Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm in Malaysia! (Week 7)

Well, I have made it to Malaysia after 8 months!! I’m in KLANG, MALAYSIA. I love it here.
Elder Stahle with his new sweet bike!

When I landed in Singapore, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was so hot, it wasn’t even funny! I had on my long sleeve shirt. After being outside for maybe 10 minutes, it was soaked. It stuck to me everywhere!! I have never been in a climate like this! I had to pull out 1,000 RM which is about $350 in US to buy my bike. The stores credit card machine didn’t work.  My bike is way sweet!!

Today we are going into KL which is about an hour and a half from KLANG. We are the 2nd set of Elders to ever serve here. My trainer is Elder Robinson. He was actually in the other group when I was in the MTC in July.  I didn’t really know him back then, but I knew of him. He is a really good trainer. He is from SLC, Utah which is cool!  We have a baptism next Sunday for BEH. They have been teaching him for about 4 months. That’s how long missionaries have been here in Klang!  Only 4 months!  We always do the baptisms in PJ which is an hour and a half away.  We also go there for every fast Sunday. It’s so cool.  Guess how many members are here?  About 15 people!  So it isn’t even a branch, it is called a “GROUP”. It’s the only area in all of Singapore and Malaysia that has a group and not a branch. We bless the sacrament every week and teach the Sunday lessons in BAHASA (Malay).  I pretty much just sat there and was quiet.  Because it was like a lot bigger range of vocabulary than I have right now. It will take time and it will come!  We have also been teaching a man named VJ. He is a Tamil man. He was super nice!  I showed VJ and all the members my All About Me - Family picture book. They all loved to see it!  Some of them saw the pictures of Trina and they say she looks Jahat (haha) or evil, is what that means. They associate her with being a police dog. They always say those are mean and evil.  It is so funny!

Man is it HOT here!
In the past 3 days we have probably biked about 40 miles. Since I sweat so much, everyone here always asks me why I am so red and always wet!!  Haha... It’s because I sweat like crazy!!

When we ride bikes here we weave through traffic. Cars are going like 50 mph. It’s crazy at times but so fun!!

When we teach Beh he speaks English so all of our lessons with him are in English. So I can say a lot more, which is good!  They speak so fast here in Malay, but I can understand more I guess than I thought. But responding is a totally different thing!  So since Beh's baptism is this week and it will be Fast Sunday next Sunday here, we actually take a bus into Petaing Jaya. I think is how you spell it.  It should be really cool!  The members here are awesome!  They always give us tons of food and drinks whenever we go teach them or do yard work or service!  

It rains here at about 3:00 PM every day. It’s just a downpour!!  The food here is amazing too!! The money here is so cool.  It is kind of like plastic.

I was just thinking...I traded a Elder Robbins to Elder Robinson (haha)!   But guess what? Elder Madsen is training Elder Robbins.

Our apartment in Klang, Malaysia
The lessons that we teach here to investigators are really cool.  We are teaching a man named Mike. He is a Marine from the US. He married into the Ting family.  

Every Sunday after church people bring tons of food and they feed everyone!  The members here welcomed me so fast! Since yesterday was Easter, the kids made Elder Robinson and I hard boiled eggs and colored them for us!  The members here always feed the missionaries, so that is so cool too!  

I was expecting my bed to be a twin sized bed. Instead, we get king sized beds and they are so nice!! The place where we stay has granite floors and it is super nice. I'm not going lie, I LIKE USING THE HOSE!!!! I was so nervous for it. feels so much better and gets you way cleaner than TP hahahahaha!! I will get on and email once a week at about this time every P-day, so send your emails on Saturday your time if you want me to be able to read them.

There are homeless dogs everywhere here in Klang. It’s way sad. They never have fur on them. They like eat each other, so it is so sad.

The Flight coming over was really good! It was very long. I sat next to this guy on the Flight from LAX to Hong Kong. He was from Vietnam, but was Chinese. We talked a ton. He bought playing cards and he taught me all these card games.  It was so cool! He was a really cool guy!!

The typical day here is wake up at 7AM do all studies until about 12PM. Eat lunch and start going out at about 1PM.  Then do lessons and contacting until about 9:30PM and then go to bed at 11PM. Do it all over again the next day!! I’m always so tired every night.  We work so hard! We ride bikes so long and hard with how hot it is.  It’s exhausting!!  So my P-day is Monday here but Sunday there.

That is way exciting about Hannah and softball. That is way cool about Trina.  She is a boss (haha). Oh yeah, today for P-day we are going to a place that sells really nice looking fake stuff like glasses, bags and everything so I might get some sunglasses because we can wear sunglasses over here because it is so bright. We are on the equator.  That is another reason it is so hot!

The pool at our apartment.  Of course, we can't use it.
So what I eat for breakfast is this way good bread and this stuff called Kaya. It’s like a coconut egg stuff. It’s really hard to describe. Imagine German chocolate cake icing, but without the coconut pieces. It’s amazing! I love it!  We always have hard boiled eggs for breakfast too. We usually eat out for lunch and dinner!!  If we want a snack at night we have these things that are like Ramen Noodles, but 100,000,000,000 times better, and it has all these sauces and seasonings you can add. They are amazing, I will send you pictures!!

I love and miss you all so much, but I love being out here.  It is so fun!!! Like I said earlier, I won’t be able to get back on here today. So you need to send your emails to me earlier if you want me to reply.  I'm going send lots of pictures.

I love you so much, All of you!!!!!


Love, Elder Stahle

The tundas.

The "better than Top Ramen noodles".

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