Monday, April 29, 2013

Klang, Malaysia - Mike's Baptism! (Week 11)

Elder Robinson & Elder Stahle with Mike
and his wife Melody on his baptism day
This week has been pretty good! We had Mike's baptism yesterday!! It was a great baptism! There was a lot of people at his baptism. It was really nice! We even had an investigator named Jason attend. It was his first time at church and he loved it! We are taking him out to dinner tonight with the Ting's! It should be very good.

We did a ton of service this week. I went on companion exchanges with the zone leaders. I went to their area and one of them came to my area with Elder Robinson. All we did the whole time wnas yard work for this a member! haha!! You know how I love to mow lawns! It’s crazy the way they mow their lawns. Here, they use hedge trimmers and get really close to the ground! They cut it all by hand! Haha.. I also cut down tons of trees and shrubs for Sister Rose.  And her yard looks very nice now! It always feels really good to help people here!  The next day we helped the Sullivan family move from their apartment!  We had to carry everything about 500 yards away.

We were riding our bikes going to our appointment with VJ on Saturday. As we were going this guys car died in the middle of the road. We had to go help push his car. No one would help the guy...all they did was honk at him. It didn’t help that the guy for some reason would ride the brakes!! So it made it way harder to push!!

Mike is so funny
Oh yeah!  There was a crazy storm last P Day! We got pinned down because it was raining so hard! These cops told us to come hang out with them in their little command shack!! haha!! I have never heard and seen lighting and thunder like that in my life. I’ve never seen that much rain fall!!

VJ is progressing very well. He is on date to be baptized in 2 weeks.  

That is so sweet about Trina! She is a total boss and it is so cool how protective she is of the house and everything!

Everyone out here tells me that me being out here is a miracle and I totally believe it!! I miss going to the temple!! I have been pretty sick this past week. I got this miserable cold/flu/sore throat/cough thing here. On Friday night I had a fever of about 102. I didn't sleep at all for the past 3 nights because I was coughing so much. It’s miserable and they have like no medicine here to help. We had a lot of appointments fall through which is not very fun and I've been sick. So not too much fun this past week.

Mike and his family
Oh ya, I tried Durian this week and I am not a fan!! hahaha. It’s not a very pleasant taste! I don’t know why anyone would of their own free will eat it! My new camera is awesome, it is amazing, it takes super good pictures! I love it! You can totally tell the difference between picture quality! We are going to Shah Alam, the mosque here today. So you can look at it on a map

The elections here are next Sunday. We aren’t allowed to leave our apartments! We have to go to church then go home and stay home!!! It’s crazy! Ya, I will let you know what happens with that!! When I skype home in 2 weeks, we can talk about that.

All the Book of Mormons we give out: in Tamil, Malay,
English, Chinese, and Tagalog
Hey Mom, I do have to say that thing about gifts is true! That is way cool about Lydia and Maddie with track.  That has to be fun for them! Lydia running a 1/2 mile that fast is crazy!  That’s me with like a 1/4 mile! That is way good about the temple! I miss going there every week! I’m getting in way better shape! People are asking me if i’m losing weight! So I did it right! Come in heavy and leave lighter! I was thinking, tell people if they want to send me packages just to send them to Singapore. They could move me from here at any time. Letters can still get sent to my apartment directly. Did you get my post cards yet?? That is way good Sister Ting likes talking to you! She told me you’re like her new best friend!  Weather here is still hotter than crap everyday! That's good Maddie is going to prom again!  No, I haven't sprayed my bike yet. I will soon probably! I love you so much Mom!!

Hey Hannah, I'm just doing the same stuff I do every week! Thats way cool you know how to ride a rip-stick!! I love you and miss you Hannah and keep doing good in all your sports!

Hey Lydia, it sounds like you are doing way good with school and sports! That sounds way cool! I can’t believe your school is over in like a month! I love and miss you so much!

My sunburn  :)
Hey Maddie, ya that’s cool about prom and that you get to go again! The food here is way good and is better than American food. I do miss American food and the variety though. There is no Mexican, Italian, or real American food here.  Crazy food?? Hmmm --   durian, whole fishes with the eyes and guts and all that still in them, whole shrimps just fried so they still have the shell on, ummm chicken feet at like every meal!  I guess I’m kinda excited for my birthday! It’s going to be just like any other day out here though. I love and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn! That is so good that you are helping with the dogs and no we don’t eat any snails!!   Haha.. That is only the weird people from France!!   Haha. Oh ya, one thing they like here is corn so they always give us corn drinks!! haha. That is good you’re almost done with school! I love you Brooklyn.  Keep doing good in school!!

The infamous durian.  NOT my favorite!


  1. CJ!!!!CJ!!!! CJ!!!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!
    I'm so proud to see what a great young man you grew up to be. I have no doubt that you will touch the lives and hearts of many while on your misson.
    I'm proud to tell people I was your nanny!
    Love, Rose

  2. OOOPS!....I meant, ELDER STAHLE! :P