Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Love the Spirit Here - MTC (Week 4)

I love the spirit here.  We had TRC on Saturday and it was really good once again.  We have been teaching Dorina and Ricky and it has been going really well which is good.  They are both on date to be baptized!  TRC is Teaching Resource Center and that’s where people who served missions come in and let you teach them.  We taught two people and I think Elder Robbins and I did pretty well when we were teaching. One of the good things that I learned this week was that one of the guys who came in for TRC goes to the U and he is the only one I've met from the U!  Everyone else goes to BYU!! So, ya...  

We had a really good talk from Elder Adikitus on Tuesday.  He talked about the three kingdoms of glory and one of the really cool things he said was that we need to decide which kingdom of glory we want to inherit when we die. He also said that if we want to inherit the Telestial world that we are doing too much right now.  It was really cool to think about!  Everyone keeps asking me here if I'm going to go to BYU when I get back and if I will teach here or if I will do TRC on Saturdays.  I think that I will probably do TRC’s every once in awhile on Saturday’s after I get home.  I think it would be really fun and cool to have the missionaries come and teach me!

I don’t know if we are pretty much done learning all of the language here or not because we haven’t been taught any language in class in about a week now but, they have really been going over doctrine and how to teach by the spirit which has been nice!  Oh yeah.  I got released as District Leader on Sunday.  President Taylor told me after that he didn’t want to release me, but since there are so many more missionaries coming in soon, that more people need to have more leadership experience.  We have temple today at 9:30 AM and I love it when we get to go to the temple.  The spirit there is so cool! I like the Bountiful and Salt Lake temple’s more though!  Everything has been going really fast here.  Our sacrament here is at 7:30 AM which is so early!  We should get our travel plans this Friday or so.  I'm so excited to get those!!

I heard from Elder Madsen today as well and he told me he loves the TANDAS situation over there and that he wants to have a hose with his toilet at home for life because you get way cleaner.  So my worries about that have gone down a lot and I’m excited about it now! That’s pretty weird that I’m excited to use a hose!  Oh well.  Better to have a good attitude, huh?!  Today at the temple it was good.  I did temple work for a man who was born in 1516.  That was cool. The food is gross, and I’m now sick of it!!  Elder Madsen said that he likes biawak which is the huge lizard but hated pigs tounge.  He said it tasted nasty.

Mom, your new saying is my favorite saying!  [Happy, happy, happy!]   What has been going on in the new DUCK DYNASTY’S? I would say the thing I miss a lot is music!  Sometimes I will go sit outside my residence and just listen and we can always hear normal music blarring at the BYU football stadium which is funny  because it's all the songs I love!!!! They played Thrift Shop!! You should have seen me...I was going CRAZY!!!!  On the mornings that we go and do laundry, afterwards we head outside at about 5:00 AM in the morning and there are about 25 deer outside our dorm.  It’s so cool!!  They are all doe though.  Yes.  I did tell you that we have 3 bunk beds in our room.  No one has moved in though.  Still four of us in our room with the two sets of bunk beds..  We have a devotional in 45 minutes, so I had better go.  Love you guys so much. Hope you and the family have a good week. I know I will because I am doing the Lord's work!!  I love you all so much and I know I will be doing good.  I also know that I will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and I know the family will be too!

Love, Elder Stahle


I          LOVE              MY FAMILY

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