Monday, November 18, 2013

Real Indian Food! (9 Months)

Me & Malvinder at a Moroccan restaurant
This week has been slow. We went over to Devi's house yesterday. We had a lesson with her and they made us real Indian food!! It was amazing!! I loved it. Since my throat was dry and it was spicy I was coughing and crying. It was so funny! Hopefully we can put her on date this week! It would be great!! I’m starting to see everyday why I'm here in Penang at this time and I love being here!

This week has been slow because I have been sick!! ugg!!!  It's because of the weather change.  I have a cough/cold. When you get those here in Malaysia it is terrible and miserable! That is cool that Hannah did so well. She played so many positions! That is cool that Katie came! That is funny that Maddie was scared at home. But it’s good to know that she has Trina, a huge attack dog, to keep you safe too!  Malvinder is so cool!! Ya, I have been sick this week with a lot of coughing/runny nose. Yes, I’m still living in the same building. We just moved down with the Zone Leader's, a few stories down. President Mains’ Sister and her husband is now the new senior couple here. They are really cool and very nice! The missionary work is good. It’s still slow though. It is very hard to find people to teach here. The branch members are good. We actually had a baptism on Saturday!!  I was supposed to conduct but, I had like no voice. Whenever I would talk I would just cough my lungs up! It was Elder Smith and Elder Kong's baptism!! I interviewed him last week. 

We went to the
  1. Ryan's this week. They have the biggest German Shepard I have ever seen! He is from the Czech Republic and his commands are all in Slovakian. He was trained to be a police dog but was too nice!!

Penang is mainly Chinese. It also has lots of other races but mostly Chinese. Penang is the cleanest part of Malaysia I have served in so far! It’s way cleaner than KL. No, nothing on earth compares to Singapore (hahahahaha)! Ya, you have to let me know about the new Xbox and PS4. I love and miss you so much Dad! I can't believe November is already over half way over! Transfers are in 2 weeks. I had an interview with President Mains and it was really good! I love talking to him!

Hey Mom, Yes I have been sick but, I’m getting a little better. Not much though yet! I have been alright. When I sit on the ground my butt aches and my back. So I told President Mains about that in my interview. So I probably won’t go to East Malaysia. Because my back could not take it! It is very sad to say that but, it's the truth. It just gets sore really bad. So if I don’t have to sit on the ground, then my back is fine. Dont worry. Why has Hannah not been pitching anymore?

Huge burger some of the  Elders did an eating challenge.
I didn't...I just got my picture taken with it.
Maddie, How are you getting your results so fast??? I had to wait like 3 months for mine. To go the the U you have to have at least a 21 and a 3.1 GPA, What do you want to get a degree in? I love and miss you!

Lydia, That is good that you liked St. George!! I miss real ice cream so much! I miss being with the family! Going to games and practices! Who is all on your volleyball team this year? I love and miss you!! Remember to study!

Hannah, It sounds like you played way good!! Why have you not been pitching more?? It sounds like you have been doing well with everything!! I don’t know anyone on your softball team anymore when I look at the pictures Mom sends to me! How is your volleyball team? I have been eating 2 big macs when I go to McDonalds lately!! hahahaha. They are so good! I love and miss you Hannah!! Keep doing good!

Brooklyn, ya, Trina will have puppies when I get home!!  I speak in English a lot and Malay. Yes, I remember your sandwich recipe! Those recipes were very good. I miss driving in the car with you! I hope when I come home we can eat lots of chip sandwiches! I love and miss you Brooklyn!

Love, Elder Stahle

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