Monday, June 10, 2013

Singapore Visit to Renew Visa (Week 17)

Elder Stahle with his MTC buddies
So this past week has been pretty good. Very busy with a lot of traveling! We went to Singapore and that was awesome! I got to see so many of my old friends and Elder Olivares was there!!!! It was so good to see him! When I saw him he almost cried! He said that he was praying daily that he would get to see the day that I would be out here in the field serving with him! He bore his testimony during the testimony portion of the Zone Conference and he said some way nice things. He said how he was so proud of me for coming back out. Elder Gotfordson was there also. The flights to and from Singapore were good. They were only about 40 minutes. They were nice and short! 

We didn't really have many appointments this week. What we were able to squeeze out of it were really nice.

The Singapore Group

Elder Stahle tying to catch a french fry
It was so much fun to see Elder Baranov and everyone! So many people said that they could barely recognize me!! (haha)  They told us at Zone Conference that they are now calling “English speaking only” Elders and Sisters. So that all of us Malay speakers won’t have to serve in English areas. So we can put our language to use! So, August 1st is the day we get our first batch of English missionaries. So, I kind of want to serve in Singapore next before they change it to English only missionaries!

We had a pretty amazing experience that really helped my testimony grow. I’ll tell you about it later because I’m short on time. Saturday we went and did service for Sister Ting. It was so hot and the building had no air cons, so it was way hot. We moved about 10,000 folders. It was like a human centipede thing to get them from the 4th floor to the ground level. I don’t think I have sweated that much in my life!! My shirt was so wet! I easily could have wrung it out!!

Elder Olivares, 1 of my 2 companions
that I served with in the Provo MTC in July 2012

Hey Dad! Happy Father’s Day!! Singapore was so much fun!!! It was way easy for me to renew my visa! Those 5 Muslim guys didn’t bug us anymore and I don’t think that they will. So hopefully that is the case! It’s very nice to know that if we do everything that we can that the spirit will help to make up for everything else. And to also know that we are being protected by God. No, I still have not gotten the package yet so hopefully it will come today or tomorrow! The language is okay. It’s getting better everyday. Just not as fast as it could if I was in a all Malay speaking area. We will actually find out next Monday where we are going. Transfers are on the 20th. I will let you know next week. 

Man, I miss real American food [he is missing Moochies Sandwiches]! We just eat rice and curry everyday. It gets so old so fast!! We had the Subang Elders and the PJ Elders sleep over at our house last night. We went to McDonald’s and we got food.  It was so good!! Ya, I love it over here, I would totally want to work here!  I could see myself living in KL!  I love you so much and keep doing well!!

Elder Stahle and Elder Parker (He's from Arizona)

Hey Mom, That is was cool about Anna's family. That is crazy about the statistic with all the Sister missionaries. I love being over here it is so much fun! That is cool that everyone is doing so well in sports and everything. 

That is so funny about Brooklyn wanting a birthday party like that!! Haha.. It is so cute! 

I loved Singapore! It was so cool. We were out walking around and there was about ten F16 US Jets flying around!! They were kicking in the after burners. It was so loud and so awesome! We went to Chili’s and got unlimited chips & salsa and strawberry lemonades! We drank so much it was awesome! Yes, I love President and Sister Mains! I love Singapore! I saw so many Lambos and Ferraris and tons of Massarati! I love it so much! I love you so much Mom! Hopefully my package comes soon!! I love you!!

Hey Maddie, All the missionaries said that you are a beautiful daughter of God! They would want to date you but, you’re too young!! Hahahaha. So your friend that is coming here, is he called to speak English? Ya, there are always cool things happening here!  I love and miss you Maddie. Keep doing good at home!

Elder Stahle with Elder Gottfordson, 1 of my 2 companions
that I served with in the Provo MTC in July 2012
Hey Lydia, it is summer and I can’t believe June is already 1/3 of the way over! So that means another month is about to go down for my mission total!! That is so good that you went and did baptisms!! Make sure you are reading and praying daily, it has made my days so much better when I do that in the morning! I love you so much and stay safe. I miss you!

Hey Hannah, I miss you too! Ya, I bought another pair of clear lens Ray Bans, but you girls need to share them and be very careful with them! Don’t fight over them!! I love you and miss you Hannah!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you so much and I bought you such a cute little chinese girl shirt that is blue and silky!!  I got you a way cool key chain for your back pack! I love you Brooklyn.

Elder Stahle

Me with Elder Meister (He's from Australlia)

Our business cards we made.  They look awesome!
Investigator (Leong) took us to this super good,
but expensive korean bbq place

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