Monday, August 12, 2013

My First FHE, Puchong (6 months)

This past week has been a pretty good week filled with a lot of different miracles and cool things!  I got to have my first Family Home Evening here in Malaysia! It was really good! We are actually going over again tonight. This time we are taking an investigator named Jo Jo. He is a refugee from Myanmar. This past week also we were able to place 8 Book of Mormon's! That is the most we have ever placed in 1 week!  We had over half of our districts numbers for handing them out! Elder Misa and I we work really well together.  It makes it very fun and enjoyable!  We went to Batu Caves again this last P-Day.  Elder Misa bought so many bananas and the monkeys loved him!! (Haha) It was so awesome!
This guy I met that I could speak Malay with!

This week was pretty productive and we were able to actually find a lot of new people. A few had actually met with missionaries in the past.  They wanted to start to learn again, so that was awesome! We have a lot of appointments set up for this next week to meet up with a lot of them. Elder Misa and I found this bakery here and we are addicted to the chicken burgers. They are so good!! We went a few days ago and took the whole tray of 8 that they brought out. We just put them in the fridge and as of last night they are all gone (Haha)! I don't know why but eating here in Puchong is a lot harder. When I was in Klang I could find food so easy.  Here, it is just like KFC, McDonalds and Wendys! I miss Klang food a lot!

We have been working a lot this past week on the records. We have been going through all the people who have been taught recently and calling people. A lot of things have changed since I've become District Leader.  I have to do all the trainings in district meetings on Tuesday’s and conduct those meetings on Thursday’s.  I have to call everyone in my district and see how the week is going also.  On Sunday nights from 8:30-11:00 PM, I do reporting with everyone in the District and the Zone Leaders. So it is a lot more stuff than I was doing before.  I like doing it a lot!  Being a trainer is really fun!  Elder Misa and I we get along so well.  The other missionaries all know about the mess here in Puchong with the records.  The other thing is that the missionaries who used to be here didn't order any Book of Mormon's.  They said they never hand them out. So now I have to wait 6 weeks to get the shipment from Salt Lake (insert sad face here).  
All us missionaries had to go to a concert this week

We fly to Singapore next Monday.  Then we fly back to KL on Wednesday. We really do have the best mission on earth!!  How many other missions can say that they fly so often to go to Zone Conference and how their Mission President lives 6 hours away!!  It has been good having other missionaries. Although we are pretty far from all of them. About an hour and a half! The new city its alright.  I miss Klang a lot!  I really want pork!!  It’s so hard to find here.

We had a cool story this week! So we were walking home after teaching an appointment to go finish studies for the day.  I had this feeling to turn around. So I did and there was this Nigerian man running at us and yelling. “Elders!!!”  We started talking to him and he said he was baptized in 1992.  He has been living here in Malaysia for the past 2 years. He has been looking for the church here and missionaries. So we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and got his number. He was on the phone with his girlfriend from Australia. He gave me the phone because she wanted to talk to me.  She told me how happy and proud she was that he found the missionaries!  She was crying and said, "Thank you for being outside when you were! He really needs to go to church". So that was an awesome experience! It’s so awesome the people we get to meet!  

Dad, that is so sweet about the Braves. They are doing so good!  I love you so much Dad. Keep being a boss at home!

Hey Mom, Yeah, we are still working on getting the area whipped in shape!  Tell everyone back home that I love them and I'm grateful for the support that the ward gives me back home!  The people here are a lot of Chinese who are Buddhists. So it's difficult because they don't really care to talk to us! My first District meeting was actually pretty good!  Sounds like I'm going to be doing my first baptismal interview next week!  I report the whole District and then I total them all up. Then call the Zone Leaders and they report to the AP's (Assistants to the President). It's not much different here in Puchong. It’s just a lot of the same work everyday! Being a missionary!! (haha)  I love it! Ya, I will get the package next week when I'm in Singapore. I am so hungry right now and I don't know what I'm going to eat!!  When I come home I want and need a ton of BBQ!!  Here they have nothing! I love you Mom!  I miss you!! I can't believe tomorrow is my 6 month mark!

Hey Maddie, I love my Mission President!  Yeah, there is always cool things that happen every week! But, the family will just have to see my journal when I get home!  I love and miss you keep doing good!

Hey Lydia, They have to gun it to get you up out of the water!! (haha) They can't start slow! I get teased by a super nice pool everyday I leave my apartment!! I will have to send you pictures next week!  It sounds like all you girls and the family are having a way good time and fun summer!  I can't believe that when I come home you will be in 9th grade! I love and miss you Lydia! You're awesome!! Keep doing good!

Hey Hannah, That’s funny that you bought Trina a toothbrush!!  I bet she hates it (haha)!  It sounds like you had fun with Luis in Bear Lake. That’s awesome [that you can now waterski]! I love you and miss you Hannah. Keep doing good!

Hey Brooklyn, Yeah, it is really hot here! And yes, I need sunglasses here. You are right. It’s always sunny. Keep brushing Trina's teeth!! She needs it! I love you so much Brooklyn! What are you going to send to me?? I miss you Brooklyn! Keep doing good at home!!

Love, Elder Stahle

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