Monday, November 4, 2013

Ocean Fishing with a Member in the Branch (Week 38)

Penang State flag
This past week has been crazy! We have had a lot of crazy things happen. I got to go fishing with a member here in the Branch!! WOW!! It was so fun! We went to the ocean and fished for about 4 hours. I caught the most fish out of everyone there!! I even caught a crab and some puffer fish. It was so awesome! I think we are going to go fishing next week again! I got some good photos and videos which is sweet too! I will be sending home my camera card very soon.  

I got my package today! My camera card is already full! No, my companion has never been to Pappadeaux's [C.J.'s favorite restaurant in Dallas, Texas]! Yes the food here is so good! I have never had food like this before in my life. It is incredible! 

Selangor flag (KL flag)
We got to go to Penang Hill this week. It is 712 meters above sea level. It was so nice! We took a trolley car up the hill and when we got up there it was really cold and windy, like 60 degrees. So it was amazing. You could see the whole island from up on the top of the hill! When the family comes we have to go up there. It is so nice! I got lots of good photos and videos from it! 

I miss the cold so much! I want to see some plays with you guys when I get home. That would be fun! I'm doing good and yes we are spoiled up here and I love it!!

Crab I caught!

There are only about 50 people or less that are active in the branch. There are about 150 missionaries serving in the Singapore mission now and by December 5th there will be 176 and our mission will be at the maximum it can have! That is good that the Red Sox won because I didn't want the Cardinals to win. How has Nolan Ryan retired?? I’m confused...he isn't an owner any more? Ya it sounds like the Jazz still aren’t very good!!

We haven't opened the new area yet. We are getting our phone today and so we will finally have one! The weather is really nice and not too hot at all! Very nice with the breezes. So basically, the weather is amazing here on Penang Island!

Another crab I caught!
No. They don’t have daylight savings here because well -- it’s always summer! I had durian fruit a few days ago and I really liked the one I had. Wow! I loved it!! haha.. I didn't think I would ever say that!! The durian fruit tasted really sweet.  

Send my love to the family.

Love, Elder Stahle

Chair massage before our flight to Singapore
Super Good Sugar Cane Juice
Malvinder and I on Penang Hill

Sweet photo of me fishing on a rock in the middle of the
 ocean that I had to jump to
Ocean fishing and a 4-hour sunburn too
Cannon on Penang Hill
Beauty of Penang Island

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