Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Malay Book of Mormon arrived! (Week 27)

I’m still in Malaysia at the airport. I’m on an iPad, so I will email the family on Wednesday when we get back from Singapore. Love you!!!!! [sent on Monday, August 19th, his normal P-Day]

Visit to a school
Book of Mormon, written in Malay
Here we are at Zone Conference in Singapore with the
new Malay Book of Mormon
Another visit to a mosqu
Stuck in the elevator!

Well, we just got back from Singapore and it was a great Zone Conference!  This past week was the craziest week of my life!! So we were about to leave the house to go to District meeting when we got a knock at our door. We go answer it and it is 5 packages from SLC from the church. They were full of Book of Mormon's!  So we open up all the boxes and inside is the Malay Book of Mormon!!!! It has finally come!  Salt Lake messed up and sent all the boxes to our house. So this past week we were able to place 2 of them, in Malay! So, we are the first missionaries ever, to place the Malay Book of Mormon!!!!!!! And get this! We placed 22 Book of Mormon's this past week! That is a Singapore Mission record, possibly. We handed 13 out at an English school and then 9 throughout the week so it was awesome!  We gave 2 Malay Book of Mormons to our gate guards and now they are way nice. They read Hindi better than they do Malay. So, we were trying to find some Hindi Book of Mormons at our house but we couldn't find any. We went to the church and I was walking out of the chapel and there was a bookshelf with couple of books on it. It had 2 weird looking script written on them and I picked them up and it was 2 Hindi Book of Mormons!!!! It had to have been a blessing from God. Who knows how long they were sitting there on that bookshelf!

Us looking down on the members, as we are stuck in
the elevator

I loved Singapore!! I love that country so much. It is run so well and it is amazing. I think I can handle the heat now! Ya, I got my package and I love everything in it.  It takes 1 hour to fly to Singapore from KL but, flying back today the plane got to Singapore like 45 minutes late. We were able to meet quite a bit new people which was really nice since and it gave us an opportunity to teach a lot. Family Home Evening was really good! JoJo said that he really enjoyed it!  He liked how it felt like a family.

When we were leaving church we got in the elevator.  As we were going down it was going fast and then just broke! We were about 1/4 of the way down to the ground floor.  It said we were on ground floor but there was only like 14 inch gap from the ground to the opening of the door. Luckily, a lot of the church members were leaving when we were. It took the security guys like 20 minutes to get the doors open and get us down to ground floor. It was so bad!!  I got really funny pics from it! It was so dang hot in the elevator!  

So Beh, who was a recent convert that I was able to be apart of baptizing, is going to Taiwan next week and he is going to go to the temple to do baptisms!  He is thinking about going on a mission and getting his Patriarchal Blessing soon!! I have seen so many cool miracles on my mission! I love it out here!  Who knows... if he goes on a mission how many people he will bring to the gospel. Just because he decided he wanted to learn!!  A single seed can turn into 100 so fast!
I haven't had time to try on my new shirt. I will let you know on Monday how it fits. I miss going to softball tournaments and practices and just like driving in general to everywhere! That is so crazy that they baptized a whole church! Dang it sounds like you have all been very busy!! That is so crazy that the girls start school next week already. And Brooklyn is starting school too!  It sounds like the Braves and Rangers are kicking butt. Do you think the Braves could go to the world series this year? I love and miss you Dad, I can't wait for you and Mom to come here!!

C.J.'s 2013 MTC group: Zone Conference in Singapore
with the new Malay Book of Mormon
Hey Mom, I’m doing fine this past week. It has been pretty good.  We did find a bakery and we found these one chicken burgers. They are amazing!! So we ordered 20 of them and they asked us if they were for a party or a function. Haha! We said nope just for us at home!! Hahha!! They all about died when they heard that!  We taught the Deacons quorum class because Brother Teh had to go early.  So it was a really good class and it was fun! I have been trying to send pics today and it is taking 20 mins to upload each picture! We are going to try to find a new place to email on Monday. Hopefully they have faster internet. That is so funny about Maddie getting her wisdom teeth out! Did she swell up pretty bad? You can surprise me next time with treats and I haven't had the popcorn yet. They do have popcorn here but it tastes nasty. Thanks, I love you so much Mom and I miss you!

Hey Maddie, That is funny that you got your wisdom teeth out and now you know how I felt. Haha! Nope, nothing very rad happened this last week...other than we passed out 22 Book of Mormons!! Singapore mission record possibly! I love you and feel better! I miss you and hopefully school is good for you. And Happy Birthday!

Elder Stahle with his former companion, Elder Robinson
Hey Lydia, It’s so crazy that school is already starting again for you girls! I can promise you that it has been a lot longer than 2 days. Believe me, I have lived everyday and it has been about 95 days since you have been out of school!  Nice you won more spandex at volleyball camp!! haha. I know you'll make the team! You’re way good!  I hope you have a good first day of school next week.  I miss you and love you!

Our 20 yummy chicken burgers
Prime Ministers office
Hey Hannah, Have you still been pitching a lot?  That should be fun that you get to start school again and you get to go to school with Brooklyn! That is awesome that you are doing so well with volleyball too! I love and miss you Hannah!

Hey Brooklyn, I can't believe you start school soon!! I'm kind of sad that I won’t get to see you go to your first day of kindergarten! That is so cool that you got to play with 2 dogs at the softball tournament! Ya, I am having a really good time with other missionaries. They are nice to me. That should be so fun that you have soccer practice soon! I love and miss you Brooklyn!!!

Love, Elder Stahle

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