Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MTC - Week 1....Again

It's been another really good week 1.  I haven’t been homesick at all! There is no time to be home sick here because all that you do is study and work your butt off like crazy. My companion is Elder Robbins.  He is from New Orleans.  I’m the District Leader for my district so it’s been pretty cool and I'm constantly helping people in class with stuff since I’ve been here so it’s been good.  Elder Baranov is in my room and he’s way cool.  He is from Huntington Beach, California.  He's super smart too.  He goes to MIT! And Elder Kavapalu is from Sidney, Australia and he is Tongan and he has such a cool accent.  He’s like 6'4", like 230 he’s a beast and he’s way cool too!  With our investigator it has been going really good.   I've been able to use a lot of words that I have remembered from the first time I was here. It seems like the language is coming easier too, which has been good.

How is Pepper doing??  How is the family and how did Lydia and Hannah do in their volleyball tournaments over the weekend? Any cool things been going on back at home or like on the news?  Gym has been alright.  I just do all my stretches that Sean has given me and I sit on my LAX ball in class a lot and then use my roller every day too so I’m not having any pain which is nice.  That’s way funny about what happened at the BYU Creamery! 

We are going to the temple today at 9:30 AM so it should be really good.  I’m really excited. There are 9 people in my district, 6 Elders and 3 Sisters but one of the sisters is going to Indonesia. I still love the spirit here.  It’s really good. Oh yeah, Brother Gines told us that right now there are 3,200 missionaries here and he said that in July they will have over 7,000!!!  I have no idea how they are planning on housing all of them and feeding them and just everything in general cause as it is right now there is like no room at all.

We learned about the whole toilet situation over there and uhhhh yeah, there’s no toilet paper…so that should be interesting.  All they have is a hose to rinse off with so it should be cool  -- I guess?? Haha! 

Oh yeah.  When I bore my testimony on Thursday and I made a ton of people cry.  It was really spiritual.  I said how some of the doctors were telling me that I probably wouldn’t be able to serve because my back wasn’t doing better.  I was determined to prove them wrong.  I knew that I was supposed to serve.  The spirit lead me to the people that could help me. 

Our branch has about 75 Elders and Sisters. It’s huge and its still the same branch presidency so they were all really happy to see me and everything it was really good.  I have to go change my laundry so I will email you next week.  I will probably send you a letter this week too so I can say more that I might have forgotten to write!

Saya menyanyangi keluarga!!!  That means I love my family.  I miss you all!

Love, Elder Stahle

1:35 PM

We just got back from the temple and it was really nice. I still like Bountiful and Salt Lake's temples more, but it was still really good.  I felt a lot of peace and knowing that what I’m doing is the right thing and that it is what I need to be doing.  Our first investigator is Sudau and it’s going really good. 

I’m trying not to use my notes very much already anymore.  I feel like the language is coming quickly.  We teach her everyday except on P-day and Sunday, so I get a lot of practice with the language and making sentences and she says she understands what I’m saying.  I have to go soon and go prepare my lesson for tomorrow that we are going to teach Sudau (Sudaow) is how it sounds when you say it. 

How are all the girls doing? I got the Valentine’s package.  It was really cool to get the package from home.  We woke up today to do laundry early and we got there at 5:00 AM and it was packed!!!  I was so surprised and kinda bugged about it so next week we are going at 4:00 AM.  Elder Kavapalu is way funny.  I've already taken probably 30 photos so I will probably send my card home next week so you can have some pictures sooner. Like I said in the other email, we learned that while in Singapore when we need to go to the tan das (bathroom), there is no toilet paper.  All it is, is a hose coming out of the wall and you hose yourself off and supposedly you take your pants all the way off to go to the bathroom so it should be an adventure.  They use American toilets and then the holes in the ground are just like in China, but Brother Blissett said that he liked hosing off more than using toilet paper because it gets you more clean than toilet paper. I heard from Elder Madsen today and he said he loves his new area a lot so now he's in Miri and that’s right next to Brunei. Oh, and the island of Borneo in Malaysia has like all of the Orangutans in the world.  That is where they are from!!  So you see them all of the time it is guna be so cool if I get to serve there!  Love you all.  I will email you next week probably at about 4:00 AM and I got all the dearelder.com letters you’ve sent me so I will answer all those questions in a handwritten letter tonight and I will mail it tomorrow.

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle 

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