Monday, September 30, 2013

1st Puchong Baptism of 2013 (Week 33)

This week has been very good!! We had a baptism yesterday!! It was the first one the Branch has had in about a year! So we were all very happy about that! Anekwe was so happy after he was baptized! I have now had 4 baptisms on my mission and he was easily the happiest one I have seen! After being baptized he shared his testimony! It was so good! I got to go on exchanges with the Chinese Elders on Friday this last week. I went with Elder Earl to his area of Cheras and it was really fun! He talked a lot in Chinese and I could actually understand quite a bit. It was like my Chinese was coming back a little bit which was really fun!
Anekwe's baptism!!
We had some pretty crazy things happen. When we were on a bus a lady looked at me and just started speaking Chinese to me even though I only had my Malay name badge on. She thought I spoke Chinese! And then as we were leaving the mall a man came up to me and grabbed my hands and looked me deep in the eyes and started speaking Chinese.  I have no idea what he was saying and neither did Elder Earl, so that was pretty crazy! I had a prompting that when we were at the mall to go into Popular (the bookstore), so we did and we were walking around and this little Filipino girl came up to me. She was like, “Are you from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?” And so I said, “yes” and she was really happy after I said that. She told me that she had been looking for the church here in Malaysia for a while. She actually went to church yesterday in Cheras! So that is exciting!! We some how managed to pass out 11 Book of Mormons this week so it was good!

Hey Dad, ya this week has been good! That should be exciting to get to watch Utah play Stanford! I really miss football! We had a baptism so that was fun and exciting! Transfers are October 24, 2013. So we will find out in 3 weeks. I think I will for sure leave Puchong because Elder Misa will be training.  It will be really hard for me to leave because I have put in so much time and effort here! I just hope that now we have things on track that it will continue to grow! We have been given Book of Mormons from other missionaries because we have ran out. Supposedly our Book of Mormons from Salt Lake are stuck in customs. 

Tallest Hindu statue in the world (and C.J. playing
with a feature on his camera) 
Ya, I like Puchong. It’s a big challenge and a very tough area, but I really like the area. The cookbooks when I saw them looked so good and the bumper sticker is super cool! Do you like the newspaper? That weather sounds really nice. It has been very interesting living with 3  Elders, but oh well! It is training me for marriage!!! What are some things that have been changing at home with family? I love being out here and yes some of the experiences I have are very crazy and strange but, I love them all. They are mine and I wouldn’t change them!  I love and miss you Dad!

Elder Misa being a jungle gym!! 

Hey Mom, this week has been good and yes I am very unique because I'm the best!! haha. That will be fun for the girls to have volleyball tryouts!  Sounds like packing was fun!!  The doctor just gave me the same stuff he did before. My back is doing alright, just sore. The bruise is not as bad anymore just sore still. Ya, have the package sent to Singapore and yes transfers are October 24. And what is this package for?? Elder Madsen is doing really good and Elder Olivares is a Zone Leader in Singapore! Ya you will have to let me know how it goes with  the Ting’s when they visit. I love and miss you. Keep doing good!

Hey Maddie, No I don’t know when people are in Singapore because I am never there.  It sounds like you had fun at homecoming! Keep doing good with school and accounting and don’t go for New York. Love you!

Thirsty Monkey!!
Hey Lydia, It sounds like you had a really good week and keep playing hard so you can earn your spot in volleyball! It sounds like you had a good birthday also! I love you so much and hopefully those kids stop talking bad because that will get them nowhere in life. I love you so much and I miss you!

Hey Hannah, Yes, I really really miss coming to your softball games and practices and volleyball and just being at home for family sports in general! How close are you to getting your iPhone? It sounds like you are playing really good! Volleyball tryouts should be good!  Who are you going to play for this year? Wow, it sounds like you had quite a crazy and dangerous week. It sounds like you are turning out to be like me more and more every week with being a accident prone child! I love you so much!  I hope you get to come to Malaysia!

Hey Brooklyn, I always have a beautiful day Brooklyn and it looks like you are doing so good in soccer and school! Awesome you get to go get a pumpkin?! That will be lots of fun for you! I love you so much Brooklyn. Keep doing good! I miss you so much!

Love, Elder Stahle




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