Monday, April 22, 2013

Klang, Malaysia (Week 10)

This week has been okay. It was very depressing yesterday. It was by far the worst day on my mission so far!  After church we went and taught Beh's mom. We were getting on the bus to go back home and there was probably 300 people trying to get on the bus. It should only hold 75 people and someone stole my camera!!  I was just about to send home my SD card with all my photos too.  So I was very, very angry yesterday!  I found out it was taken when Elder Robinson told me to take a picture of all the people on the bus. It looked like sardines!! So I swung my backpack in front of me to grab my camera and the zipper was opened just enough to take the camera out. So, we are going into KL today to go buy me a new camera. I Iost all my photos from this last week. We went to the National Museum last week and I took like 100 pics. Now they are all gone. So sorry, no pics this week.

Elder Stahle & Elder Robinson at lunch with the Ting family

On May 5th, it is the big elections here so we might not even be able to go out on that day. They are saying there will be huge riots and problems. Because Najib has been in office since Malaysia got it’s independence. He might get voted out this year. So it is huge! There are flags everywhere for the opposition party! Oh yeah Dad, I wanted to buy and send home a newspaper so you and Grandpa can see what they are like here! 

We had this way good fruit here called “jack fruit”.  It tastes like cantaloupe to me! I will send you a picture of Elder Robinson holding it. I did have one of me holding it, but well -- my camera was stolen!  It was a way good fruit though!!  Nothing very exciting happened this week so yeah! (Haha)

We have a baptism this week for Mike.  He is the Marine from Boston. VJ he is doing very good! Ricky we actually haven’t been able to get a hold of him in about 2 weeks. He is good friends with VJ and he hasn’t been able to get a hold of him lately either. So we are worried about that!  VJ hopefully will be baptised on May 12th. Ricky was supposed to also but now probably not. So hopefully we find new people to teach!!

Nangka fruit that Elder Robinson is holding, or
better known as "Jack Fruit"
I don’t know when I will be transferred.  My training is 12 weeks! So after that anything could happen!  Usually every 6-12 weeks they do transfers. Some people like Elder Olivares, he was in Ipoh for his whole time here. Then he got transfered when I came here.  So he was there for 8 months straight! Zone conference is in June.  

On Mother’s Day we will just go to an internet kedai and skype! I guess!! (haha)  I don’t know.  I don’t know what time either. The language is okay. It’s coming slowly because they use a lot of slang that they didn’t teach us in the MTC! No, I’m not even close to being a local!! (haha)  Yes, we bike everywhere so we bike a lot! P90X is good and yes, I modify it a lot.  I weighed myself at the mall and I’ve lost 8lbs since I’ve been here!! I've lost a lot so far in 3 weeks!!  (haha)  

We heard about that blast thing in Boston. That’s crazy! We heard there was one in Texas too near Waco. That’s crazy about your elevator story, Dad!! You did some missionary work!! (haha) Like a boss!! That is way good about the Braves and Rangers!!  I love you so much Dad! Thank you for everything that you do! I love it here!  

Hey Mom! It sounds like Stahle sports are going good as always!! (haha)  Sister Ting added you on Facebook. She is the one who is like my Mom here!! She is awesome! You should add her and you can talk to her! Oh yeah!  I bought everyones gifts so I will ship them!! But yeah, my camera got stolen so I’m not real happy happy happy about that!! Yes, I do the yoga stretches every day.  I pray for the family every prayer! And don’t worry about me, I’m safe.  I heard I have a package in Singapore.  I won’t get it till at least May, possibly June. It just depends if the Zone Leader here will get it for me when they go to Singapore in early May! I’m going to be mailing postcards home today! One for each of the family, so be looking for those.  I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me and the family back at home!

Hey Maddie, that's way exciting about prom.  Who did you go with??? And I got robbed so I’m not very happy!  And nope, no new stories this week.  Love you and cya!

Hey Lydia, That is good you had a field trip that was probably fun, and that is good that you continue to make new friends.  Keep that up!  Duh!!  Trina is better looking!  You shouldn't have even questioned that! That will be way fun for Brooklyn to have the family as her soccer coaches!! I love you Lydia and I miss you!

Hey Hannah, It sounds like you are doing way good in softball! That sounds like you got loaded up with new gear for all sports!! That’s way cool!! (haha)  What kind of mitts did you get and who's bat were you using in the pic mom sent me?? Keep doing good in sports and school.  I love you!!

Hey Brooklyn! I know you’re almost 5...  I'm almost 20!!! That is way cool that Dad, Maddie, Lydia and Hannah will be your coaches. That will be so fun! That is so cool you learned the letter Xx.  I want to see a picture of you with your cape! Yeah Brooke, you are way fast!! I love you so much Brooklyn!!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

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