Monday, May 27, 2013

District Conference (Week 15)

Elder Chan and his wife, who is now an Area 70
 in the same Ensign that Maddie is in!
Well, this week has been very cool!  P-day last Monday after I emailed home we went to Chili's for my birthday! As we payed we heard these two girls yelling ELDERS and we were like, what the heck!! It was actually two girls that go to BYU! They payed for our meals and took us to a grocery store for Americans. They bought us tons of treats. It was so awesome! They were so cool!

We have not really had too much happen this past week. The AP's came out here and followed us for a day. They did the baptismal interview for VJ and they said that it was the best one they have ever done! He is getting baptized this coming Sunday! It should be awesome!

My birthday lunch at Chili's
It has been very hard to try to meet with people lately. Their schedules just have not been able to meet with us. When we go contacting also it is just really slow lately so hopefully tonight we will be able to find some new investigators. We were biking the other day and as I was biking this car wasn’t paying attention or something and hit the back tire of my bike pretty good! I have no idea how I didn’t fall off and get like run over by the car! I didn't so I know that had to be angels watching over me with that one! The drivers here just disregard all traffic laws. I do have to admit, it makes it so much fun!!!

Oh yeah, one of the AP's Elder Parker actually knows Morgan and is good friends with her! It’s crazy! He's a way cool guy! Yesterday was district conference and President Mains was there!  It was a really good conference. It was just like a stake conference at home.

Okay. So I was laying in bed and I was about to fall asleep then a hard thing hit me in the face and it was actually a huge cockroach! So we got the vacuum and sucked it up and killed it! It hit me so hard in the face.  It was so funny!!!

Elder Stahle and Elder Robinson wearing songkok with hats
Hey Dad,  I’m way excited to go back into Singapore! Transfers are on June 20th. The next group of Elders to go home will be in August. There are 12 coming out on June 18th or so.

The members take care of us so well. Elder Chan and his wife has made us chocolate and carrot cakes every Sunday for the past 3 weeks! How I'm losing weight I have no idea! An investigator actually took us out to get Stingray! It had a lot of bones, but it was pretty good. 

I'm feeling really good!  Brooke's graduation looked really fun! The Rangers are so boss! So are the Braves! They sound like they are both killing it! That video of Trina made me so happy and smile so much!!! I love you so much Dad thanks for everything you do!!

Songkok with ray bans. Like a boss!
Hey Mom, that sounds like you guys had a very busy week at home! I always look forward to being able to email home every week! It sounds like sports is going good also! I miss good cheeseburgers and also bruschetta!! Trina is awesome and so is Pepper! I heard from Grandpa today it was really good to hear from him! Yeah, I can't believe I'm 20! Recipes? Ask Sister Ting about Beef Rendang. It is so good! And so is Singapore Noodles! I love you so much!!

Hey Maddie, Good job on passing your state test for medical anatomy with a 90%!! Nope, just eating the same stuff everyday, but we did have stingray a few days ago. I miss you too, love you!

Hey Lydia, that sounds way fun that school is almost over now! I can't believe it is already summer there, because it is summer here 24/7! It’s always so hot!!! I love you so much keep doing good!

My birthday present from Sister Ting
Hey Hannah, I have no idea what either of those movies are. The ice cream here is terrible! I miss ice cream and I want a real cheeseburger!! They don’t exist here either!!! Keep doing good so you can reach your personal goal!!!   I love you!!

Hey Brooklyn, I’m happy you had such a good school graduation! And I miss making you a chip sandwich Brooke! Thanks for praying for me. It helps me so much everyday!!! I love you so much!!

Love you all.  

Love,  Elder Stahle

Sister Taylor and Sister Pettitt at a YSA activity
Elder Stahle and Sister Pettitt at a YSA activity
YSA activity
My Birthday card from the Primary!  Thanks!
My Birthday card from the Primary!  Thanks!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Klang, Malaysia (Week 14)

This week was pretty good. It was very slow though because Monday was P-Day, Tuesday was District Meeting which went until about 6:00 PM.  After that, we had to take a 2-hour bus home.  On Wednesday we had some appointments which was good.  Thursday President Mains came to KL and did a training for all the new missionaries.  We didn’t go home until about 6:00 PM and then we had another 2-hour bus ride back home. On my birthday we had some appointments and it was just like a normal day.  When we were waiting at the bus stop we met this girl. She is now learning from us. She’s a 19-year-old Chinese girl and her name is June. She’s a pastry chef.  So on Friday she wanted to meet us at a cake shop and she bought me a piece of cake for my birthday so that was pretty cool!  We stayed later and we were able to teach her!

Post-Mother's Day dinner last week with the
Ting family

VJ is going to be interviewed this Friday for his baptism that is supposed to be on June 2nd.  So that should be great!  He is doing really well!  We took him to a internet kedai and showed him general conference but with the translation in Tamil. He loved it so much.  It was so cool! We also went to a wedding that a family was having! They made Elder Robinson be the photographer (haha)!

Ya, I had a pretty good birthday.  It was just like any other day out here on a mission though (haha)!  Today we are actually going into KL for P-day.  We are going to go to Chili’s for my birthday so it should be fun! Yes, I got my package and I love it! We love the toffee so much!! And all the birthday cards were awesome! Tell Grandma Stahle thank you so much for the card she sent me!! Skyping last week was so much fun and it went by so fast!  I can't wait until you and mom come over here! It’s so much fun over here!!! No, it is way different than I thought it would be here!  It is 10 times better!

Lime ice drink in a bag

Our week has been slow and we didn’t really knock any doors this past week. We made some new contacts but it’s very hard to actually reach them on their phones.  We are teaching VJ, Leong, Jason, Arlyn, Dony and his family.  But we only actually meet with VJ and Jason and the rest are so hard to meet with!

Yesterday I had to give a talk in church and it was very good!  I shared my testimony about how I had to come home and come back out and how grateful I am.  It was very nice.  One of the senior couples here is going to email mom to ask about my back surgeon Dr. Smith because she has a son-in-law who has a messed up neck.

I loved the pictures of Pepper they looked so good. Oh yeah. Elder Chan who is in our group here at church, he is now in the Asia area 70 here and he is actually in the conference Ensign also on page 26!  So crazy!  

On Saturday, we were going around and we found a man made lake where you can pay to go fishing!!  We are totally going to do it for sure!!  We were teaching VJ and he said he was at work the night before.  A guy offered him a cigarette.  VJ said he heard a voice that told him that it's bad for him. He asked us if it was good that he listened to the spirit.  We told him it was the Holy Ghost speaking to him and yes, that it was so cool that he already recognizes the spirit talking to him!  He already lives part of the word of wisdom!  Such a cool miracle!

Elder Stahle's sad face because it says "no fishing"
I forgot to mention this two Sunday’s ago, but we went into KL for a baptism that the Sisters had.  Dony was being baptized and his family is from Sibu. That’s in East Malaysia. His wife and daughter were baptized an hour before him (in Sibu).  So the senior couple here had their iPad and they used Facetime so his wife could see him get baptized here in KL!  I was standing right behind Elder Howell as he was Facetiming.  I felt the spirit so strong watching his wife on the iPad screen!  I was so happy for him and I almost fell (haha)!  My whole body was tingling.  It was such an awesome feeling!  So Apple is amazing, forever!!  Technology is so amazing!!

Oh yeah! I showed everyone at church yesterday my book you made, Mom! They all loved it! They all asked if Dad was my brother and if you were my Sister (hahahhaha)!!!

Thanks for everything you do for me, Dad I love you so much!

Hey Mom, thanks for the package.  I love the toffee and Elder Robinson had never had a nut roll until yesterday.  I love those now too so send more of those in packages with toffee too (haha)!  That is good soccer is over now. That is so funny about Brooklyn! At least she knows what she wants and can make up her mind fast! That is funny about the doll she got and how she says it looks like her (haha).  Sounds like Brooklyn had a good birthday! That is crazy about Lydia that she does so well at shot put!! Shes so small! That’s good that Maddie enjoyed her track season.  Ya, Davis is the best in track! That is so crazy that the girls are done with school soon. That is crazy about all the new houses. It’s can’t beat the area!  It’s a perfect place to  live. Yes, I got the package and no the primary one you said went to Singapore. I will get that when we go to Singapore June 5-7th.  I will come back to Malaysia and that is when transfers are after Zone Conference. Talking on Mother’s Day was awesome! I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me and the family.

Hey Maddie, thanks!   Ya, it was a pretty good day! Just did the same thing as always, work!  I loved the birthday card! I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, how did you meet President Eyring??? Why was he there at the [South End District Championship ] track meet [held at Woods Cross High School]? That is way cool that you got to shake his hand and meet him! You are pretty much done with school! Yes, that is exciting. Summer should be good, but keep being a good girl!  I love you so much!

Hey Hannah, why did you buy a rip-stick?? That’s good your done with soccer!  Keep doing good in all your sports and be good! I love you so much!!

Hey Brooklyn, Happy Birthday! How was your day!? Sounds like you got a lot of really fun toys! That is so fun!  I can't believe you are almost done with preschool too!  I will come back a long time!  I love you Brooklyn!!


Elder Stahle

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Elder Stahle

Here's a little bit of family birthday love to our amazing missionary, Elder Stahle, serving in the Singapore mission, currently in Klang, Malaysia!!  

We love you C.J.!  

Happy 20th Birthday!  You were not forgotten today.


Your family 

Sweet birthday love from our amazing
Primary kids (thanks Sister Brown!!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype Video Call! (3 months)

Love me some Ray Bans
It was very good to skype home today and see family today! The time went by so fast!! [It was an amazing 2 hr and 9 min call!]  

Talking on Mother’s Day was awesome! I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me and the family. 

This week in Klang was pretty good. We had a lot of success with contacting and teaching lessons. VJ is progressing very well. I can't wait to see him get baptized!  He will definitely be a leader in the church for sure!  We ate tons of good food this past week as well which was awesome!  

I'm not nearly as sick anymore, but I kind of still have a cough. I hope it doesn't stick!

It has been really fun to see all the mission leaders today and see family.  It has been way good.  

We also have an investigator named Leong. He is way cool! He told us he had not heard from his Mom in 10+ years. After he met with us and prayed, his Mom called him a few days later!!  So it is crazy.  That is a testimony builder that prayers are answered!!  

I feel like I'm still sweating so bad which is way funny, but the people don’t ask why I’m so red anymore!!  (haha)  

We had a ton of people in church yesterday which was really cool to see.
There wasn’t too much more that really happened that I can think of.  

Oh ya, I was biking and a yard care truck with wood panels on the sides hit my handle bars and I almost fell off which would not have been good, but I lived! And, I did not fall off. Whew!

Sorry it is so short this week! I love you all so much!!!! And I miss you all!!!  I’m so happy I got to see you all and the dogs looked awesome!


Elder Stahle

Elder Stahle with Sister Ting at Steamboat.
Yummy, great food!

Here I am taking on this shrimp!
Elder Stahle being funny!  He told us he really did cook
that raw shrimp before he ate it!

You see why I love this food?!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Visited Shah Alam this week (Week 12)

Our visit to a mosque and this is head prayer guy

This picture some random guy wanted his picture taken
with us (in the blue)!
Yesterday was elections also so that was interesting! The BN won which is not good, they said. There were a lot of ballots being changed and power outages so that votes would be lost and not be recorded. So there are a lot of people we know who got enough food to stay home for a week! They are saying that some pretty crazy stuff might happen!  We will wait and see! We had to go back and stay home in our apartment yesterday after church. We have to do the same today just to be safe. 
Shah Alam

This last week I was very sick and still kind of am.  I'm getting better every day though. I went to the hospital on Wednesday and they did blood work, X-ray, and the doctor did the usual. He told me that I had sores in my throat and that my blood work showed that I had really high white blood cell count. He gave me the antibiotic agementen, some nasty throat candy, zyrtec for my runny nose, and avadol for my fever. I think that is all!! (Haha)  For all that it was 300 RM so like $100 US. Which isn’t bad. So with how sick I was last week we were only able to go and teach two lessons because I would cough so bad. I would start coughing and I would almost throw up!!  I could never get like any sleep at night, so that was no fun at all. This last Wednesday Sister Ting brought us dinner, so that was very nice and helpful.

P-day last week we went to Shah Alam. We also went to the Blue Mosque.  It was so cool!  The guys there were trying to convert us to be Muslim. It was so funny and frustrating. They were saying all this stuff about religion but we are not allowed to say anything back. Oh well!  I have some good pics that I took that day!

Trina is so funny that she only will eat now with wet dog food!  She sounds like a drama queen!  I’m feeling a little better; I finished the antibiotics yesterday. The week was slow so hopefully we will get back to normal this week.  I still have kind of have a barky cough. Oh that is good you finally got the postcards!  

We have a new investigator we are teaching!  When that storm hit last week, the police just invited us in the guard shack. They were cool!  They only spoke Malay.  

Hi Dad! No, the locals still don’t like us very much.  I’m so excited to skype next week!  It will be awesome! Love you so much!

Hey Mom, I’m feeling a little better. Send me like some lemon mint ricola cough drops. It’s impossible to find stuff like that here. The postcards I sent 2 weeks ago!   That is so exciting about Maddie being in the New Era and The Ensign. You will have to send them to me!!!  Ya, Hannah always does good no surprise there! That is good Brooklyn is going to grow up now!!  I can't believe I’m going to turn 20!!  Oh well, haha it will be just a normal day here! That is way cool about Braden, I know a huge group of missionaries who are in Tonga. I was in the MTC with all of them!!! When will you send the package? So I will know to look for it!! I love you Mom.  Thanks for everything you do! I can’t wait to skype next week!

Elder Stahle's sister in The Ensign, May 2013
Conference issue
Hey Maddie, that is good about prom and that is sooooooooooooooooooo cool your pics are in the New Era and Ensign!!!
I love you so much and do good in school.

Hey Lydia, I’m going tell you again...I’m not in Singapore! [she didn’t realize Malaysia was another country in the Singapore mission]!  That is way cool about track and volleyball.  Sounds like your way good at it!!  Keep doing good and helping out at home.  I love you!

Hey Hannah, good job on grades and it sounds like you are getting close to reaching your hitting goal! I love you so much.  Keep playing with Trina and Pepper!

Elder Stahle's sister in the The New
Era, May 2013 issue
Hey Brooklyn, that is not good about your eye!! That is good Mom helped you with your eye. I can’t wait to see you next week on the computer!  I love you!!


Elder Stahle

I love this food!  It's called Ayam Mame