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Letters or packages...just in time for Christmas

To write Elder Stahle or send him a package, please send it to the mission home to arrive by December 18th to ensure he will get it in time for Christmas!  

Elder Clark Stahle Jr
253 Bukit Timah Road
5th Floor
Singapore, 259690

Email address:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Love the New Senior Couple! (Week 41)

View from the top of our condo
This week has been good but also still slow. I’m slowly starting to feel better, I still cough quite a bit, but it is okay. I am sad I won’t be there for Thanksgiving. There some members here that are from America and they are having us come over to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. So it should be good! That is terrible about Travis Wilson! Ya the Utes had a terrible season. Well at least they beat BYU!! (haha!) Everything here is going pretty good. Penang is a big tourist place. The food is more expensive and we are on an island which makes it cost more too! Transfers are coming next week so that should be good.

It is very hard here because we are starting at zero with investigators. We went and tried to contact a referral who went to the temple in Hawaii. We went all the way to her house and like missionary luck, she wasn't there! It took us 2.5 hours to get to her house. We are starting to know the area pretty well now. I can easily get around now which is nice. 

They are still looking to get us a condo down south. NO NEW BAKERY'S :( Elder Misa told me that the bakery people ask about me a lot still in Puchong!! (haha) Like how I am doing and everything. So that is fun. That is so cool that Trina is so protective. I miss her a lot. There is a member here who is like a printing broker. He distributes the jobs to printers and he loves talking to me about your job.  Skype will be very soon!!! Malvinder is the Branch Mission Leader.  

I love being out here in Penang and on a mission. It is so fun and amazing!!

The new senior couple has been helping us a lot with lessons. It has been very nice to have. They also have their own car, so they can drive us places which is way nice. Elder Jin and I are busing down to KL today for his new missionary training that is tomorrow. I am going to go to Chilies probably on Tuesday! (haha) I love you so much and I miss you, Dad!! It will be fun when you come here!

Hey Mom, ya I have been pretty sick lately. Which is no fun and it sounds like you were pretty sick too. Elder McAllister the new senior couple up here he served his mission with Jeffery R. Holland. He was his zone leader on his first mission. He was companions with Quinten L. Cook!! He also drove Spencer W. Kimball home in his mustang when he was younger too! He has such crazy stories! All of that food you are going to make [for Thanksgiving] sounds amazing!!! I'm not going to lie...I am a little sad that I won’t have any spiced turkey this year! This will be the first time in my life I think! I still hate potatoes though! Ya fishing is way fun!! No, I haven't gone fishing again yet. Maybe on Saturday we will go again! We will miss Malvin. It won't be as good while he is on vacation! I am very thankful that God has given me the chance to serve a mission at all and make me strong enough! I love and miss you!! Have a good week with family!

Elder Stahle on the penthouse deck
Hey Maddie, That would be good if you got a job!! It would help you and that is good that you want to go to college. I miss good meat loaf. It is impossible to find here! That is good. You should learn how to play the piano. Are you going to go on a mission? I love and miss you and keep doing good at home!

Hey Lydia, I have been good. Still sick but, getting better slowly. We put someone on date and she loves the Book of Mormon. So hopefully we can baptize her around Christmas time!  That should be fun!! There are lots of H&M's here in Malaysia and Forever 21's. They are everywhere!! I love and miss you. I miss real American treats and sweets!

Elder Stahle with the senior couple, the McAllister's
Hey Hannah, It sounds like Christmas will be a good one for the family this year! That is funny about your substitute teacher!! How is volleyball? Trina is good but try to limit her barking so she doesn't get used to doing it always! That is a bad habit. I love you so much. Keep doing good in school. I miss and love you!

Hey Brooklyn, Yes my day has been good! Actually a lot of members here tell me how much they love my hair and the hair color!! (haha!) That is so good that you are learning how to play the piano! I love you so much and I will be home after 1 more year! I hit my year mark January 14th!! I love you so much Brooklyn!

Love, Elder Stahle

Monday, November 18, 2013

Real Indian Food! (9 Months)

Me & Malvinder at a Moroccan restaurant
This week has been slow. We went over to Devi's house yesterday. We had a lesson with her and they made us real Indian food!! It was amazing!! I loved it. Since my throat was dry and it was spicy I was coughing and crying. It was so funny! Hopefully we can put her on date this week! It would be great!! I’m starting to see everyday why I'm here in Penang at this time and I love being here!

This week has been slow because I have been sick!! ugg!!!  It's because of the weather change.  I have a cough/cold. When you get those here in Malaysia it is terrible and miserable! That is cool that Hannah did so well. She played so many positions! That is cool that Katie came! That is funny that Maddie was scared at home. But it’s good to know that she has Trina, a huge attack dog, to keep you safe too!  Malvinder is so cool!! Ya, I have been sick this week with a lot of coughing/runny nose. Yes, I’m still living in the same building. We just moved down with the Zone Leader's, a few stories down. President Mains’ Sister and her husband is now the new senior couple here. They are really cool and very nice! The missionary work is good. It’s still slow though. It is very hard to find people to teach here. The branch members are good. We actually had a baptism on Saturday!!  I was supposed to conduct but, I had like no voice. Whenever I would talk I would just cough my lungs up! It was Elder Smith and Elder Kong's baptism!! I interviewed him last week. 

We went to the
  1. Ryan's this week. They have the biggest German Shepard I have ever seen! He is from the Czech Republic and his commands are all in Slovakian. He was trained to be a police dog but was too nice!!

Penang is mainly Chinese. It also has lots of other races but mostly Chinese. Penang is the cleanest part of Malaysia I have served in so far! It’s way cleaner than KL. No, nothing on earth compares to Singapore (hahahahaha)! Ya, you have to let me know about the new Xbox and PS4. I love and miss you so much Dad! I can't believe November is already over half way over! Transfers are in 2 weeks. I had an interview with President Mains and it was really good! I love talking to him!

Hey Mom, Yes I have been sick but, I’m getting a little better. Not much though yet! I have been alright. When I sit on the ground my butt aches and my back. So I told President Mains about that in my interview. So I probably won’t go to East Malaysia. Because my back could not take it! It is very sad to say that but, it's the truth. It just gets sore really bad. So if I don’t have to sit on the ground, then my back is fine. Dont worry. Why has Hannah not been pitching anymore?

Huge burger some of the  Elders did an eating challenge.
I didn't...I just got my picture taken with it.
Maddie, How are you getting your results so fast??? I had to wait like 3 months for mine. To go the the U you have to have at least a 21 and a 3.1 GPA, What do you want to get a degree in? I love and miss you!

Lydia, That is good that you liked St. George!! I miss real ice cream so much! I miss being with the family! Going to games and practices! Who is all on your volleyball team this year? I love and miss you!! Remember to study!

Hannah, It sounds like you played way good!! Why have you not been pitching more?? It sounds like you have been doing well with everything!! I don’t know anyone on your softball team anymore when I look at the pictures Mom sends to me! How is your volleyball team? I have been eating 2 big macs when I go to McDonalds lately!! hahahaha. They are so good! I love and miss you Hannah!! Keep doing good!

Brooklyn, ya, Trina will have puppies when I get home!!  I speak in English a lot and Malay. Yes, I remember your sandwich recipe! Those recipes were very good. I miss driving in the car with you! I hope when I come home we can eat lots of chip sandwiches! I love and miss you Brooklyn!

Love, Elder Stahle

Monday, November 11, 2013

Penang, Malaysia (Week 39)

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Hello everyone back in the cold winter of Utah!! Haha... I’m still burning up in the heat here. It never gets cold! No, we haven't been affected by the typhoon. Our area has been a little bit better. We met a really cool woman and her name is Devi. She works for Intel. She is from India and she will be here for 6 months or so. Her friend she is living with is a member of the church. She came to church yesterday and she loved it! So it was really good. I also got to do a baptismal interview yesterday for a guy named Vijay. He is really cool. So that was a great experience! It has been so nice to ride my bike again! I finally got it fixed and I bought some new lights that work better. They are more reflective. We have to bike an hour each way to our area for now until they get us a condo.

Super good Mexican food in Singapore. Way over priced
but still good!

Singapore is very safe and KL is also. Yes, in KL there are some Marriott hotels. For transportation we will probably just hire a taxi to be with us all day.

That is so crazy about the Utah fan getting taken out by the cops!! (Haha). Jeeze!! Stanford beat OREGON?! That is so crazy! Ya hopefully the weather is good down south [for Hannah’s St. George softball tournament]. I love you so much Dad. I miss you alot!!

Ice cream eating competition some Elders did in Singapore
25 scoops in 25 minutes!

Hey Mom, This week has been good. It sounds like you have had a good busy week. Wish Dad a Happy Birthday from me! That is good about the dogs! Sounds like you had a busy time at the Utes game too! When you and Dad come to pick me up I want to also go to Brunei. Maybe we can stop in Hong Kong for like 2-3 days and go to Disneyland. I love my new area and I am going fishing again on Wednesday! I love the toffee and the spam! Thank you! The corned beef was not the right one!! Send more toffee!! I didn't like the other thing very much! I love being out here!! I love you so much and I can't wait to skype with you for Christmas in a few weeks!

Ipoh Zone Conference
Maddie, My week has been good! That is good you got your new glasses. Hopefully you do well on your ACT Test!! Yes, my new area is one of the best areas in the mission. I love and miss you!

Lydia, That sounds like you had a good week!  I miss pizza so much and American food in general. That is fun you got to have a fun night! Keep doing well in school! I love and miss you!

Hannah, Yes that is true...sometimes you can be lazy! So -- STOP being lazy!! So wait. You might get an iPhone 5?? Ya, I get the pick of the litter...not you!!  I love and miss you! Keep doing good at home!!

Brooklyn, It sounds like you are having such a fun time back home. I miss being with the family!  It's okay. I’m trying to help other families come together forever. I am sad I won’t be there for Dad’s birthday. I want carmel apples! I love and miss you!

Love, Elder Stahle

Airport traveling day - Elder Stahle waiting
in the terminal to get on the plane
Our airplane

Our huge airplane

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ocean Fishing with a Member in the Branch (Week 38)

Penang State flag
This past week has been crazy! We have had a lot of crazy things happen. I got to go fishing with a member here in the Branch!! WOW!! It was so fun! We went to the ocean and fished for about 4 hours. I caught the most fish out of everyone there!! I even caught a crab and some puffer fish. It was so awesome! I think we are going to go fishing next week again! I got some good photos and videos which is sweet too! I will be sending home my camera card very soon.  

I got my package today! My camera card is already full! No, my companion has never been to Pappadeaux's [C.J.'s favorite restaurant in Dallas, Texas]! Yes the food here is so good! I have never had food like this before in my life. It is incredible! 

Selangor flag (KL flag)
We got to go to Penang Hill this week. It is 712 meters above sea level. It was so nice! We took a trolley car up the hill and when we got up there it was really cold and windy, like 60 degrees. So it was amazing. You could see the whole island from up on the top of the hill! When the family comes we have to go up there. It is so nice! I got lots of good photos and videos from it! 

I miss the cold so much! I want to see some plays with you guys when I get home. That would be fun! I'm doing good and yes we are spoiled up here and I love it!!

Crab I caught!

There are only about 50 people or less that are active in the branch. There are about 150 missionaries serving in the Singapore mission now and by December 5th there will be 176 and our mission will be at the maximum it can have! That is good that the Red Sox won because I didn't want the Cardinals to win. How has Nolan Ryan retired?? I’m confused...he isn't an owner any more? Ya it sounds like the Jazz still aren’t very good!!

We haven't opened the new area yet. We are getting our phone today and so we will finally have one! The weather is really nice and not too hot at all! Very nice with the breezes. So basically, the weather is amazing here on Penang Island!

Another crab I caught!
No. They don’t have daylight savings here because well -- it’s always summer! I had durian fruit a few days ago and I really liked the one I had. Wow! I loved it!! haha.. I didn't think I would ever say that!! The durian fruit tasted really sweet.  

Send my love to the family.

Love, Elder Stahle

Chair massage before our flight to Singapore
Super Good Sugar Cane Juice
Malvinder and I on Penang Hill

Sweet photo of me fishing on a rock in the middle of the
 ocean that I had to jump to
Ocean fishing and a 4-hour sunburn too
Cannon on Penang Hill
Beauty of Penang Island

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Area - Penang Island! A Visit to the Chinese Snake Temple (Week 37)

The new area is great and the food is awesome! There is a really cool member named Malvinder! He served in our mission and he takes us out to eat everyday! It’s awesome! My new companions name is Elder Jin. He is Korean and he is from Dallas, Texas so it’s good! 

Chinese "Snake Temple"
The food here is incredible! Where we live is in the penthouse of a condo for now. In 3 weeks President Mains Sister is coming into the mission to be a senior couple with her husband. They will live there. No, I don't think this area was hit by the tsunami. I'm not sure though. 

No, we aren't the first set of missionaries here. There have been missionaries here for years, but they have only stayed on the North side of the island. So we are getting a brand new condo in the South where missionaries have never lived or worked. It will be super fun! It will be very hard as well. We are literally starting with NOTHING!

This week we visited the Chinese Snake Temple. It was crazy! There were pit vipers everywhere and they are all poisonous! They are wild and free!

That’s not good about Utah [football]. They should let Travis heal. That is so dumb with an obstruction call like that! Ya, I might want a truck when I get home! haha.That is funny you showed Trina who is boss!! haha. She needs that sometimes! I'm excited for the package! Ya, I love the Ting's! They are so awesome! I want corned beef so bad! So I'm excited to hear that you just shipped me some! I love and miss you so much Dad! I can't wait for you all to come! When you do we will come to Penang! We will then take a boat up to Langkawi!! Google it! It’s supposed to be one of the nicest beaches in the world! I Love and miss you! Supposedly, Penang is very dangerous to bike here. I will stay safe!

Snake Temple, Malvinder & I
Hey Mom! Ya the Ting’s are the best. I haven't even been here in Penang very long and there is already so much great food here! I love the chicken rice here! It’s amazing! There is a member here who goes fishing EVERY DAY! He takes the missionaries a lot to help him catch his meals!!!! I know why I'm serving here now! This guy is a less active, so maybe I could be a good friend to him with fishing. So I'm super excited about that! I love Penang so far!! That is good about the girls playing volleyball again soon! That is so exciting about Brooklyn [starting to read]! I LOVE MY NEW SHIRTS SO MUCH! Since I have lost 23 pounds, they fit nicely!! They look good I think! I will let you know where to ship the next package. I actually don't need any new shirts for a long time now. It’s going well here. I love you so much and can't wait for you to come experience this place!

Gift from Barry's Bakery, right before I left for my  new area
Hey Maddie, I'm in one of the nicest places on the mission so it is awesome! Did Janelle have fun at the dance? I went to Sushi Monster my last week in Utah. It was good. I didn't have that sushi roll before. Keep doing good in school and work hard! I love and miss you!

Some of my favorite people at Barry's Bakery
Hey Lydia, It sounds like you had a good week! Sounds like your team had a great volleyball season! Yes, they do have Forever21 and H&M here. Lots of American stores! They have them all! That is cool for Abby’s brother. I'm still in the best mission on earth! Ya, the Ting’s are the best! I'm excited to see them when I get home! I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, You better get that double soon! It sounds like you had lots of fun this past week! The Ting’s are great! They are way fun and Janelle she is the best! The food here in Malaysia is amazing also! Keep doing good. Hopefully you get to come here someday! I love and miss you so much Hannah! Keep doing good and choose good friends!

Hey Brooklyn, I miss eating grilled cheese. That sounds so good!! Ya the puppies will be fun! Halloween should be very fun! I love you so much Brooklyn! I miss you! Keep doing good with reading!

Love, Elder Stahle
Elder Oliveras & I, my first MTC companion
(from my first MTC entry in July 2012) at the last zone
Snake Temple

Elder Jin and I, my new companion
Super good chicken & rice place Malvinder took
Elder Jin & I too

View from our condo, the penthouse
View from our condo. It is two-storys.
The kitchen in our new condo

Monday, October 21, 2013

Muslim Wedding (Week 36)

Muslim wedding
This past week has been very good! I got to go to KL on Friday and I did two baptismal interviews. They were really good. They were both girls, 18 and 12yo. They helped to build my testimony so much. I love doing interviews! I feel so close to Jesus Christ when I do them. Because I am actually representing him. Even though I represent him every day, but doing interviews is just a different experience! Last Monday, we were going to Sunway Pyramid Mall. We were trying to get a taxi to take us there and the guy told me 30 RM. I told him no way! I usually pay 10 RM. He told me that I am a very bad Jesus because I won’t give him a lot of money for his "family". A few days later we were taking another taxi to go to Sunway again. It was all four of us Elders. The other three got in and I was about to get in and then...the taxi driver floored it. I wasn't even in the car yet so I just screamed ELDER!! (hahahaha) It was really funny!

Me, after a morning workout

We had a good lesson with Jonathan. He is the kid we met at Sunway. It’s sad because he said he can't be baptized until he is 21! He is only 18 right now. He said it’s because his Mom pays for his schooling and everything. She would disown him if he left the Catholic church. He likes what we share with him! So hopefully that will change soon! He is a great kid! He really wants to learn and come to church.

Elder Misa also kicked in our office door this week because he lost our office keys. He tried to pick the lock for about 30 minutes. He has to buy a new one and it will be 500 RM!! The management handyman at our condo told us he could have opened the lock in 20 seconds!

Petronas Towers were pink last night. Strange.
So when I was on exchanges on Friday I was with Elder Scott and trying to find a less active. We passed a huge Hindu Temple. Outside of it they had four cement pads. One of them had wood on it and yes it was on fire. They were cremating a body! And all the smoke was blowing to the train station where we got off. It smelled so bad! All it smelled like was burning flesh and just nasty smells!!!

We got to watch the Priesthood Conference this week and it was very good. I loved all the talks!  We also got to go to a Muslim wedding yesterday! That was very fun and something I had never seen before. So it was really cool! I have never experienced anything like that in my life, ever! They had super good food and I ate so much Beef Rendan!! It was amazing!! I ate at least a pound of it! That is easily one of my favorite dishes here in Malaysia! It was one of our members daughters whom got married. She entered Islam. She used to be a member of the church.

Malaysia Peps
I just heard! I’m being transferred to Penang Island, Pengang, Malaysia!! [Pengang is known as the “Pearl of the Orient.] I'm training another new missionary. So it should be interesting!! Penang has really good food up there too! We will be speaking English. It is all English and Chinese speaking. I’m whitewash training. That means we will both be in a new area. I hear I might get a local from China! They covered his name so I will find out whom my new companion will be on Friday when I go to Signapore and pick him up. There are like five missionaries from China coming we hear. I’m also excited that I will be biking again! The transfer also said that I will start a new area. That means they are probably going to put us where there has never been missionaries before! So when I came to Puchong three months ago I whitewashed here also.
Our iPads are going to come soon.

How is Sister Sophie and everyone doing? This is so cool that they are right now--at our house! I’m so happy to hear that you invited them over for dinner to meet the family. 

[Anything you would like to tell the Ting family while they are here with us at our house?] Tell them I miss them a lot and I miss Janelle’s salty duck potatoes that we would eat on the port so much!

I love and miss you all and I love being out here.

Love, Elder Stahle

Baptism interview

Second baptism interview today
Package from the youth. Thank you!!
Huge snail. Biggest I have ever seen!
Sister of the bride, and Melody's best childhood friend
Cool dollar bill tie I got in the package from the youth.
I love it!