I opened the door he thanked me and gave me a hug.  It was really cool!  So my advice is to never ignore any prompting, no matter how small or weird or anything that it might be!

We had a pretty good teaching in TRC on Saturday.  It has been very boring in class for the past 2 weeks because they are done teaching us new things.  Oh ya SAYA SAMSENG!!!!!  Elder Kavapalu and I go around saying that all the time!
Hey Dad, that is so cool about all the people that you have been talking to lately about me and how they aren’t members and how interested they are!  Even though I'm not out there serving, those people you have recently talked to you have probably planted a seed with them now! So you are a missionary as well now, Dad! I love you so much and miss you! That's good about my book...I've been waiting forever!!  Yeah.  Everyone here loves Duck Dynasty too.  We always talk about them. I’m doing really good and yes, no more sore throat nor earache.  I’m good.   

I’m feeling really good about the language.  I feel really prepared and ready to go over!  I have   been trying my best to study and learn everything I can.  I feel that I have gotten a lot smarter with scriptures and everything else!

I will call you from the SLC airport and probably from LAX too.  Possibly from Hong Kong too, if I have enough calling card minutes.  That's good to hear that our family is being blessed.  It’s worth it.  I have to admit, no matter how hard the work is, it is worth it!  I love being out here!  My journal is huge.  I have been writing in it a lot.  
Hey Maddie!  Yes, I'm so excited I get to leave soon.  How fast can you run the 100 M? Love you, and keep going to seminary and doing good in school!
Hey Lydia! How is track and volleyball and everything going for you with school? I love and miss you so much!
Hey Hannah!   Your volleyball team took 3rd in a national qualifier?  That is way cool!  How is school going for you?? I love you so much.
Hey Brooke!  I love you, I love you, I love Yooooouuuuuuoooooouuuuu :) I miss you Brooke!
Hey Mom - Yes another week has gone by, thankfully!  I am so ready to get out of here! I’m  happy you got my book done! So I should get it either today or Wednesday? Send my SD card with my last care package.  You asked what I wanted!  Well, yeah, so you know that I like Andes Mints, Dove Caramels, and oh yeah...everyone loved the chips and salsa!    Send whatever you think!  We will all love it, I’m sure!

My legs, calves, butt, back and everything are doing great and fine!  My stomach has been good and no migraines either, so it is good!  
I love you all so much and I miss you all!  I pray for you all daily!!  And Mom, can you please send me todays letter in a  I want to share what Dad said about the paper guys he works with, so that I can share it with the people in my district!  When I call next Tuesday, is everyone going to be home between 6:00 and 7:30 PM? That is when I will call!!
Jumpa Lagi
Love, Elder Stahle
After reading our email, here’s a quick response to our letters:

That is way exciting about volleyball! For Lydia and Hannah! That’s good that Lydia’s finger isn’t broken because that would have been bad! I love you girls!  Keep doing good in school everything!  That’s exciting about how Maddie wants to serve now!  It is really fun out here most of the time, but can be super hard too!  But the blessings and life lessons are so great.  I can’t wait to begin this chapter of my life!   When we first arrive over in Malaysia, we learned that you buy a bike over there and you keep the box and if you get transferred to other places, you disassemble the bike and fly it around with you.  Brother Blissett said that it would cost about $300 US, so just a heads up.  

Dad                 Dad                     DAAAAAAAAAD

[this is from the show, Elf.  And C.J. would always say this to Clark to make him laugh]
HAHA that seemed like a good way to start this letter hahaha. Yeah, it is going to be a way long flight! But it is on Cathay Pacific so I'm super happy about that.  That is what I flew over on last time [his 8th grade summer he went to China on a 10-day trip with his teacher and peers, and loved the cuture, people and food]!  The stuff I’m going to be sending home is stuff that they told us.  Like they changed it to 1 pair of sheets, and as little as possible because when you are in Singapore and if you serve in Malaysia, you are only allowed to take 1 suitcase weighing 40 pounds and a carry-on, so I will just leave my middled-sized suitcase at the mission home and lock it up.  But I will send home some of the extras, like toothpaste, sheets, Book of Mormon in Malay, because they will give us new ones there and I am also sending home my Malay bible and a few spiral notebooks that I don’t need.  Pretty much, I just need to cut down on weight as much as possible! I’m going to send home my big Preach My Gospel because I bought a mini one here that is like 6 inches tall instead of 15 inches, so it’s so nice.  It fits in my scripture bag! Yes, please send me a few calling cards so we can talk when I’m in Salt Lake airport, then do you guys want me to call you again when I get to LAX?  We will have a 4 hour layover there.  
Yes, everything does happen for a reason. I am a walking definition of that! I have to go write in journals now and get some sleep.  I’m tired.

I love you and miss you so much!
Love, Elder Stahle

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Love the Spirit Here - MTC (Week 4)

I love the spirit here.  We had TRC on Saturday and it was really good once again.  We have been teaching Dorina and Ricky and it has been going really well which is good.  They are both on date to be baptized!  TRC is Teaching Resource Center and that’s where people who served missions come in and let you teach them.  We taught two people and I think Elder Robbins and I did pretty well when we were teaching. One of the good things that I learned this week was that one of the guys who came in for TRC goes to the U and he is the only one I've met from the U!  Everyone else goes to BYU!! So, ya...  

We had a really good talk from Elder Adikitus on Tuesday.  He talked about the three kingdoms of glory and one of the really cool things he said was that we need to decide which kingdom of glory we want to inherit when we die. He also said that if we want to inherit the Telestial world that we are doing too much right now.  It was really cool to think about!  Everyone keeps asking me here if I'm going to go to BYU when I get back and if I will teach here or if I will do TRC on Saturdays.  I think that I will probably do TRC’s every once in awhile on Saturday’s after I get home.  I think it would be really fun and cool to have the missionaries come and teach me!

I don’t know if we are pretty much done learning all of the language here or not because we haven’t been taught any language in class in about a week now but, they have really been going over doctrine and how to teach by the spirit which has been nice!  Oh yeah.  I got released as District Leader on Sunday.  President Taylor told me after that he didn’t want to release me, but since there are so many more missionaries coming in soon, that more people need to have more leadership experience.  We have temple today at 9:30 AM and I love it when we get to go to the temple.  The spirit there is so cool! I like the Bountiful and Salt Lake temple’s more though!  Everything has been going really fast here.  Our sacrament here is at 7:30 AM which is so early!  We should get our travel plans this Friday or so.  I'm so excited to get those!!

I heard from Elder Madsen today as well and he told me he loves the TANDAS situation over there and that he wants to have a hose with his toilet at home for life because you get way cleaner.  So my worries about that have gone down a lot and I’m excited about it now! That’s pretty weird that I’m excited to use a hose!  Oh well.  Better to have a good attitude, huh?!  Today at the temple it was good.  I did temple work for a man who was born in 1516.  That was cool. The food is gross, and I’m now sick of it!!  Elder Madsen said that he likes biawak which is the huge lizard but hated pigs tounge.  He said it tasted nasty.

Mom, your new saying is my favorite saying!  [Happy, happy, happy!]   What has been going on in the new DUCK DYNASTY’S? I would say the thing I miss a lot is music!  Sometimes I will go sit outside my residence and just listen and we can always hear normal music blarring at the BYU football stadium which is funny  because it's all the songs I love!!!! They played Thrift Shop!! You should have seen me...I was going CRAZY!!!!  On the mornings that we go and do laundry, afterwards we head outside at about 5:00 AM in the morning and there are about 25 deer outside our dorm.  It’s so cool!!  They are all doe though.  Yes.  I did tell you that we have 3 bunk beds in our room.  No one has moved in though.  Still four of us in our room with the two sets of bunk beds..  We have a devotional in 45 minutes, so I had better go.  Love you guys so much. Hope you and the family have a good week. I know I will because I am doing the Lord's work!!  I love you all so much and I know I will be doing good.  I also know that I will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and I know the family will be too!

Love, Elder Stahle


I          LOVE              MY FAMILY

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

M. Russell Ballard - MTC (Week 3)

This week has been really good! The language is coming really well now.  We had TRC on Saturday and it’s where return missionaries or natives come and they talk to the missionaries and we basically teach them a lesson.  We had two 20 minute appointments.  They all told me I was doing really well and a lot better than when they were here last time.  Last Tuesday, M. Russell Ballard came and talked to the MTC!!!  It was amazing as he walked into the gym.  I haven’t felt the spirit that powerful I don’t think in my life!  You just know that he has seen Christ and got to meet him.  He just had this type of light about him and it was amazing!  As he entered everyone stood and when he left everyone stood as well.  It was amazing! They also had the Provo Temple President come in on Sunday and it was super good too.  He said how he has seen Christ in the Provo temple a lot and he walks all the halls and rooms and everywhere.  We  are going to the temple today at about 9:30 AM, so I’m looking forward to that again.  The food here is really getting old really fast!!  I am still District Leader and I enjoy those duties.  I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be, but either way, I love it.  Our investigators are doing good.  When we teach Dorina the spirit is really strong.  It’s really fun to do and feels very real, just like they are a real investigator!  The language is coming along like I said which makes me feel good about how it’s all going.  We only have class for 2 1/2 more weeks then we are out of here so we will probably get travel plans on Monday of next week.
Hey Maddie!  The MTC its going pretty good here.  Everyone here tells me how much they respect me because they wouldn’t have come back if they went home like I did. That’s way cool that you just started track.  It will be good for you to do. Spiritual experiences?? There is too many to list! I promise I will write later to tell you about some of them.  I love you and miss you.  Do good in school and track and keep going to seminary.  You have to graduate.  
Hey Lydia!  It’s been really good to be back out here.  I've been missing you a lot and the whole family!  Are you going to do track too??  If you do that would be really cool.  Is volleyball almost over?  How do you like my new room??  Did you take anything off of the walls?  Did you keep my nice bed or did you bring your old bed??  I love you so much Lydia!
Hey Hannah! Is volleyball almost over??  and I love you too!  How is school going for you?  I’m sure you’re doing really well because your way smart!  That’s so cool about your last volleyball tournament!  How come you never do pancakes while I’m there?!  I’ve never gotten to see you do one!  Who took first in gold division?  I love you!
C.J.'s All About Me - Missionary Book
to share with investigators and others
Hey Brooklyn!  Keep doing good in school!  Take good care of Pepper and Trina for me and give them a big hug! I love you too.  
Happy Birthday Mom! That’s good that your day was so good! You’re lucky that you got to have two birthday lunches/dinners. Yes.  There are 3 sets of bunk beds in our room, so its super crammed.   I don’t know what they are going to do for when they put 6 elders in here because there are only 4 closets total!  There is going to be about 3,500 sisters here this summer and that’s how many are here in total right now!  So, it’s going to be crowded!  I don’t need anything else here at the MTC.  I’m doing good and have everything.  Oh yeah!  WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEND ME THE HERITAGE MAKERS BOOK?!  I’m going to be leaving here soon!!!!!  I need it!!!  Please hurry.  I love you so much Mom.  Thanks for everything you do! I miss you!!!!!!

[ His book is now done!  :)  Here is a link to the finished product that I shipped to him.  It’s an 8x8 hardbound storybook that I made with my consultant account with Heritage Makers. ]
Hey Dad!  Yeah, I’m feeling much better with my throat and rash.  No more rash breakouts, so that is good.  They haven’t been bugging me anymore which is good!  Everything is going really good.  Yesterday Elder Robbins and I were  teaching and he was talking about the plan of salvation.  He was talking for like 10 minutes and so when I tried to share a scripture with Dorina, he turned to me and said, "I'm still talking so don’t talk while I’m talking."  Needless to say, we are still trying to get along and figure things out.  Yes, I’ve been making a lot of new friends.  How did Pepper’s ear surgery go?  And Trina, is she getting bigger?  I love you so much!  KAMU MACAM TOKE!!!! THAT MEANS "LIKE A BOSS!"  HAHA.
Love, Elder Stahle