Monday, October 14, 2013

Homemade Nigerian Meat Pies (8 months)

Elder Stahle's 6 new name badges:

Top left is Chinese Simplified          
Top middle is Iban
Top right is Arabic
Bottom left is Chinese Traditional   
Bottom middle is English  
Bottom Right is Malay
This past week has been very good. Whoever, it was a lot slower than usual! We got to watch the General Conference Saturday and Sunday sessions. Conference was very good. I loved it. I was surprised how much was on missionary work though. And since they were, I can tell that God needs everyone to know that it is time to do more missionary work! Monday this last week we went and had a FHE. It was a really fun one! The members are from Nigeria and they made us homemade Nigerian meat pies! They were so good! I finally got some of my new missionary name badges also, I got them in English, Iban, Chinese, and my favorite one...ARABIC! It looks so sweet!
Elder Wiberg's parents had these pins made for each of us.
I will wear it for my homecoming and a member is
making me a beaded tie too.

There was a protest demonstration on Friday at the U.S. Embassy. I don't know why that happened. We were told as missionaries and all American's should not be in the area of the Embassy at all on Friday! We also had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Su Rin. She took us out to dinner after. We got this really good sushi, sashimi and teriyaki beef. It was really good! The menus there were so big that it was crazy. I sent home pictures of it.

My new Piano Guys CD's
On Wednesday afternoon we went and did some service for Sister Rose. We cut trees and painted her fence!  It’s the same thing that I did 5 1/2 months ago when I went on exchanges with the zone leaders! So it was like deja vu! We were finally able to meet with Johnathon this last week. We have been trying to meet up with him for over 6 weeks and we were finally able to! It was a great lesson and he had lots of good questions! The Book of Mormon was able to answer all of his questions. I also bought the new Piano Guys CD. It’s their Christmas album. They are so nice to study and work out in the morning to! I sent home some pictures on Thursday that I printed out. So be looking for those and I am also having Brother Adrian send another package for me hopefully today. It might be next week. I will let you know after he sends it. It will come by FedEx. There is a letter for each person in the family and then a gift for Dad! I went to send the pictures and I asked the post office if I could buy an envelope. They told me sorry we don't sell those you have to go to the alcohol store next door!  What kind of a post office doesn't sell envelopes?

The HUGE menu's
We had a good lesson with Brother Tho this week. It was a make or break kind of lesson where he needs to start to keep commitments or we told him we will have to drop him, which would be very sad. When we were at lunch we got to eat monkey! I have to admit it was not very good at all. I felt like I was eating a human the whole time! It tasted super gamey and rough meat with tons of little bones. It was strange but at least I can say I have eaten it now! Elder Misa and I ordered KFC 2 times in 1 night within like an hour of eating!! We were still hungry (haha)! It was KFC delivery it was so nice and it was the same driver as the first time!! He probably thinks we are fat pigs!! (hahahaha) Brother Rogers daughter was at Melody’s baby shower and she met Mom and the girls in Utah, and I met her yesterday at church. So that was crazy! What a small world!!!!!!!!!!!!

My normal day goes like this: Wake up at 7:00 AM - eat and workout, from 8:30 AM-12:30 PM - study’s, after that we go out on visits and most of the time the spirit guides us. We have to be back in the apartment by 10:00 PM. Then it all starts all over again! The people here work hours are like 12-16 hour days. It is ridiculous compared to our working hours in the U.S.! In a month they make about $300 US.

Monkey dish
Hey Dad, we were kind of busy because we had a lot of appointments! Teaching has been great this week we had a lot of good lessons where the investigators progressed a lot! We have one new investigator from handing out Book of Mormons. They are so hard here to get return appointments with!

The district is doing pretty good. Last night was ridiculous when I was reporting. Everyone is supposed to be home and be ready to report on Sundays by 9:00 PM, and no one in my district got home until at least 10:00 PM or later so I had to stay up so late!!!!!! I didn't go to bed until 12:45 AM!! Usually when I report I am in bed by 11:15 PM at the latest, so I was not very happy and so I sent out a text today and told them how they need to manage their time better because they made me stay up almost 2 hours longer than I needed to! So, I'm super tired today.

I can't believe that UTAH BEAT STANFORD!! GO UTES!! I told Elder Misa and he was so surprised and mad (hahahahhaha)!!!!!!! That is freaking crazy! That’s not good about the Braves. They come so close and then choke every year! That is exciting about Alex Smith doing so well for the Chiefs! Haha!! I'm feeling super good just still working out! Sister Mains said, no, I can't swim for my back, but that is okay. Ya I think I will be transferred. Everyone keeps telling me they think I will become a Zone Leader with this transfer but we will have to wait and see! We find out next Monday. That is the coolest story about Trina. HAHAHA!! I love you so much and I miss you. Keep doing good and feel better.

Hey Mom, It was a good week. Ya, we got to watch all of conference except for the Priesthood session. I have it on my hard drive so I have been watching them at home. We watched them at church on Saturday and Sunday. That is funny about Maddie and glasses! That is good about Lydia doing so well with volleyball. My back is doing good now and ya, still bruised. Thanks for all you do and can you send 3 more of those shirts in my next package? I love you so much and I miss you! Conference was great!

Hey Maddie, It sounds like you had a good week which is good!  And that computer is Mom’s now. I will get a new one when I get home. And don’t ruin my UA Jacket! I love you so much keep working hard in school!

Hey Lydia, It sounds like you are pro at Spanish! And you are playing varsity which is super cool! I'm doing very good and no my back doesn’t really hurt very much. My favorite food? Hmmmm.....probably cheese naan and roti canai with kaya! I love and miss you Lydia!

Hey Hannah, it’s good and I love almost all food here except nasi lemak! It’s not my favorite. It sounds like you will have a good Halloween! I love and miss you so much and you are a great sister! I miss real burgers and shakes!!

Hey Brooklyn, yes I am serving a good mission and that is so good you are starting to read and write now!! That’s great! You want to know what I will be for Halloween? I will be a missionary!! It sounds like you are going to be a cool power ranger! I love you so much and I hope you liked soccer this year! I miss you!

Love, Elder Stahle

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