Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet my new companion (Week 19)

Elder Stahle, Klang Missionary
This past week has been pretty good! It has been very busy because Elder Robinson was moving out and Elder Dailey was moving in. We had a lot of stuff that we had to do! We were not really able to do a lot of missionary work. We need to get Elder Dailey a bike but we will probably do that on Wednesday. The air here has been so terrible. In Indonesia they are burning trash and their rubber trees right now. So the air here is really, really bad. You can’t even see a 1/2 mile here. It’s so bad we need to go buy masks today. We haven’t seen the sun in about a week!  I don’t feel like I can ever get a full breath of air.
The locals told us that this dirty air will be like this for possibly the next 3 months! It is so bad the church was full of smoke yesterday. Also in Singapore there is so much smoke there that there is ash all over the cars and streets.  Every morning we wake up our house is smoky and smells like burning rubber and plastic! I know this can't be good for my health!! Contacting is impossible because no one wants to be outside in this air and they won’t answer their doors. So missionary work has really slowed way down here!

The dirty air and smoke.
We got dropped by an investigator this week. He told us Mormonism isn't for him, so he doesn't want to learn anymore. And just other things happened this week that I can't really talk about but, lets just say I feel very disappointed. This past week we were on the bus going to have interviews with President Mains. There was an immigration guy on the bus going around asking everyone for ID and passports. He found 3 illegal guys and so he took them to the front of the bus. One of the guys when the bus stopped he jumped out of the bus and took off running. It was so crazy!!

One of the Elders I was in the MTC with, he was in a place called Muka and he hurt his back and he has had a back surgery before. They sent him back to America yesterday!!

Elder Dailey, my new companion
Elder Dailey and I went to go see a family and they speak Bahasa only. So we had to speak with them in Malay! We both were really surprised how well we were able to speak. That was a great confidence builder!!!! We also went to the store later that night and had like a 10 minute conversation all in Malay. It was so cool and I feel a lot better about Malay. I feel like before that I would just rely on Elder Robinson. Now I can’t do that so I’m already seeing the benefit from being with Elder Dailey!

KL District, before transfers
We ate these whole fish, filled with fish eggs.  Not too bad
Ya, I’m very happy I’m staying here in Klang! President Mains said that they have only done this one other time since he’s been here [meaning, put two missionaries together that have been out in the mission field for less than 3 months each]. The previous time that he said that he did that was when one of the Elder’s was a local and spoke fluent Malay. He told us that he prayed about Elder Dailey and I a lot and he said, "I felt very very impressed that the Lord needs you two together at this time for some reason. I don't know, but I trust his judgement.” So we are feeling kind of overwhelmed, but also very good. We feel very ready for this challenge and experience! Ya, I did know Elder Dailey in the MTC. He was in the other District, so I didn't know him very well. He actually went to the U for a year so that is very good!! We get along really well. And you know where would need to freeze over before I ever go to BYU! (hahaha)

Delicious Japanese dinner with beef from Australia
We have a new investigator who we contacted on the bus. He is from Zimbabwe and he is really cool! He has such a cool accent! Hopefully we will get to meet with him this week a couple times. The work is good just kind of slow right now. We are actually getting some people that we used to teach who kind of went missing and they want to start to learn again.  Ya, being a senior companion you have to pretty much lead lessons, plan days, find out things to do if lessons fall through. Pretty much do a lot of things. When I was in training it was me who just let Elder Robinson do everything. So it is a huge role change. I have to learn to grow up really fast and become super responsible which I feel is very good for me already!!!

That seasoning I sent home you can make it with beef, and usually rice!!  I may need to buy new pants soon. Mine are getting so lose! My waste is probably a 32 now.  I'm on my last notch in my belt and my back is getting so much stronger! The stingray wallet is super cool!!  I’m glad you like it! We have been eating cereal for breakfast everyday. It’s alright. The milk is weird because they heat treat it so much that it can sit on a shelf for 3 years before expiring!! I love you so much Dad! Keep up the good work and I can't wait for you guys to come here to pick me up!

Hey Mom, it’s pretty daunting to be senior companion already! I'm ready for the challenge! I have already seen a big change in myself since I have come out here! Our condo is always super clean and I love it!  That's good you talked to Elder Robinson's Mom! Now that he is zone Leader he will get to go to Singapore once a month for a meeting with all the Zone Leaders in the mission with President Mains. Sister Ting said she really wants to meet Brooklyn and she thinks all the girls are so cute! She wants to meet everyone!! That should be fun for the girls to go to volleyball camp! I couldn’t find any of that meat stuff so maybe I will have to send some home in my next package.  The candy is really bland here and is strange, I think! Ya that bag I got for you I thought it was so cool! Everything I sent home for the family I want to say cost like maybe 130 US.  It is so cheap to live here...I love it!!  I will get a Sarong soon and send it home! Every missionary always gets one!  I love my mission so much and I easily have the best mission on earth!! It is so much fun!! Today we are going up to Batu Caves and we can play with monkeys there! That's where the Indians all go for Thai Pusam. That's where they put like the sword and metal rods through their mouths and cheeks its crazy!! But that's back in February so maybe when you and Dad come get me we can go see it!! I love you so much Mom and I love being out here, even though this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, I love it!

Hey Maddie, not too much is new. I already wrote about it before (haha). I love you!

Hey Lydia, I lose track of the days so easily here cause everyday is church! Be careful with all the glasses! Keep helping at home with everything! I love you so much and miss you!

Hey Hannah, I hope you like all the stuff I sent you all! Keep getting better at volleyball and softball! I love you so much and miss you!

Smoke again from our apartment
Hey Brooklyn, I am having a great day on my mission! I love you so much Brooklyn.  Have fun this summer because you will be starting school soon!! I love you so much!

Love, Elder Stahle

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