Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfer to Puchong & District Leader Announcement (Week 24)

(2nd email)
I just got transferred to Puchong!! I'm still in West Malaysia and it is all English! I’m also now a trainer. My new companion is Elder Misa’alefua!! I will travel to Singapore to pick him up and then we will take a bus back to Puchong on Thursday.

(3rd email)

I just found out I’m District Leader too!!! I’m so excited that I’m district leader and training. Already kind of nervous, but I’m excited!

**This is his letter that we got first (see below).  He told us it would take another hour or so to hear where his transfer would be...**

(1st email)

Petronas Towers at night
This week has been pretty good. We had so many lessons this week. Monday we contacted this one guy on the bus going into KL. His name is Steven and he is a refugee from Mynmar.  I gave him a Book of Mormon and he actually came to church yesterday!  He said how he really liked it which was good to hear! We were able to meet with him a couple of times this past week. Also we met with Santa a couple times too. Vicky, he is doing very good! He is on date to be baptized in about a month and he is very excited! I find out today about transfers. So will be an interesting day! I will be staying with the zone leaders in KL until either tomorrow night or Wednesday. Yesterday was a good day at church it's kind of sad because I don't know if it is my last Sunday here or not. It's crazy to think I'm already at my 6 month mark already!  

We went to the Petronas Towers last night when they were all lit up!! They looked so awesome! I got way good video and pictures!! Since Elder Dailey his knees were hurting so bad this past week we weren't really able to bike. So we took a lot of busses! But I'm doing p90x everyday and so I'm doing great with that! We had KFC delivery to our door!  We were able to place 3 Book of Mormons this week and so that was really good!  I took 3 of my 6 pairs of pants to the guy who made my suit to have him make the waists smaller. So that will be nice!! Earlier this week I got my two new badges, one in English and the other in Chinese!

Trina is a beast and is the greatest dog on earth!  I wonder how she will act when I come back home! Ya the food here is really hard to make!  It is just a lot of curry and mixture of foods from different cultures! The actual Malaysian food is very bland though. I love and miss you dad keep workin like a boss!!!! (Sorry this letter isn't as long as usual!)

Hey Mom,  I can't believe it is already transfers again!  Ya, it’s flying by!!  It goes so fast!  I think it would be fun to serve in Singapore!  I want to live there at some point in my mission hopefully. Ya, a lot of people are saying they think I will stay in Klang. We will find out in 20 minutes now! Ya, I love my new suit so much! haha.. It makes my legs and and everything look so much skinner!! haha.  I gave my suit to Henrick and he loves it!  Yesterday there was 31 people at church!  So it is doing pretty good actually. There was probably 20 when I came here. We have really been cleaning up the records with people who no one has seen or talked too ever. We are sending those to SLC lost and found next week. Most are all pretty much 1st generation members. Since the church is still so new here in Malaysia!  I can’t wait for you to get to come and see Malaysia! It's awesome!! I love you so much Mom!! Thanks for everything you do!

Hey Maddie, I found some shirts that you and Lydia would like and they were like 25 RM so like 8 US!!  Maybe when Mom and Dad come here they could get some!! They are so cheap and pretty nice quality too! I Love and miss you keep doing good.

Hey Lydia, I miss the whole family a lot too!!  I’m way happy to be out here and I get to do the Lord’s work!!! I love and miss you keep doing good!

Hey Hannah, I miss the cabin so much and just want to fish! I love you keep doing good with the dogs. School starts in a month!! WOW!! I love and miss you!

Hi Brooklyn, I always have a great day on my mission! And also I miss fishing!! When I come home we can be good fisherman together!  Keep helping Trina and Pepper!! I love you Brooklyn and I miss you!!

Elder Stahle takes time to exercise 6 days a week.
Here he is doing yoga.
[My son? So cool!!! He really has come so far!]

Making pancakes after a morning workout.

Ordered KFC in all Malay and here's the delivery guy

KFC comfort food

Elder Stahle, VJ and Vicky

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