Monday, April 8, 2013

Klang, Malaysia - Beh's Baptism (Week 8)

Well it has been another very good and successful week in Malaysia! We had the baptism for Beh and it was great! He even got his Mom to come to it and she doesn’t like the church very much.  He was very happy about that.  I will send pics from that home today. We took Beh shopping to get him clothes for his baptism.  Elder Robinson and I bought him a tie and he loved it! Beh cut his hair and he looked amazing!!! So we took him to this mall and it makes the malls in America look lika tiny and run down. It was 5 stories high.  It was huge and they told me it wasn’t even a nice one! We went to one in Singapore and it had like Gucchi, Prada and Tiffany! Even though I don’t like to shop, it was way cool!!

There is some interest, but not much. It’s very hard to find people here because we go knock flats (apartments with like 5 floors) and they are about 95% Muslim which is very hard because we can’t teach them.

We had a pretty crazy thing happen this week. So we were knocking a flat and found this woman. She said she has been looking for a Christian church to take her son to to make him be a better boy. So she said she wanted to talk to her husband about it first and that we should come back. So we go back and her husband answers the door in these little blue underwear.  He says, “What do you want?" then he slams the door in our face and starts screaming he wants to kill us and all this stuff. So Elder Robinson and I, before he started screaming, got this feeling to just take off and RUN! So we did and he came back outside with a knife!  He was screaming how he wanted to kill us!   So it was bad... but we could have taken him easily (haha)!

Yes, Klang is a port city. We can’t see the ocean though.  It’s like a 20 minute bike ride to it. The seafood here is okay. A lot of the stuff the people like to feed us at their houses is sewer fish. I took some pics of it! It was a whole fish body and I got the tail and part of the stomach! You see a lot of Motos that are so loud and tons of Pronton's.  They are a car made by the Malaysian government.  Gas is subsidized, so to fill up a diesel car here it costs $25 US for a 25 gallon tank!!!! It is crazy cheap here. A lot of people here work security at hotels or condos like ours. There are tons of nationalities like Nigerian, Chinese, Muslim, Indians, Tamils, White, pretty much everything.  Everywhere we go they have filtered water, so the water is all safe.

I love my bike! When I come home I will bike everyday! Oh yeah. I’m getting a lot stronger and everyone at the baptism who was in the MTC with they told me I’m already looking skinnier! Because dang -- we bike so much!! Probably 10 miles a day and going fast too! Being here with the language full time is good. I’m learning it a lot faster here than in the MTC. I’m so excited to be over here -- finally getting to work!!

My super bad sunburn!  Ouch!!

That is way good about conference though.  I'm so excited to watch the Priesthood session! We get to watch all of Saturday sessions this coming Saturday and the Sunday sessions on Sunday. We will just watch it here in Klang at our meeting house.  The members here are awesome! Everyone we find is from knocking on doors. Maybe 1 out of 50 doors will listen to us which is really low. Oh well.  We are trying our best!

I almost got hit by a car the other day, but I'm okay. The drivers here are crazy! There are no speed limits or traffic laws --  like at all (haha)!!

I love you so much Dad and I am giving it my all everyday!  I’m so tired at the end of everyday!! I have been praying for the family daily. Thanks for the baseball update! I love the Yankees being 1-4. That's way good!

Nan bread.  It is super good.
Oh yeah.  I went to the Petronas Towers!!!!! So Sweet!!! Today we are going bowling with Mike, the guy from Boston who is an investigator. That’s what we are doing for P- Day!  Ricky and VJ are doing good as well.  They are progressing, but very slowly.  They are both Tamil men. They say they see Jesus all the time and he touches them.

Petronas Towers
I love the food and my companion and everything here. The Tings took us out to dinner this last week.  We ate chicken feet, oxtail, whole shrimp deep fried and we would dip them in chili sauce, chicken head, way good noodles and ham fried rice.The red snapper was super good! Just google earth Klang and start at my apartment. Just go on Lebih Turi to see everywhere we go. Elder Madsen is doing good.  I can call him whenever with our cell phone because he is in Malaysia. They are in Miri, Malaysia. The food we eat is a full, big lunch and it costs about 5 RM so about $1.65 US and the portions are huge!!! I’m not getting as hot anymore. I don’t sweat as much as when I first got here. I’m getting used to the weather here already.  It rains everyday at about 4PM and about 10PM.  It rains so hard it like floods the streets a little bit. Going on a mission is easily one of the hardest things I have done in my life.  It’s so physically and mentally draining.  It is crazy, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!  We get very strange looks from everyone here. We always have to tell them that we are a volunteer for our Christian church. They don’t understand the word MISSIONARY.

Hey Mom!   Yeah my English is getting worse! I love you so much Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me!!!   When you send me packages if you would send me the sweet and salty peanut bars that I love!!  You know, the Nature Valley brand.  Also send candy, goldfish, cheeze it crackers or stuff like that.  We can’t get anything like that here!!

Hi Maddie!  You might be on the cover of the New Era?  Wow!  The photo mom sent me was really pretty.  That would be cool if they choose you.  Hey, what is triple digits on instagram?  What does that even mean?? I love and miss you too.  Keep going to church and seminary and young womens!

Hey Lydia!  Yeah... I wish we could sleep in, but that isn’t possible when you are a Missionary! Yes.  You are right.  It is very important to have the priesthood!  We hear Justin Bieber here all the time. Pretty much all the songs you hear at home we hear here all the time (haha)!!  I love music!!  All the stores and buses play music. It’s always American music. So I’m not missing out too much (haha)!!

Hannah! I miss you so much!! I have learned so much and I have been good. That is good.  Keep cleaning and stay healthy.  Don’t get hurt! You teams need you!  Keep cleaning.  It will make you a better person.  I love you so much!!

Brooklyn, I miss you so much and that’s good you made new friends!! I love you so much Brooklyn.  Keep being a good girl and helping with Trina and Pepper!

Jumpa Lagi

Love, Elder Stahle

Chicken rice with pork on the side

Way sweet, 6-story high mall in KL

Elder Stahle with his companion Elder Robionson

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