Monday, April 15, 2013

Petronas Towers (Week 9)

Elder Stahle at the Petronas Towers
This week has been very interesting. We had a lot of appointments fall through. It happens, but oh well.  It’s okay! So when some teaching appointments fell through, we decided to go contacting. We went to a place called Pongsapore and did some tracking there.

So that lady I was telling you about how her husband like wanted to kill us. She called us on Saturday. We decided to take them a Book of Mormon. She called us and said. “I feel like when I read in this book it is like it knows me and knows how I’m feeling.”  Hopefully we will teach her...I don’t know though! Other than that, nothing else really happened this week!  We found out how "VJ" spells his name. It’s really Vijaya! He is only “VJ” to us. He is Richard or AKA Dick to all his other friends! And "Ricky", his real name is "Vicky"! But it was another great week!

I went and bought an exercise band a few days ago.  We are doing P90X here everyday!!  I also bought an external hard drive so I can have P90X my whole mission.  That is way cool about the Braves!  How is the weather in Utah?  Conference was amazing!!  We were only able to watch the Sunday session.  We have to wait for the Ensign to come out in May for us to be able to read the conference talks.  I’m so tired every night that I sleep so good at night!!  

Singapore Noodles = delicious
I was able to confirm Beh yesterday in church. That was a really cool experience!! The spirit was so strong!  Beh started crying during it which was really special. I also shared my back surgery story. How you gave me a blessing and everything.  I talked how after my surgery I wanted to come back out on my mission so bad!  While hearing all that I went through, Ricky and VJ began to cry.  After the lesson,  we were leaving and they gave me a big hug and told me thank you for coming out and serving! So that made me feel really good!

Yes, I got sunglasses!!  We don’t really eat at street vendors. We eat at restaurants, but it’s all open to the outside so it’s very hot!  Some of the restaurant owners we eat at a lot give us free drinks and meals which is awesome!  Everyone here rubber necks to see us, especially cars driving by.  They will just honk at us like crazy!  They are like afraid of us, but we get told daily how they all hate us here.

Ice cream sandwich -- and it was amazing
(it is white bread with chocolate ice cream on it!) 
We did a service project for a member.  We cut down some trees and planted some stuff.  It was good!!  Today we are going into KL.  I’ve been to McDonald’s once and I hated it!  The KFC here is amazing though! They eat everything with chili sauce.  It is so good!!  Not many places for American food.

Elder Robinson has served here in Klang and his first area was in Miri.  I’m getting used to the weather, so that is good!!  I don’t sweat as much, but everyone still asks me why I’m always red!! (hahaha)  They tell me I need to drink more.  I probably drink 3 gallons of water here a day!   It’s crazy.  We email from a computer kedai.  It’s where people come and play video games all day.  We get to email for an hour, so not very long. It’s hard for me to email everyone because in that time we have to email President Mains as well.

I haven’t had Durian yet!!  I will soon!!  I’m going to mail home some food I really like here for the family to try!  We just learn the roads by trial and error (haha)!  I love you so much Dad!!

Hey Mom, yeah, it has been another really fast week here!  Yeah, it’s very hot here!!  It’s miserable at times but i’m getting used to it.  We had this one dish at a chinese place and they were some of the best BBQ ribs ever!  They love serving whole fish here. We got this one stuff that looks like snot/fart putty!!  I love you so much Mom!!

The best meat ever!  I'm sending some home for you to try.
Hey Maddie, the baptism was really good!!  Yes, we are teaching other people right now too.   We have 3 people getting baptized in the next 3 weeks. Yes, a lot of people get mad at us and don’t like us at all.  No, it isn’t scary because all of the people are afraid of us!  They really get scared when we speak Malay to them!!  It about stops their heart!  I love you and I miss you.

Hey Lydia, that sounds way fun about volleyball!  It’s always good to be out here and serving!!
I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, yeah, it has been fun out here and my name in Malay?? It’s still Elder Stahle!!  We go to all types of food places to eat, like Indian, Malay, Chinese, American, Thai, Japanese.  Tons of places!!  It’s like $2 US for everything!!  And they serve you tons of food!  I love and miss you so much.

Hey Brooklyn, I miss you too! Your name is still Brooklyn in Malay (haha)!!  Good job with your shots!! You’re so tough!  I love and miss you Brooklyn!  I’m going to buy your present today!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

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