Monday, May 6, 2013

Visited Shah Alam this week (Week 12)

Our visit to a mosque and this is head prayer guy

This picture some random guy wanted his picture taken
with us (in the blue)!
Yesterday was elections also so that was interesting! The BN won which is not good, they said. There were a lot of ballots being changed and power outages so that votes would be lost and not be recorded. So there are a lot of people we know who got enough food to stay home for a week! They are saying that some pretty crazy stuff might happen!  We will wait and see! We had to go back and stay home in our apartment yesterday after church. We have to do the same today just to be safe. 
Shah Alam

This last week I was very sick and still kind of am.  I'm getting better every day though. I went to the hospital on Wednesday and they did blood work, X-ray, and the doctor did the usual. He told me that I had sores in my throat and that my blood work showed that I had really high white blood cell count. He gave me the antibiotic agementen, some nasty throat candy, zyrtec for my runny nose, and avadol for my fever. I think that is all!! (Haha)  For all that it was 300 RM so like $100 US. Which isn’t bad. So with how sick I was last week we were only able to go and teach two lessons because I would cough so bad. I would start coughing and I would almost throw up!!  I could never get like any sleep at night, so that was no fun at all. This last Wednesday Sister Ting brought us dinner, so that was very nice and helpful.

P-day last week we went to Shah Alam. We also went to the Blue Mosque.  It was so cool!  The guys there were trying to convert us to be Muslim. It was so funny and frustrating. They were saying all this stuff about religion but we are not allowed to say anything back. Oh well!  I have some good pics that I took that day!

Trina is so funny that she only will eat now with wet dog food!  She sounds like a drama queen!  I’m feeling a little better; I finished the antibiotics yesterday. The week was slow so hopefully we will get back to normal this week.  I still have kind of have a barky cough. Oh that is good you finally got the postcards!  

We have a new investigator we are teaching!  When that storm hit last week, the police just invited us in the guard shack. They were cool!  They only spoke Malay.  

Hi Dad! No, the locals still don’t like us very much.  I’m so excited to skype next week!  It will be awesome! Love you so much!

Hey Mom, I’m feeling a little better. Send me like some lemon mint ricola cough drops. It’s impossible to find stuff like that here. The postcards I sent 2 weeks ago!   That is so exciting about Maddie being in the New Era and The Ensign. You will have to send them to me!!!  Ya, Hannah always does good no surprise there! That is good Brooklyn is going to grow up now!!  I can't believe I’m going to turn 20!!  Oh well, haha it will be just a normal day here! That is way cool about Braden, I know a huge group of missionaries who are in Tonga. I was in the MTC with all of them!!! When will you send the package? So I will know to look for it!! I love you Mom.  Thanks for everything you do! I can’t wait to skype next week!

Elder Stahle's sister in The Ensign, May 2013
Conference issue
Hey Maddie, that is good about prom and that is sooooooooooooooooooo cool your pics are in the New Era and Ensign!!!
I love you so much and do good in school.

Hey Lydia, I’m going tell you again...I’m not in Singapore! [she didn’t realize Malaysia was another country in the Singapore mission]!  That is way cool about track and volleyball.  Sounds like your way good at it!!  Keep doing good and helping out at home.  I love you!

Hey Hannah, good job on grades and it sounds like you are getting close to reaching your hitting goal! I love you so much.  Keep playing with Trina and Pepper!

Elder Stahle's sister in the The New
Era, May 2013 issue
Hey Brooklyn, that is not good about your eye!! That is good Mom helped you with your eye. I can’t wait to see you next week on the computer!  I love you!!


Elder Stahle

I love this food!  It's called Ayam Mame

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