Monday, July 15, 2013

Visit to the National Mosque (5 months)

Elder Stahle & Elder Dailey at the National Mosque
This week has been very interesting and very slow! We went contacting for 16 hours this past week and literally found no one to teach. So, we went to the mall because Elder Dailey needed a sunglass case. We asked the store owner and he pulled out a way nice case. He said “Percuma” which means free in Bahasa. So we were shocked and we asked why? He told us that he has seen missionaries in Kuching since 1997. He has always wanted to talk to us but never had the chance. So we got his number and we might get to teach him! He was so happy to talk with us!  I had a feeling come over me and I could tell that he could be very good. He doesn't speak very good English or Bahasa. He is Chinese. So it should be interesting!

We went contacting in a new area this week. We were biking down a back street near all this jungle area. We got to the end of the street there was probably 40 stray dogs. They came out of the jungle trees area and started chasing us!! I've never pedaled that fast in my life! It was so crazy and my heart was going crazy!! (haha) We found this one guy when contacting the same day. He had Trina's brother from Germany!! I got a picture with the guy and his German Shepherd! It was the only normal, nice looking dog I have seen in Malaysia in 5 months! It was such a great looking dog. We went contacting and we found this little stand where you could buy shirts and have photos printed on them. Also like cups and stuff.  I was walking by and glanced over and saw this one family photo.  I was thinking like, hmmm that family looks familiar!  It was Drew Winquist!! hahahahah. You will have to tell him on facebook. It was so funny and random! Yes, I'm getting a custom suit made!  Today I go for the jacket test fitting. So I'm excited about that! It is going to look so good!!!  When I wear my other suit, the jacket looks huge!! Shirts custom made here are 180RM so $60 US.  I'm getting my suit made for 650RM so about $200 US. It is from scratch! So it is going to be super nice!! I'm way excited!  

This week Elder Dailey and I also had a visit to the National Mosque. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in. All tourists...probably 50 people and so I decided to pull the “I can speak Malay card” and so i went up to the guy and I said, “Boleh Masuk?” And he told us we could cut the line and just go in and we had to sign a book to go in and he took it from some lady signing it to give it to us to sign so speaking Bahasa here if you are white will get you more food, get you into things first and cut lines, and do a lot more!!

The heat is not too big of an issue anymore! We were eating dinner a few days ago and this guy came in and sat down at our table. He started talking to us for about an hour. He thought that we were students. He has seen us biking and wanted to talk to us. We gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he’s happy with his religion right now. He wanted the book to read it. So maybe a seed was planted! When we go contacting ir starts to drizzle rain and then it pours. There is no place to hide from the rain. So we just take it!  Why is it so hot in Utah this summer?

Elder Stahle in a Crocodile Dundee hat
Hey Mom, yes I love those chocolate sticks! [C.J. shipped home these chocolate candy sticks, like in straws, to share with the family and his sisters] Can you send me my farewell talk?  I really love the language!  Yesterday, we went to go and see Yeni and her family. They told me how good my Bahasa is getting! Ya, I will stay safe.  I know that God is protecting us. I know that he is helping me everyday in every situation!  Contacting on our own is very hard! I love you and I miss you! I can’t believe it’s already been 5 months!

Elder Stahle in a Charlie Sheen hat
Hey Maddie. Lately every Malay and Chinese girl here tells me I’m handsome. I have lost so much weight. Yes, continue to pray and read the scriptures!!  Thanks for all your prayers. They help everyday!  I love you so much!

Hey Lydia, sounds like you had fun at girls camp and how did you meet Sister Dalton?  Good job on your personal progress and keep doing good with all

of that! Keep reading your scriptures and pray daily! I love you so much and keep doing good. I miss you!

Hey Hannah, the chocolate things are way good huh?!  I miss you so much and remember to play with Trina and Pepper a lot!  I love you.

Look what I found on my mission!
Drew Winquist and his family!
(C.J. played soccer with Drew as a kid and they went to the
same high school)
Hey Brooklyn, I'm having a great day today! That is good you made another new friend! I hope you have fun and like your bracelets! Keep doing good at home and helping Mom and Dad! Have fun at the cabin! I love and miss you!

Love, Elder Stahle

**We love packages from our missionary :)**

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