Monday, March 25, 2013

The Night Before Elder Stahle leaves the MTC

9:49 PM
Hey! The day is finally here! I leave tomorrow and I’m so happy about that! I am so sick of the food here. But I also like the shelter that is here because it is like an incubator. It keeps us safe and everything which is nice but, I’M A PEACOCK...YOU’VE GOTTA LET ME FLY!!! Haha!  Do you remember that show? THE OTHER GUYS. (haha) We quote that movie here all the time!  

We have to be at the travel office here at 4:30 PM, so I’m guessing they will drop us off at the airport tomorrow at about 5:30 PM. I should be able to call right after I get through security. Yes, I bought a calling card here. It cost $5 and it has 3 hours of call time in America on it. Yes, I’m so excited to get out of America!!  It is so true I have never thought about it that way before about service men and women as well as with missionaries doing the same thing. But in a way, I feel that we are doing the more of the lifesaving because ours is eternal!!

We had culture day for the past 3 days and I’m dying to get over there now! Brother Simon showed us pictures today from his mission and he got to hold baby lions, tigers and panthers!! It was crazy. I’m so excited to get over there! All of my nerves are gone!!! It’s so crazy. This one guy who just came in knows Sister Luedtke! He is from Finland where she served. He said that he loved her! I’m excited to get another companion!! I actually heard from all of them this week. Elder Madsen is training and Elder Olivares only sent me a 1 line email saying he is sick and hopefully he will get to see me. I dont know whats wrong there. Elder Rasmussen said that they found out today who they are training! I love and miss you so much Dad!! Oh yeah... the chips and salsa were gone in about 5 minutes!! There was about 20 people in our room eating it!! It was crazy! I’m going to buy an external hard drive over there just in case my camera cards get lost getting shipped home so i can back them up!

Our teachers are writing on the board their
predictions of where they think we will serve.

I was getting to the book Mom jeeze learn patience! I know I have had to since being here. I love the book, everyone in my district thought it was so cool. Most of them have wanted to look at it over and over which is cool! I love all the pictures you put in it, they are perfect! Who has been telling you they want one? These past 6 weeks have gone by so fast it has been nice! We get to go to the temple tomorrow which should be good.  President Taylor said it was okay! I don’t want to be any other place than on my mission either. The Tongan district left today to go to Tonga! On the flight over, I was going to get up every hour to walk around and I’m taking my lacrosse ball in my backpack. I have backed off on my piriformis lately. I’m so excited for the food! I didn’t eat dinner tonight...that’s how sick of the food I am (he sent us a picture of himself in the laundry room eating a frozen pizza!)

That is way cool about all the mission calls in our ward. They should all have fun. I've seen TJ Edwards here a lot but he flew out today. Did you get my box I sent home yet? Oh yeah, Katie Beckstead sent me a huge Easter package. I will send pics of it today. It was really nice. I love you so much Mom and I miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, that sounds so fun and exciting that you got to learn the letter Z! Thanks for the Easter care package it was so nice.  I'm going to take a lot of the chocolate over on my mission!! Thanks Brooklyn I love your eyes and your freckles too and your smile!! I love you Brooklyn!!!!

I love you all so much I will write more tomorrow, I can’t wait to call home too!!

Love, Elder Stahle

So I'm sick of the food here, so here is my yummy,
frozen pizza for dinner!

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