Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype Video Call! (3 months)

Love me some Ray Bans
It was very good to skype home today and see family today! The time went by so fast!! [It was an amazing 2 hr and 9 min call!]  

Talking on Mother’s Day was awesome! I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me and the family. 

This week in Klang was pretty good. We had a lot of success with contacting and teaching lessons. VJ is progressing very well. I can't wait to see him get baptized!  He will definitely be a leader in the church for sure!  We ate tons of good food this past week as well which was awesome!  

I'm not nearly as sick anymore, but I kind of still have a cough. I hope it doesn't stick!

It has been really fun to see all the mission leaders today and see family.  It has been way good.  

We also have an investigator named Leong. He is way cool! He told us he had not heard from his Mom in 10+ years. After he met with us and prayed, his Mom called him a few days later!!  So it is crazy.  That is a testimony builder that prayers are answered!!  

I feel like I'm still sweating so bad which is way funny, but the people don’t ask why I’m so red anymore!!  (haha)  

We had a ton of people in church yesterday which was really cool to see.
There wasn’t too much more that really happened that I can think of.  

Oh ya, I was biking and a yard care truck with wood panels on the sides hit my handle bars and I almost fell off which would not have been good, but I lived! And, I did not fall off. Whew!

Sorry it is so short this week! I love you all so much!!!! And I miss you all!!!  I’m so happy I got to see you all and the dogs looked awesome!


Elder Stahle

Elder Stahle with Sister Ting at Steamboat.
Yummy, great food!

Here I am taking on this shrimp!
Elder Stahle being funny!  He told us he really did cook
that raw shrimp before he ate it!

You see why I love this food?!!

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