Monday, October 28, 2013

New Area - Penang Island! A Visit to the Chinese Snake Temple (Week 37)

The new area is great and the food is awesome! There is a really cool member named Malvinder! He served in our mission and he takes us out to eat everyday! It’s awesome! My new companions name is Elder Jin. He is Korean and he is from Dallas, Texas so it’s good! 

Chinese "Snake Temple"
The food here is incredible! Where we live is in the penthouse of a condo for now. In 3 weeks President Mains Sister is coming into the mission to be a senior couple with her husband. They will live there. No, I don't think this area was hit by the tsunami. I'm not sure though. 

No, we aren't the first set of missionaries here. There have been missionaries here for years, but they have only stayed on the North side of the island. So we are getting a brand new condo in the South where missionaries have never lived or worked. It will be super fun! It will be very hard as well. We are literally starting with NOTHING!

This week we visited the Chinese Snake Temple. It was crazy! There were pit vipers everywhere and they are all poisonous! They are wild and free!

That’s not good about Utah [football]. They should let Travis heal. That is so dumb with an obstruction call like that! Ya, I might want a truck when I get home! haha.That is funny you showed Trina who is boss!! haha. She needs that sometimes! I'm excited for the package! Ya, I love the Ting's! They are so awesome! I want corned beef so bad! So I'm excited to hear that you just shipped me some! I love and miss you so much Dad! I can't wait for you all to come! When you do we will come to Penang! We will then take a boat up to Langkawi!! Google it! It’s supposed to be one of the nicest beaches in the world! I Love and miss you! Supposedly, Penang is very dangerous to bike here. I will stay safe!

Snake Temple, Malvinder & I
Hey Mom! Ya the Ting’s are the best. I haven't even been here in Penang very long and there is already so much great food here! I love the chicken rice here! It’s amazing! There is a member here who goes fishing EVERY DAY! He takes the missionaries a lot to help him catch his meals!!!! I know why I'm serving here now! This guy is a less active, so maybe I could be a good friend to him with fishing. So I'm super excited about that! I love Penang so far!! That is good about the girls playing volleyball again soon! That is so exciting about Brooklyn [starting to read]! I LOVE MY NEW SHIRTS SO MUCH! Since I have lost 23 pounds, they fit nicely!! They look good I think! I will let you know where to ship the next package. I actually don't need any new shirts for a long time now. It’s going well here. I love you so much and can't wait for you to come experience this place!

Gift from Barry's Bakery, right before I left for my  new area
Hey Maddie, I'm in one of the nicest places on the mission so it is awesome! Did Janelle have fun at the dance? I went to Sushi Monster my last week in Utah. It was good. I didn't have that sushi roll before. Keep doing good in school and work hard! I love and miss you!

Some of my favorite people at Barry's Bakery
Hey Lydia, It sounds like you had a good week! Sounds like your team had a great volleyball season! Yes, they do have Forever21 and H&M here. Lots of American stores! They have them all! That is cool for Abby’s brother. I'm still in the best mission on earth! Ya, the Ting’s are the best! I'm excited to see them when I get home! I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, You better get that double soon! It sounds like you had lots of fun this past week! The Ting’s are great! They are way fun and Janelle she is the best! The food here in Malaysia is amazing also! Keep doing good. Hopefully you get to come here someday! I love and miss you so much Hannah! Keep doing good and choose good friends!

Hey Brooklyn, I miss eating grilled cheese. That sounds so good!! Ya the puppies will be fun! Halloween should be very fun! I love you so much Brooklyn! I miss you! Keep doing good with reading!

Love, Elder Stahle
Elder Oliveras & I, my first MTC companion
(from my first MTC entry in July 2012) at the last zone
Snake Temple

Elder Jin and I, my new companion
Super good chicken & rice place Malvinder took
Elder Jin & I too

View from our condo, the penthouse
View from our condo. It is two-storys.
The kitchen in our new condo

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