Monday, June 3, 2013

Opportunity to Baptize VJ (Week 16)

Elder Stahle and VJ
VJ's baptism

Well, this has been the craziest week of my mission by far! Where do I start? Yesterday, I had the opportunity to baptize VJ and it was awesome!! The spirit was so strong and VJ shared his testimony after. It was an amazing testimony! He is such an awesome guy! We were teaching VJ on Wednesday and he said he was having problems sleeping at night. So we asked him if he wanted a blessing. We gave him a blessing and right after he said he felt calm and at peace. It was such an awesome experience! So after that when we were leaving his house we ran into 5 Muslim Priest type guys. They told us how we are not allowed there anymore because it is owned by the Malaysian Government. They told us that people have been complaining about us...because they can see us!!! That was crazy! They would not let us leave. They kept on not letting us leave. They told us, when we were there last week that there were 6 white guys walking. But really, it was only Elder Robinson, Elder Meister, Elder Parker, and myself. But they said 6 so maybe we had angels walking with us! It’s pretty cool to think about that. There is no way you can mistake 4 people for 6 people.

We decided to go contacting because all our appointments fell through for the night. We ended up being at the right place at the right time and met a man. He only texts and calls us when he is drunk. He texted us last night at 2:30 AM and told us he wants to take us out to get beers. It is very sad the situation this man is in! Oh ya, we have another investigator! He told us when he met him how he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He has an amazing testimony about prayer and how it has helped him. He said 1 Nephi 8 talked all about the tree of life and how happy it made him to read that!

Hey Dad, my week has been pretty good! There has been a lot of crazy things happen this week! That is so exciting that Grandma and Grandpa had their 56th wedding anniversary! Tell them I love them and that I miss them both so much! I hope the Spurs destroy the Heat!  Hahaha!!  I love you so much!

Hey Mom, I miss American food so much!  That is crazy Maddie got to go to that concert! I am always tired here!! Yup 4 months already!  My release date right now says January 29, 2015. That is not a solid day. They don’t give you a solid day until you have 6 months left. No, I don’t need waterproof socks.

Hey Maddie, that is cool you got to go to the concert and what does it mean she acknowledged you?? What kind of camera do you want? It’s going great here! I love and miss you! It’s crazy school is over.

President Chan and his wife with VJ
Hey Lydia, That is fun you got a Lagoon pass! I still hate Lagoon though. Haha!! That is good that you like horses now. I love you so much have a good week. I miss you!

Hey Hannah, I miss BBQ ribs and sounds like you all had a busy week! Keep doing good in all your sports and helping out at home! I love and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, I’m happy you are happy! And that you are taking care of the dogs. You have a fun week too!!
I love you Brooke!!

Until next week!  

Love, Elder Stahle

Malaysian Sunset

Someone's order of over 100 burgers, fries and apple pies

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