Monday, April 29, 2013

Klang, Malaysia - Mike's Baptism! (Week 11)

Elder Robinson & Elder Stahle with Mike
and his wife Melody on his baptism day
This week has been pretty good! We had Mike's baptism yesterday!! It was a great baptism! There was a lot of people at his baptism. It was really nice! We even had an investigator named Jason attend. It was his first time at church and he loved it! We are taking him out to dinner tonight with the Ting's! It should be very good.

We did a ton of service this week. I went on companion exchanges with the zone leaders. I went to their area and one of them came to my area with Elder Robinson. All we did the whole time wnas yard work for this a member! haha!! You know how I love to mow lawns! It’s crazy the way they mow their lawns. Here, they use hedge trimmers and get really close to the ground! They cut it all by hand! Haha.. I also cut down tons of trees and shrubs for Sister Rose.  And her yard looks very nice now! It always feels really good to help people here!  The next day we helped the Sullivan family move from their apartment!  We had to carry everything about 500 yards away.

We were riding our bikes going to our appointment with VJ on Saturday. As we were going this guys car died in the middle of the road. We had to go help push his car. No one would help the guy...all they did was honk at him. It didn’t help that the guy for some reason would ride the brakes!! So it made it way harder to push!!

Mike is so funny
Oh yeah!  There was a crazy storm last P Day! We got pinned down because it was raining so hard! These cops told us to come hang out with them in their little command shack!! haha!! I have never heard and seen lighting and thunder like that in my life. I’ve never seen that much rain fall!!

VJ is progressing very well. He is on date to be baptized in 2 weeks.  

That is so sweet about Trina! She is a total boss and it is so cool how protective she is of the house and everything!

Everyone out here tells me that me being out here is a miracle and I totally believe it!! I miss going to the temple!! I have been pretty sick this past week. I got this miserable cold/flu/sore throat/cough thing here. On Friday night I had a fever of about 102. I didn't sleep at all for the past 3 nights because I was coughing so much. It’s miserable and they have like no medicine here to help. We had a lot of appointments fall through which is not very fun and I've been sick. So not too much fun this past week.

Mike and his family
Oh ya, I tried Durian this week and I am not a fan!! hahaha. It’s not a very pleasant taste! I don’t know why anyone would of their own free will eat it! My new camera is awesome, it is amazing, it takes super good pictures! I love it! You can totally tell the difference between picture quality! We are going to Shah Alam, the mosque here today. So you can look at it on a map

The elections here are next Sunday. We aren’t allowed to leave our apartments! We have to go to church then go home and stay home!!! It’s crazy! Ya, I will let you know what happens with that!! When I skype home in 2 weeks, we can talk about that.

All the Book of Mormons we give out: in Tamil, Malay,
English, Chinese, and Tagalog
Hey Mom, I do have to say that thing about gifts is true! That is way cool about Lydia and Maddie with track.  That has to be fun for them! Lydia running a 1/2 mile that fast is crazy!  That’s me with like a 1/4 mile! That is way good about the temple! I miss going there every week! I’m getting in way better shape! People are asking me if i’m losing weight! So I did it right! Come in heavy and leave lighter! I was thinking, tell people if they want to send me packages just to send them to Singapore. They could move me from here at any time. Letters can still get sent to my apartment directly. Did you get my post cards yet?? That is way good Sister Ting likes talking to you! She told me you’re like her new best friend!  Weather here is still hotter than crap everyday! That's good Maddie is going to prom again!  No, I haven't sprayed my bike yet. I will soon probably! I love you so much Mom!!

Hey Hannah, I'm just doing the same stuff I do every week! Thats way cool you know how to ride a rip-stick!! I love you and miss you Hannah and keep doing good in all your sports!

Hey Lydia, it sounds like you are doing way good with school and sports! That sounds way cool! I can’t believe your school is over in like a month! I love and miss you so much!

My sunburn  :)
Hey Maddie, ya that’s cool about prom and that you get to go again! The food here is way good and is better than American food. I do miss American food and the variety though. There is no Mexican, Italian, or real American food here.  Crazy food?? Hmmm --   durian, whole fishes with the eyes and guts and all that still in them, whole shrimps just fried so they still have the shell on, ummm chicken feet at like every meal!  I guess I’m kinda excited for my birthday! It’s going to be just like any other day out here though. I love and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn! That is so good that you are helping with the dogs and no we don’t eat any snails!!   Haha.. That is only the weird people from France!!   Haha. Oh ya, one thing they like here is corn so they always give us corn drinks!! haha. That is good you’re almost done with school! I love you Brooklyn.  Keep doing good in school!!

The infamous durian.  NOT my favorite!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Klang, Malaysia (Week 10)

This week has been okay. It was very depressing yesterday. It was by far the worst day on my mission so far!  After church we went and taught Beh's mom. We were getting on the bus to go back home and there was probably 300 people trying to get on the bus. It should only hold 75 people and someone stole my camera!!  I was just about to send home my SD card with all my photos too.  So I was very, very angry yesterday!  I found out it was taken when Elder Robinson told me to take a picture of all the people on the bus. It looked like sardines!! So I swung my backpack in front of me to grab my camera and the zipper was opened just enough to take the camera out. So, we are going into KL today to go buy me a new camera. I Iost all my photos from this last week. We went to the National Museum last week and I took like 100 pics. Now they are all gone. So sorry, no pics this week.

Elder Stahle & Elder Robinson at lunch with the Ting family

On May 5th, it is the big elections here so we might not even be able to go out on that day. They are saying there will be huge riots and problems. Because Najib has been in office since Malaysia got it’s independence. He might get voted out this year. So it is huge! There are flags everywhere for the opposition party! Oh yeah Dad, I wanted to buy and send home a newspaper so you and Grandpa can see what they are like here! 

We had this way good fruit here called “jack fruit”.  It tastes like cantaloupe to me! I will send you a picture of Elder Robinson holding it. I did have one of me holding it, but well -- my camera was stolen!  It was a way good fruit though!!  Nothing very exciting happened this week so yeah! (Haha)

We have a baptism this week for Mike.  He is the Marine from Boston. VJ he is doing very good! Ricky we actually haven’t been able to get a hold of him in about 2 weeks. He is good friends with VJ and he hasn’t been able to get a hold of him lately either. So we are worried about that!  VJ hopefully will be baptised on May 12th. Ricky was supposed to also but now probably not. So hopefully we find new people to teach!!

Nangka fruit that Elder Robinson is holding, or
better known as "Jack Fruit"
I don’t know when I will be transferred.  My training is 12 weeks! So after that anything could happen!  Usually every 6-12 weeks they do transfers. Some people like Elder Olivares, he was in Ipoh for his whole time here. Then he got transfered when I came here.  So he was there for 8 months straight! Zone conference is in June.  

On Mother’s Day we will just go to an internet kedai and skype! I guess!! (haha)  I don’t know.  I don’t know what time either. The language is okay. It’s coming slowly because they use a lot of slang that they didn’t teach us in the MTC! No, I’m not even close to being a local!! (haha)  Yes, we bike everywhere so we bike a lot! P90X is good and yes, I modify it a lot.  I weighed myself at the mall and I’ve lost 8lbs since I’ve been here!! I've lost a lot so far in 3 weeks!!  (haha)  

We heard about that blast thing in Boston. That’s crazy! We heard there was one in Texas too near Waco. That’s crazy about your elevator story, Dad!! You did some missionary work!! (haha) Like a boss!! That is way good about the Braves and Rangers!!  I love you so much Dad! Thank you for everything that you do! I love it here!  

Hey Mom! It sounds like Stahle sports are going good as always!! (haha)  Sister Ting added you on Facebook. She is the one who is like my Mom here!! She is awesome! You should add her and you can talk to her! Oh yeah!  I bought everyones gifts so I will ship them!! But yeah, my camera got stolen so I’m not real happy happy happy about that!! Yes, I do the yoga stretches every day.  I pray for the family every prayer! And don’t worry about me, I’m safe.  I heard I have a package in Singapore.  I won’t get it till at least May, possibly June. It just depends if the Zone Leader here will get it for me when they go to Singapore in early May! I’m going to be mailing postcards home today! One for each of the family, so be looking for those.  I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me and the family back at home!

Hey Maddie, that's way exciting about prom.  Who did you go with??? And I got robbed so I’m not very happy!  And nope, no new stories this week.  Love you and cya!

Hey Lydia, That is good you had a field trip that was probably fun, and that is good that you continue to make new friends.  Keep that up!  Duh!!  Trina is better looking!  You shouldn't have even questioned that! That will be way fun for Brooklyn to have the family as her soccer coaches!! I love you Lydia and I miss you!

Hey Hannah, It sounds like you are doing way good in softball! That sounds like you got loaded up with new gear for all sports!! That’s way cool!! (haha)  What kind of mitts did you get and who's bat were you using in the pic mom sent me?? Keep doing good in sports and school.  I love you!!

Hey Brooklyn! I know you’re almost 5...  I'm almost 20!!! That is way cool that Dad, Maddie, Lydia and Hannah will be your coaches. That will be so fun! That is so cool you learned the letter Xx.  I want to see a picture of you with your cape! Yeah Brooke, you are way fast!! I love you so much Brooklyn!!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

Monday, April 15, 2013

Petronas Towers (Week 9)

Elder Stahle at the Petronas Towers
This week has been very interesting. We had a lot of appointments fall through. It happens, but oh well.  It’s okay! So when some teaching appointments fell through, we decided to go contacting. We went to a place called Pongsapore and did some tracking there.

So that lady I was telling you about how her husband like wanted to kill us. She called us on Saturday. We decided to take them a Book of Mormon. She called us and said. “I feel like when I read in this book it is like it knows me and knows how I’m feeling.”  Hopefully we will teach her...I don’t know though! Other than that, nothing else really happened this week!  We found out how "VJ" spells his name. It’s really Vijaya! He is only “VJ” to us. He is Richard or AKA Dick to all his other friends! And "Ricky", his real name is "Vicky"! But it was another great week!

I went and bought an exercise band a few days ago.  We are doing P90X here everyday!!  I also bought an external hard drive so I can have P90X my whole mission.  That is way cool about the Braves!  How is the weather in Utah?  Conference was amazing!!  We were only able to watch the Sunday session.  We have to wait for the Ensign to come out in May for us to be able to read the conference talks.  I’m so tired every night that I sleep so good at night!!  

Singapore Noodles = delicious
I was able to confirm Beh yesterday in church. That was a really cool experience!! The spirit was so strong!  Beh started crying during it which was really special. I also shared my back surgery story. How you gave me a blessing and everything.  I talked how after my surgery I wanted to come back out on my mission so bad!  While hearing all that I went through, Ricky and VJ began to cry.  After the lesson,  we were leaving and they gave me a big hug and told me thank you for coming out and serving! So that made me feel really good!

Yes, I got sunglasses!!  We don’t really eat at street vendors. We eat at restaurants, but it’s all open to the outside so it’s very hot!  Some of the restaurant owners we eat at a lot give us free drinks and meals which is awesome!  Everyone here rubber necks to see us, especially cars driving by.  They will just honk at us like crazy!  They are like afraid of us, but we get told daily how they all hate us here.

Ice cream sandwich -- and it was amazing
(it is white bread with chocolate ice cream on it!) 
We did a service project for a member.  We cut down some trees and planted some stuff.  It was good!!  Today we are going into KL.  I’ve been to McDonald’s once and I hated it!  The KFC here is amazing though! They eat everything with chili sauce.  It is so good!!  Not many places for American food.

Elder Robinson has served here in Klang and his first area was in Miri.  I’m getting used to the weather, so that is good!!  I don’t sweat as much, but everyone still asks me why I’m always red!! (hahaha)  They tell me I need to drink more.  I probably drink 3 gallons of water here a day!   It’s crazy.  We email from a computer kedai.  It’s where people come and play video games all day.  We get to email for an hour, so not very long. It’s hard for me to email everyone because in that time we have to email President Mains as well.

I haven’t had Durian yet!!  I will soon!!  I’m going to mail home some food I really like here for the family to try!  We just learn the roads by trial and error (haha)!  I love you so much Dad!!

Hey Mom, yeah, it has been another really fast week here!  Yeah, it’s very hot here!!  It’s miserable at times but i’m getting used to it.  We had this one dish at a chinese place and they were some of the best BBQ ribs ever!  They love serving whole fish here. We got this one stuff that looks like snot/fart putty!!  I love you so much Mom!!

The best meat ever!  I'm sending some home for you to try.
Hey Maddie, the baptism was really good!!  Yes, we are teaching other people right now too.   We have 3 people getting baptized in the next 3 weeks. Yes, a lot of people get mad at us and don’t like us at all.  No, it isn’t scary because all of the people are afraid of us!  They really get scared when we speak Malay to them!!  It about stops their heart!  I love you and I miss you.

Hey Lydia, that sounds way fun about volleyball!  It’s always good to be out here and serving!!
I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, yeah, it has been fun out here and my name in Malay?? It’s still Elder Stahle!!  We go to all types of food places to eat, like Indian, Malay, Chinese, American, Thai, Japanese.  Tons of places!!  It’s like $2 US for everything!!  And they serve you tons of food!  I love and miss you so much.

Hey Brooklyn, I miss you too! Your name is still Brooklyn in Malay (haha)!!  Good job with your shots!! You’re so tough!  I love and miss you Brooklyn!  I’m going to buy your present today!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

Monday, April 8, 2013

Klang, Malaysia - Beh's Baptism (Week 8)

Well it has been another very good and successful week in Malaysia! We had the baptism for Beh and it was great! He even got his Mom to come to it and she doesn’t like the church very much.  He was very happy about that.  I will send pics from that home today. We took Beh shopping to get him clothes for his baptism.  Elder Robinson and I bought him a tie and he loved it! Beh cut his hair and he looked amazing!!! So we took him to this mall and it makes the malls in America look lika tiny and run down. It was 5 stories high.  It was huge and they told me it wasn’t even a nice one! We went to one in Singapore and it had like Gucchi, Prada and Tiffany! Even though I don’t like to shop, it was way cool!!

There is some interest, but not much. It’s very hard to find people here because we go knock flats (apartments with like 5 floors) and they are about 95% Muslim which is very hard because we can’t teach them.

We had a pretty crazy thing happen this week. So we were knocking a flat and found this woman. She said she has been looking for a Christian church to take her son to to make him be a better boy. So she said she wanted to talk to her husband about it first and that we should come back. So we go back and her husband answers the door in these little blue underwear.  He says, “What do you want?" then he slams the door in our face and starts screaming he wants to kill us and all this stuff. So Elder Robinson and I, before he started screaming, got this feeling to just take off and RUN! So we did and he came back outside with a knife!  He was screaming how he wanted to kill us!   So it was bad... but we could have taken him easily (haha)!

Yes, Klang is a port city. We can’t see the ocean though.  It’s like a 20 minute bike ride to it. The seafood here is okay. A lot of the stuff the people like to feed us at their houses is sewer fish. I took some pics of it! It was a whole fish body and I got the tail and part of the stomach! You see a lot of Motos that are so loud and tons of Pronton's.  They are a car made by the Malaysian government.  Gas is subsidized, so to fill up a diesel car here it costs $25 US for a 25 gallon tank!!!! It is crazy cheap here. A lot of people here work security at hotels or condos like ours. There are tons of nationalities like Nigerian, Chinese, Muslim, Indians, Tamils, White, pretty much everything.  Everywhere we go they have filtered water, so the water is all safe.

I love my bike! When I come home I will bike everyday! Oh yeah. I’m getting a lot stronger and everyone at the baptism who was in the MTC with they told me I’m already looking skinnier! Because dang -- we bike so much!! Probably 10 miles a day and going fast too! Being here with the language full time is good. I’m learning it a lot faster here than in the MTC. I’m so excited to be over here -- finally getting to work!!

My super bad sunburn!  Ouch!!

That is way good about conference though.  I'm so excited to watch the Priesthood session! We get to watch all of Saturday sessions this coming Saturday and the Sunday sessions on Sunday. We will just watch it here in Klang at our meeting house.  The members here are awesome! Everyone we find is from knocking on doors. Maybe 1 out of 50 doors will listen to us which is really low. Oh well.  We are trying our best!

I almost got hit by a car the other day, but I'm okay. The drivers here are crazy! There are no speed limits or traffic laws --  like at all (haha)!!

I love you so much Dad and I am giving it my all everyday!  I’m so tired at the end of everyday!! I have been praying for the family daily. Thanks for the baseball update! I love the Yankees being 1-4. That's way good!

Nan bread.  It is super good.
Oh yeah.  I went to the Petronas Towers!!!!! So Sweet!!! Today we are going bowling with Mike, the guy from Boston who is an investigator. That’s what we are doing for P- Day!  Ricky and VJ are doing good as well.  They are progressing, but very slowly.  They are both Tamil men. They say they see Jesus all the time and he touches them.

Petronas Towers
I love the food and my companion and everything here. The Tings took us out to dinner this last week.  We ate chicken feet, oxtail, whole shrimp deep fried and we would dip them in chili sauce, chicken head, way good noodles and ham fried rice.The red snapper was super good! Just google earth Klang and start at my apartment. Just go on Lebih Turi to see everywhere we go. Elder Madsen is doing good.  I can call him whenever with our cell phone because he is in Malaysia. They are in Miri, Malaysia. The food we eat is a full, big lunch and it costs about 5 RM so about $1.65 US and the portions are huge!!! I’m not getting as hot anymore. I don’t sweat as much as when I first got here. I’m getting used to the weather here already.  It rains everyday at about 4PM and about 10PM.  It rains so hard it like floods the streets a little bit. Going on a mission is easily one of the hardest things I have done in my life.  It’s so physically and mentally draining.  It is crazy, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!  We get very strange looks from everyone here. We always have to tell them that we are a volunteer for our Christian church. They don’t understand the word MISSIONARY.

Hey Mom!   Yeah my English is getting worse! I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me!!!   When you send me packages if you would send me the sweet and salty peanut bars that I love!!  You know, the Nature Valley brand.  Also send candy, goldfish, cheeze it crackers or stuff like that.  We can’t get anything like that here!!

Hi Maddie!  You might be on the cover of the New Era?  Wow!  The photo mom sent me was really pretty.  That would be cool if they choose you.  Hey, what is triple digits on instagram?  What does that even mean?? I love and miss you too.  Keep going to church and seminary and young womens!

Hey Lydia!  Yeah... I wish we could sleep in, but that isn’t possible when you are a Missionary! Yes.  You are right.  It is very important to have the priesthood!  We hear Justin Bieber here all the time. Pretty much all the songs you hear at home we hear here all the time (haha)!!  I love music!!  All the stores and buses play music. It’s always American music. So I’m not missing out too much (haha)!!

Hannah! I miss you so much!! I have learned so much and I have been good. That is good.  Keep cleaning and stay healthy.  Don’t get hurt! You teams need you!  Keep cleaning.  It will make you a better person.  I love you so much!!

Brooklyn, I miss you so much and that’s good you made new friends!! I love you so much Brooklyn.  Keep being a good girl and helping with Trina and Pepper!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

Chicken rice with pork on the side

Way sweet, 6-story high mall in KL

Elder Stahle with his companion Elder Robionson

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm in Malaysia! (Week 7)

Well, I have made it to Malaysia after 8 months!! I’m in KLANG, MALAYSIA. I love it here.
Elder Stahle with his new sweet bike!

When I landed in Singapore, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was so hot, it wasn’t even funny! I had on my long sleeve shirt. After being outside for maybe 10 minutes, it was soaked. It stuck to me everywhere!! I have never been in a climate like this! I had to pull out 1,000 RM which is about $350 in US to buy my bike. The stores credit card machine didn’t work.  My bike is way sweet!!

Today we are going into KL which is about an hour and a half from KLANG. We are the 2nd set of Elders to ever serve here. My trainer is Elder Robinson. He was actually in the other group when I was in the MTC in July.  I didn’t really know him back then, but I knew of him. He is a really good trainer. He is from SLC, Utah which is cool!  We have a baptism next Sunday for BEH. They have been teaching him for about 4 months. That’s how long missionaries have been here in Klang!  Only 4 months!  We always do the baptisms in PJ which is an hour and a half away.  We also go there for every fast Sunday. It’s so cool.  Guess how many members are here?  About 15 people!  So it isn’t even a branch, it is called a “GROUP”. It’s the only area in all of Singapore and Malaysia that has a group and not a branch. We bless the sacrament every week and teach the Sunday lessons in BAHASA (Malay).  I pretty much just sat there and was quiet.  Because it was like a lot bigger range of vocabulary than I have right now. It will take time and it will come!  We have also been teaching a man named VJ. He is a Tamil man. He was super nice!  I showed VJ and all the members my All About Me - Family picture book. They all loved to see it!  Some of them saw the pictures of Trina and they say she looks Jahat (haha) or evil, is what that means. They associate her with being a police dog. They always say those are mean and evil.  It is so funny!

Man is it HOT here!
In the past 3 days we have probably biked about 40 miles. Since I sweat so much, everyone here always asks me why I am so red and always wet!!  Haha... It’s because I sweat like crazy!!

When we ride bikes here we weave through traffic. Cars are going like 50 mph. It’s crazy at times but so fun!!

When we teach Beh he speaks English so all of our lessons with him are in English. So I can say a lot more, which is good!  They speak so fast here in Malay, but I can understand more I guess than I thought. But responding is a totally different thing!  So since Beh's baptism is this week and it will be Fast Sunday next Sunday here, we actually take a bus into Petaing Jaya. I think is how you spell it.  It should be really cool!  The members here are awesome!  They always give us tons of food and drinks whenever we go teach them or do yard work or service!  

It rains here at about 3:00 PM every day. It’s just a downpour!!  The food here is amazing too!! The money here is so cool.  It is kind of like plastic.

I was just thinking...I traded a Elder Robbins to Elder Robinson (haha)!   But guess what? Elder Madsen is training Elder Robbins.

Our apartment in Klang, Malaysia
The lessons that we teach here to investigators are really cool.  We are teaching a man named Mike. He is a Marine from the US. He married into the Ting family.  

Every Sunday after church people bring tons of food and they feed everyone!  The members here welcomed me so fast! Since yesterday was Easter, the kids made Elder Robinson and I hard boiled eggs and colored them for us!  The members here always feed the missionaries, so that is so cool too!  

I was expecting my bed to be a twin sized bed. Instead, we get king sized beds and they are so nice!! The place where we stay has granite floors and it is super nice. I'm not going lie, I LIKE USING THE HOSE!!!! I was so nervous for it. feels so much better and gets you way cleaner than TP hahahahaha!! I will get on and email once a week at about this time every P-day, so send your emails on Saturday your time if you want me to be able to read them.

There are homeless dogs everywhere here in Klang. It’s way sad. They never have fur on them. They like eat each other, so it is so sad.

The Flight coming over was really good! It was very long. I sat next to this guy on the Flight from LAX to Hong Kong. He was from Vietnam, but was Chinese. We talked a ton. He bought playing cards and he taught me all these card games.  It was so cool! He was a really cool guy!!

The typical day here is wake up at 7AM do all studies until about 12PM. Eat lunch and start going out at about 1PM.  Then do lessons and contacting until about 9:30PM and then go to bed at 11PM. Do it all over again the next day!! I’m always so tired every night.  We work so hard! We ride bikes so long and hard with how hot it is.  It’s exhausting!!  So my P-day is Monday here but Sunday there.

That is way exciting about Hannah and softball. That is way cool about Trina.  She is a boss (haha). Oh yeah, today for P-day we are going to a place that sells really nice looking fake stuff like glasses, bags and everything so I might get some sunglasses because we can wear sunglasses over here because it is so bright. We are on the equator.  That is another reason it is so hot!

The pool at our apartment.  Of course, we can't use it.
So what I eat for breakfast is this way good bread and this stuff called Kaya. It’s like a coconut egg stuff. It’s really hard to describe. Imagine German chocolate cake icing, but without the coconut pieces. It’s amazing! I love it!  We always have hard boiled eggs for breakfast too. We usually eat out for lunch and dinner!!  If we want a snack at night we have these things that are like Ramen Noodles, but 100,000,000,000 times better, and it has all these sauces and seasonings you can add. They are amazing, I will send you pictures!!

I love and miss you all so much, but I love being out here.  It is so fun!!! Like I said earlier, I won’t be able to get back on here today. So you need to send your emails to me earlier if you want me to reply.  I'm going send lots of pictures.

I love you so much, All of you!!!!!


Love, Elder Stahle

The tundas.

The "better than Top Ramen noodles".