Monday, November 25, 2013

Love the New Senior Couple! (Week 41)

View from the top of our condo
This week has been good but also still slow. I’m slowly starting to feel better, I still cough quite a bit, but it is okay. I am sad I won’t be there for Thanksgiving. There some members here that are from America and they are having us come over to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. So it should be good! That is terrible about Travis Wilson! Ya the Utes had a terrible season. Well at least they beat BYU!! (haha!) Everything here is going pretty good. Penang is a big tourist place. The food is more expensive and we are on an island which makes it cost more too! Transfers are coming next week so that should be good.

It is very hard here because we are starting at zero with investigators. We went and tried to contact a referral who went to the temple in Hawaii. We went all the way to her house and like missionary luck, she wasn't there! It took us 2.5 hours to get to her house. We are starting to know the area pretty well now. I can easily get around now which is nice. 

They are still looking to get us a condo down south. NO NEW BAKERY'S :( Elder Misa told me that the bakery people ask about me a lot still in Puchong!! (haha) Like how I am doing and everything. So that is fun. That is so cool that Trina is so protective. I miss her a lot. There is a member here who is like a printing broker. He distributes the jobs to printers and he loves talking to me about your job.  Skype will be very soon!!! Malvinder is the Branch Mission Leader.  

I love being out here in Penang and on a mission. It is so fun and amazing!!

The new senior couple has been helping us a lot with lessons. It has been very nice to have. They also have their own car, so they can drive us places which is way nice. Elder Jin and I are busing down to KL today for his new missionary training that is tomorrow. I am going to go to Chilies probably on Tuesday! (haha) I love you so much and I miss you, Dad!! It will be fun when you come here!

Hey Mom, ya I have been pretty sick lately. Which is no fun and it sounds like you were pretty sick too. Elder McAllister the new senior couple up here he served his mission with Jeffery R. Holland. He was his zone leader on his first mission. He was companions with Quinten L. Cook!! He also drove Spencer W. Kimball home in his mustang when he was younger too! He has such crazy stories! All of that food you are going to make [for Thanksgiving] sounds amazing!!! I'm not going to lie...I am a little sad that I won’t have any spiced turkey this year! This will be the first time in my life I think! I still hate potatoes though! Ya fishing is way fun!! No, I haven't gone fishing again yet. Maybe on Saturday we will go again! We will miss Malvin. It won't be as good while he is on vacation! I am very thankful that God has given me the chance to serve a mission at all and make me strong enough! I love and miss you!! Have a good week with family!

Elder Stahle on the penthouse deck
Hey Maddie, That would be good if you got a job!! It would help you and that is good that you want to go to college. I miss good meat loaf. It is impossible to find here! That is good. You should learn how to play the piano. Are you going to go on a mission? I love and miss you and keep doing good at home!

Hey Lydia, I have been good. Still sick but, getting better slowly. We put someone on date and she loves the Book of Mormon. So hopefully we can baptize her around Christmas time!  That should be fun!! There are lots of H&M's here in Malaysia and Forever 21's. They are everywhere!! I love and miss you. I miss real American treats and sweets!

Elder Stahle with the senior couple, the McAllister's
Hey Hannah, It sounds like Christmas will be a good one for the family this year! That is funny about your substitute teacher!! How is volleyball? Trina is good but try to limit her barking so she doesn't get used to doing it always! That is a bad habit. I love you so much. Keep doing good in school. I miss and love you!

Hey Brooklyn, Yes my day has been good! Actually a lot of members here tell me how much they love my hair and the hair color!! (haha!) That is so good that you are learning how to play the piano! I love you so much and I will be home after 1 more year! I hit my year mark January 14th!! I love you so much Brooklyn!

Love, Elder Stahle

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