Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MTC (Week 2)

Hey it’s been going alright this week.  I had to go to the Instacare last night because I’ve been getting this really weird rash type thing on my stomach, back and chest.  So, it’s been really annoying because I’ve gotten it now for the past 3 days in a row. The doctor didn’t know what I have really, so he gave me a really strong antihistamine!  He thinks I might have got it from a missionary from a different country, so I guess that is where I might have gotten this rash.  Everyone here is sick in my district!  

We’ve been really busy here with the language lately has been really good. The language is coming really fast now I feel! I taught a new investigator yesterday with no notes and it was kind of bad.  My mind went blank and so did my companions, so I just shut the door and told her we were going to restart.  Haha.  It was so funny!!  I also sent home a SD card on Monday with tons of pictures so as soon as you get it download them and send it back to me please. We got to have Brother Blissett teach us and we were the investigator and it was really good.  I like with how well it went!  I can understand tons already like with what people are saying. Like yesterday, Brother Blissett was talking to someone on the phone and I pretty much could translate everything he was saying.  It was sweet. Oh yeah!  The Malay Book of Mormon just finally got approved so hopefully they will be going to press soon.  Brother Blissett looked on his cell phone and there was a version of it!!  The teachers were crying.  They were all so happy!  It was really cool to see.

Not too much more has been going on here.  I’ve just been waiting for an apostle to come and talk to us!   Hopefully we will get one tonight or this Sunday.  That’s what I’m hoping for!  All of the devotionals that we have been having are really good with a lot of really good stories!  I got a letter this week from Lauren Stahle so it was good to hear from her!  President Sawney isn’t here anymore and neither is President Brown.  And yes, I got all new badges -- so now I have 4!

I’ve made a lot of really good friends here lately so it’s been really good.  It was really good to hear from everyone with the handwritten letters! We inhaled all of those Andes Mints and Elder Kavapalu loved the chocolate mint pretzels! I went to the bathroom and I was gone for 2 minutes and when I came back, the whole bag was gone!!  Yes, I got all new materials when I got here!  There are so many cool Elders.  President Taylor told me last week that how all of the MTC doctors and everyone here, including a lot of my old companions, kept saying that with my back and with all of my pain that I would never come back out and serve, so it’s been really good.  Now I’m really excited to get out there and show everyone how strong I am.  It will be good to see the other Elders in the Malay district!  

If you have time, can you send me another lacrosse ball because Elder Kavapalu has a really bad back and he always uses mine.  Everyday I stretch in gym so I have no pain since I’ve been here.  It’s great!  

That’s way cool about my blog!  The language is really good!  The food is alright this time around.  I still don’t like it too much and I’ve only had one cookies and cream [BYU Creamery] milk, so I’ve been doing pretty good!  Haha.  I would get more but they are always out!  

I’ve met a lot of really cool guys from the other Malay district.  I’m pretty good friends with all of them.  Elder Stewart’s from Dubai and he looks just like Justin Bieber, so everyone here calls him “The Biebs”.   Haha.  I’ve made friends with Elder Smith too.  Elder Hirschi is in my district and supposedly his family started Hershey’s chocolate but the 2 brothers split and his uncle changed the spelling to what it is now and he’s from Layton and he went to Layton High so we live pretty close. And then there is Elder Sutherland.  He’s from Mapleton, Utah.  He is like a health nut.  He eats so healthy.  He’s a twig!!  He needs to eat way more!  Then we have Sister Hawea, and she is from New Zealand and she has a cool accent!  Sister Allred is from Sandy and she’s going to Indonesia but she’s in our district because she’s the only one here going to there!  Then there is Sister Lebareon.  She’s from Alpine, Utah and she’s pretty cool.  Some of the other good friends I’ve made is Elder Shepherd and he’s going to Tonga.  He’s from California and he is a district leader too, so we talk a lot. Another friend I made is Elder Ward and he just left for the Marshall Islands!   He’s from Mesa, Arizona and he’s really cool.  He’s in my pictures at the temple.  Yeah, I like everyone here quite a bit but I’m going to go take a nap and then write letters to people!   I love you Hannah! I love you Hannah, Brooklyn, Lydia and Maddie.  Love you Mom and Dad too!    I love you all so much!!!  I will talk to you later!

Jumpa Lagi! Sayang kami Kelauarga

Bye, Love you family

Elder Stahle

Sister Shaw and Elder Stahle (neighbors and both from
the Kerrybrook ward!)

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