Monday, July 8, 2013

Klang, Malaysia (Week 21)

I love this quote. We got it from Zone Conference!

Well this has been a very interesting and very busy week. We had a lot of lessons with recent converts and less actives this past week. It was more than I have ever had in a week. So it was very productive. At church yesterday some of the members paid their tithing. It was awesome to see! It was so good to see how happy they were when they paid their tithing that they have been saving up! Beh got to bless the sacrament yesterday for the first time! He did so good!

This week was very fun! Elder Dailey and I were contacting and this guy yelled "Ular" which means snake! So we went over to go look at it. It was a massive 7 foot python! I will send pictures, it was so big and I was talking to the guys in Malay. I asked if I could hold it, but they told me no. We were biking to go see VJ and there is this one roundabout and as I was biking this car cut over from the inside lane and hit my front tire.  Let’s just say this car has a huge black mark now!

Huge python

My Bahasa has actually been doing pretty well! Before when we would go see some members I wouldn't really talk very much. I would just let Elder Robinson talk. Now that he is gone I have to speak and I have actually surprised myself!!  I can
talk to people for not really being in a Bahasa area yet!!

Hi Dad.  Yes, it has been very hot here lately! It hasn't rained in over a week again so it is very dry and hot. I think I actually might need to start wearing lotion because my face is drying out. I don't know how that is happening! It has been so much fun speaking Bahasa!! I love this language! I'm so excited when I get to go to East Malaysia where that is all I can speak to people! Last night at Yeni's house I was able to have a full conversation for about 30 minutes, not really even thinking twice about it!  We were meeting with Beh earlier this week. He said how reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese has been really hard. I would definitely say I was blessed with the gift of tongues.  I had him listen to Siri (iPad) in Chinese say a verse.  I helped him to understand it and it was amazing!  I'm learning a lot of Chinese church words so I'm excited to get more into that when I get home! I love and miss you so much Dad!

Hi Mom. That is way cool about all the people leaving soon to go on missions!  That should be fun for the girls to go to girls camp! Ya it is always hot here everyday, all day! My language has been getting a lot better. I can understand quite a bit of stuff now when I hear it. Speaking it is getting a lot easier for me! The air is finally getting better here. It’s not as nasty anymore. Still smokey when we wake up in the morning. My back is doing good and I'm doing great on my bike! When I get home I'm getting into biking like everyday!!  I love biking!! I love you so much Mom keep doing good at home!

Hey Maddie, this week has been really good! We have got a lot of work done.  It will be good for you to work on your personal progress and go to girls camp!  It should be way fun!  I love being out here and hopefully you can come here someday. I love and miss you and have a good week.

Hey Lydia, jeeze you are just having so much fun this summer!  Wow, you better ride jet skis for me!  Do not touch my fishing poles!  Everytime it rains I have to go out in it. It seems like its a fire hose just getting opened up on us! It rains so hard here! I miss you so much and love you!

Hey hannah, I've been great! Have fun with Brooklyn this week with watching her and take care of the dogs! I love you so much!

Hi Brooklyn, I am having a great day on my mission everyday! I want Trina to have puppies too! Keep doing good at home. Brooklyn, I love you so much and I sent some presents home last week so look for them in the mail :)

Love, Elder Stahle

Smith's bag.  Crazy...I had to buy one.

Crushed cheecak lizard I killed last night with my water bottle that I threw from 15 feet away.

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