Monday, November 11, 2013

Penang, Malaysia (Week 39)

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Hello everyone back in the cold winter of Utah!! Haha... I’m still burning up in the heat here. It never gets cold! No, we haven't been affected by the typhoon. Our area has been a little bit better. We met a really cool woman and her name is Devi. She works for Intel. She is from India and she will be here for 6 months or so. Her friend she is living with is a member of the church. She came to church yesterday and she loved it! So it was really good. I also got to do a baptismal interview yesterday for a guy named Vijay. He is really cool. So that was a great experience! It has been so nice to ride my bike again! I finally got it fixed and I bought some new lights that work better. They are more reflective. We have to bike an hour each way to our area for now until they get us a condo.

Super good Mexican food in Singapore. Way over priced
but still good!

Singapore is very safe and KL is also. Yes, in KL there are some Marriott hotels. For transportation we will probably just hire a taxi to be with us all day.

That is so crazy about the Utah fan getting taken out by the cops!! (Haha). Jeeze!! Stanford beat OREGON?! That is so crazy! Ya hopefully the weather is good down south [for Hannah’s St. George softball tournament]. I love you so much Dad. I miss you alot!!

Ice cream eating competition some Elders did in Singapore
25 scoops in 25 minutes!

Hey Mom, This week has been good. It sounds like you have had a good busy week. Wish Dad a Happy Birthday from me! That is good about the dogs! Sounds like you had a busy time at the Utes game too! When you and Dad come to pick me up I want to also go to Brunei. Maybe we can stop in Hong Kong for like 2-3 days and go to Disneyland. I love my new area and I am going fishing again on Wednesday! I love the toffee and the spam! Thank you! The corned beef was not the right one!! Send more toffee!! I didn't like the other thing very much! I love being out here!! I love you so much and I can't wait to skype with you for Christmas in a few weeks!

Ipoh Zone Conference
Maddie, My week has been good! That is good you got your new glasses. Hopefully you do well on your ACT Test!! Yes, my new area is one of the best areas in the mission. I love and miss you!

Lydia, That sounds like you had a good week!  I miss pizza so much and American food in general. That is fun you got to have a fun night! Keep doing well in school! I love and miss you!

Hannah, Yes that is true...sometimes you can be lazy! So -- STOP being lazy!! So wait. You might get an iPhone 5?? Ya, I get the pick of the litter...not you!!  I love and miss you! Keep doing good at home!!

Brooklyn, It sounds like you are having such a fun time back home. I miss being with the family!  It's okay. I’m trying to help other families come together forever. I am sad I won’t be there for Dad’s birthday. I want carmel apples! I love and miss you!

Love, Elder Stahle

Airport traveling day - Elder Stahle waiting
in the terminal to get on the plane
Our airplane

Our huge airplane

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