Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Referrals From Members (Week 34)

My walk home everyday!
This week has been pretty good. We are starting to have a lot of lessons! Our nights are already booked a week in advance which is good! We are being able to get some referrals from members. The referrals we getting are from people that only really speak Chinese which makes it hard. We have to use a translator! I have definitely been able to experience the gift of tongues this week. We were teaching this new girl named Ejing. She only really speaks Chinese and when she was speaking I could understand quite a bit of it! My Chinese is coming back little by little so that has been awesome! And it was really cool when the members didn't know some gospel words in Chinese but I did and I was able to help them remember! I have only learned gospel words since I have been on my mission and I have learned quite a bit of them which is really cool!

Yesterday I got to confirm Anekwe in church! What another awesome experience! I felt the spirit so strong when I was confirming him and after I said “Receive the Holy Ghost" he told me that he felt so happy and has never felt so happy in his life! So that was a way cool thing to be apart of! Anekwe he also was given the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. He is very excited to get to bless the sacrament and do all of that next week! 

MMMM Delicious!!!
Transfers are on October 21, 2013, so in two weeks. We have been able to meet a lot of new people this week. We also lost some people which was sad. Roger who we have been teaching for the past 3 weeks he just returned to Ghana on Friday. He is so good and he is going to meet with the missionaries in Ghana now! So hopefully he will continue to grow! I hope we get to use Facebook soon. I have so many people who I have met out here on my mission and the only way to keep in contact with them is by using Facebook! It has been fun to see all of the times the Holy Ghost is in my life as a missionary. Since I have been here in Puchong I feel like I have been having the Holy Ghost help me a lot more in my lessons and just throughout the day. It has been really cool to recognize.

A guy we gave a BOM to!!
Hey Dad, I am excited to watch conference this next weekend! It sounds like it was a good one. This week was pretty good and very busy which was nice! That is really strange that they put priesthood on normal TV though. That is crazy that there was snow on the grass! Trina - she is a really good dog. Are we going to breed Trina more than 1 time?  I will most likely keep a puppy from Trina for myself!  That is cool about Dave and Carol. That should be fun for you all to see their family while they come up to Utah. Elder Misa and I were at the mall the other day and they had on the Detroit and A's game and we watched some of it!! Haha... I felt like I was back home! We saw it at TGI Friday’s (hahahaha)!! That sounds way funny with Trina and the laser! That’s not good about Utah. If we wouldn't have thrown so many interceptions we might have won!  That is awesome about Lydia playing varsity now! Oh ya! I almost forgot. So the new Branch President here in Puchong he used to sell printing presses and the company is from Germany. I want to say it was called like Heidelberg or something [and he was right!] ! So that was pretty cool! You will have fun talking to him when you come! I love and miss you so much!
Some more great food in Puchong!!
Hey Mom, well it sounds like the family had a very busy week once again! That sounds like the normal Stahle fashion though! Dang sounds like you will have a busy day tomorrow with Lydia’s volleyball team breakfast! I miss American breakfast so much! That is super cool about Lydia playing varsity now! I love to watch her play volleyball! That would be fun for the girls to play the guitar and play some instruments. I hope all my kids play the piano.Ya, you can go through and scan my Facebook stuff. That is fine. We can't use Facebook yet but hopefully very soon! We are supposed to be getting iPad's here in December or sooner! Maybe even as early as this Zone Conference on November 5th! My back is doing good. I saw the doctor on Saturday and he told me to not lift heavy things. He gave me a note to swim now for exercise so I have to ask President Mains if that is okay. And no, no new foods this past week! I love you too and miss you!

Hey Maddie, My week has been great! Yes, accounting is very easy! Where are you going to apply to college at?? Love you and I hope you get to come here to Malaysia!

Hey Lydia, it sounds like you had a really good week! I’m so proud of you that you get to play varsity now!! You have earned it! I miss you too! Good luck in your game tomorrow. I know that you will do great! Against Kaysville...that will be a good game! I love you Lydia. Keep doing good!

Hey Hannah, I miss you too and wow you are so close to getting an iPhone! Which phone do you want to get? I think a boxer puppy would be cool! Junior High is going to be fun and you still have a long time till you get there! I love you and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, Wow I can't wait for Trina to have puppies too! And it sounds like you had fun at the pumpkin patch that is so good! Yes, it is good to know our phone number. Keep doing good in school and I love and miss you!

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