Monday, August 5, 2013

Puchong, Malaysia (Week 25)

This week has been very stressful I'm not going to lie. I went to Singapore on Thursday morning and got my new companion. Elder Misa'alefua. He is from California. He is way cool!! He plays football and he has a few cousins in the NFL. Our new area it isn't too bad.  There wasn’t very good records with people being taught. So it is super hard to try to find out who everyone is and everything! There are some people who they taught a few times but never made a record.
Elder Stahle & Elder Misa'alefua, his new companion

The buses here I don't know yet. We don’t know what buses to take to get to certain places.  Our new apartment is okay. It was really sad for me to leave Klang! I love the people and will miss them!  I'm not going to lie. When I had to say bye to VJ, that was really hard for me because I have a really special connection with him.  He is the first person I have ever baptized. I hope I can keep in contact with him in the future!

We bused back from Singapore to KL on Friday night. When I was going through the border in Johor Baru coming into Malaysia, they were questioning me a lot and asking a lot of questions for about 15 minutes. They kept talking to each other in Malay, but obviously they didn't know I could understand what they were saying. They almost didn't let me into Malaysia. They were about to black chop me out! The guy was looking at my passport for like 5 minutes just flipping through all my pages and looking at stamps. He finally stammerer me through! So who knows...maybe when we go to Singapore in 2 weeks they may chop me out. So I won’t be allowed in Malaysia! Elder Dailey when he was busing back from his doctor appointment back to KL his bus hit a parked semi on the side of the road and totaled the bus. Luckily everyone was okay!

I got told this week that I look like Prince William and also the kid from the Sound of Music who sings "You are 16 going on 17"! So it’s pretty funny!  

I can't believe how hot it is back home in Utah lately.  That's crazy! Sounds like the Rangers are doing way good!  The weather here in Puchong is about the same as Klang. It seems a little hotter because we aren't by the ocean anymore to get the ocean breeze.  Church here was very different than Klang. The members here pretty much run the whole thing. So we didn't have to teach any classes or do anything. There is about 80 people who come every week to Puchong Branch. There are 8 missionaries in my district including me and my companion. Did you send my package to Singapore?  I was only able to get half my pants resized so I will need to now find a new person here in Puchong! Tell Grandma Stahle Happy Birthday from me and that I love her and that I miss her so much!  I love and miss you Dad!

The sister missionaries in my district are all Malay speakers, but one of the new sisters is called English speaking so all of us Malay speakers will have to train them. We are told that by December of this year there will be 50 people training at once!!!!  Yes.  The mission is at about 120 right now and by the end of the year there will be 176.

Hey Mom, you guys went to Melody's baby shower? Haha. That is awesome! Mike is so funny! I love Mike! The little hot pocket things are called curry puffs!!  I love them!  Yes, there is so much curry here! It is kind of crazy how much there is! Puchong is really cool!  

He flew to Singapore to pick up his new companion,
and this is their bus ride back to Malaysia

Cramped into a little taxi
The members here are awesome and help with appointments, which will be good!  I need to get to know all of the members!  Awesome to hear -- thanks for sending that package!  I love you so much and thank you for all you do for me!

Hey Maddie, It's going really good here! I love it!  Whitewashing an area is really hard and frustrating! Ya, I love Melody and Mike! They are so cool.  I love you and I miss you! Keep doing good reading and praying!

Hey Lydia, It sounds like you are just having way fun this summer!  I can't believe Summer is already over for you girls!! Melody and Mike are awesome!! I miss Italian food so much!!!! I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, How’s your softball team? I love and miss you Hannah! I hope you have a good last few weeks of summer!

Hey Brooklyn, Wow! You get to go swimming a lot now! I love you so much Brooklyn! I can't believe you start school in 1 month! I miss you!

Love you all,

Elder Stahle

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