Tuesday, March 5, 2013

M. Russell Ballard - MTC (Week 3)

This week has been really good! The language is coming really well now.  We had TRC on Saturday and it’s where return missionaries or natives come and they talk to the missionaries and we basically teach them a lesson.  We had two 20 minute appointments.  They all told me I was doing really well and a lot better than when they were here last time.  Last Tuesday, M. Russell Ballard came and talked to the MTC!!!  It was amazing as he walked into the gym.  I haven’t felt the spirit that powerful I don’t think in my life!  You just know that he has seen Christ and got to meet him.  He just had this type of light about him and it was amazing!  As he entered everyone stood and when he left everyone stood as well.  It was amazing! They also had the Provo Temple President come in on Sunday and it was super good too.  He said how he has seen Christ in the Provo temple a lot and he walks all the halls and rooms and everywhere.  We  are going to the temple today at about 9:30 AM, so I’m looking forward to that again.  The food here is really getting old really fast!!  I am still District Leader and I enjoy those duties.  I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be, but either way, I love it.  Our investigators are doing good.  When we teach Dorina the spirit is really strong.  It’s really fun to do and feels very real, just like they are a real investigator!  The language is coming along like I said which makes me feel good about how it’s all going.  We only have class for 2 1/2 more weeks then we are out of here so we will probably get travel plans on Monday of next week.
Hey Maddie!  The MTC its going pretty good here.  Everyone here tells me how much they respect me because they wouldn’t have come back if they went home like I did. That’s way cool that you just started track.  It will be good for you to do. Spiritual experiences?? There is too many to list! I promise I will write later to tell you about some of them.  I love you and miss you.  Do good in school and track and keep going to seminary.  You have to graduate.  
Hey Lydia!  It’s been really good to be back out here.  I've been missing you a lot and the whole family!  Are you going to do track too??  If you do that would be really cool.  Is volleyball almost over?  How do you like my new room??  Did you take anything off of the walls?  Did you keep my nice bed or did you bring your old bed??  I love you so much Lydia!
Hey Hannah! Is volleyball almost over??  and I love you too!  How is school going for you?  I’m sure you’re doing really well because your way smart!  That’s so cool about your last volleyball tournament!  How come you never do pancakes while I’m there?!  I’ve never gotten to see you do one!  Who took first in gold division?  I love you!
C.J.'s All About Me - Missionary Book
to share with investigators and others
Hey Brooklyn!  Keep doing good in school!  Take good care of Pepper and Trina for me and give them a big hug! I love you too.  
Happy Birthday Mom! That’s good that your day was so good! You’re lucky that you got to have two birthday lunches/dinners. Yes.  There are 3 sets of bunk beds in our room, so its super crammed.   I don’t know what they are going to do for when they put 6 elders in here because there are only 4 closets total!  There is going to be about 3,500 sisters here this summer and that’s how many are here in total right now!  So, it’s going to be crowded!  I don’t need anything else here at the MTC.  I’m doing good and have everything.  Oh yeah!  WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEND ME THE HERITAGE MAKERS BOOK?!  I’m going to be leaving here soon!!!!!  I need it!!!  Please hurry.  I love you so much Mom.  Thanks for everything you do! I miss you!!!!!!

[ His book is now done!  :)  Here is a link to the finished product that I shipped to him.  It’s an 8x8 hardbound storybook that I made with my consultant account with Heritage Makers.  http://www.heritagemakers.com/projectBrowserStandAlone.cfm?projectID=2550057&productId=5&sponsorID=313714 ]
Hey Dad!  Yeah, I’m feeling much better with my throat and rash.  No more rash breakouts, so that is good.  They haven’t been bugging me anymore which is good!  Everything is going really good.  Yesterday Elder Robbins and I were  teaching and he was talking about the plan of salvation.  He was talking for like 10 minutes and so when I tried to share a scripture with Dorina, he turned to me and said, "I'm still talking so don’t talk while I’m talking."  Needless to say, we are still trying to get along and figure things out.  Yes, I’ve been making a lot of new friends.  How did Pepper’s ear surgery go?  And Trina, is she getting bigger?  I love you so much!  KAMU MACAM TOKE!!!! THAT MEANS "LIKE A BOSS!"  HAHA.
Love, Elder Stahle


  1. This is so cool! I didn't even know you had a blog. What a good mom you are! Love the All About Me book...missionary mail just might have to borrow that idea.

  2. Thanks Cherylann! I'd love to help you out sometime if you like. The template is all set up now! ;)