Monday, June 17, 2013

Staying in Klang, Sr now! (4 months)

This week has been pretty good here in Klang! We had quite a bit of appointments so it was a good busy week. Leong left and went up to a island up north to be a swim instructor.  He's set on being baptized on September 8th because that is his birthday. He knows that the Book of Mormon is from God. He loves reading The Ensign from Conference in Chinese. He is just doing awesome! Well, today we find out about transfers in about 30 minutes but, everyone here doesn't think that I will leave. We will just have to wait and see!! Elder Robinson will probably leave because he's been here for 7 months! It actually wasn't very hard for me yesterday at church because I just don't feel like my time here in Klang is done yet.

Elder Stahle with Area Authority Elder Chan and his wife

I just heard that I'm staying in Klang!! My new companion is Elder Dailey. We were in the same MTC group in February. So since we are same group but this is my area I'm the Senior Companion!! So it will be the Elders Stahle-Daily show!!  Elder Robinson was just called by President Mains to be the new Zone Leader in KL! So Cool!!

I freaking loved Singapore!! The food there was so good! I got a shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk all over it with fresh strawberries!! So it was like 2 Sing! It was so good!  Singapore is a lot better than NYC I think. It is super clean. It just feels super safe there and really nice everywhere! Pei Wei doesn't even compare to the food here. Haha.. I'm sorry to say, but it will be so good when you guys come to get me and get to eat the amazing food here. I think it would be cool to get transferred to a Malay speaking area but, it's just not time for me to go to a new area yet. I definitely want the challenge and am ready for it!

Elder Stahle, Leong and Elder Robinson
I had a strange flesh wound I got last week on my foot. It hurt so bad to wear shoes for like a week! Whatever it was, I scratched it and made it worse.  Arizona? I could handle the heat now since I've been living in Satan's playground for the past 3 months! I love you so much Dad and Happy Father’s Day!!

Hey Mom, I'm doing really good. Just living the missionary life!!  I got the package and I love the sunglasses.  They look so sweet! Yeah.  Everything was in it that you shipped! That's good that it’s a nice day there! We always like to say "it's another nice sunny summer day in Malaysia!!" It never gets cold here unless you are under an air con! I miss candy bar cake so bad!! Next package can you send me like fajita spice packets. They are good to eat with hard boiled eggs! I don't need it anytime soon so don't worry about it right now. I miss the mountains! The air here lately has been really bad and dirty. When we bike it feels like knives in our eyes!  I'm okay not getting transferred! I have one of the biggest beds in the mission! That should be fun to go to the cabin! I really miss the cabin! That is good everyone is staying busy.

Group leader Wong family (he's like the bishop)
Yes!  Mom's homemade toffee inside!!
Hey Maddie, its been going good! I'm not nervous about transfers at all because they are not in my control. I miss and love you!

Hey Lydia, summer is never boring! That is cool you're getting new shoes, that should look cool! I love you so much.  Have a good week.

Checak lizard
Elder Robinson destorying my bike box!
Hey Hannah, I miss American food still a lot!  Keep helping with the dogs and with stuff at home! I love you and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you so much you should get the package soon.  That is so cool you got Anna's old iTouch. I hope you have a good week at home! I love you Brooklyn!

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