Monday, July 22, 2013

Klang, Malaysia (Week 23)

New suit fitting
Well this has been a pretty good week!  We met James Bond and Santa this week! James Bond is a Indian man. He told us how he’s very Western. He doesn’t work because he is the husband and so he makes his wife work. (haha) When we met with Santa this week it was a way good lesson. We had him read Moroni 10:3-5. When he read verse 3 he said how his whole body began to tingle. He said he has never felt that way before. So it was a very good lesson.  He really wants to learn more about the church!  This week we went out to go see Vicky and I had a flat tire. So either someone stabbed my tire or I ran over a kitchen knife!! (haha) But I think someone stabbed that's no fun! I had to walk my bike 3 miles to get a new tube and tire which cost 60RM. This week it was raining way hard after a district meeting. We had to walk pretty far to go get on the bus to go home. I decided to go buy an umbrella from Giant. So I got one and when I got outside to open it up it was already broken! So went back into the store and I went through like 4 before I finally found one that worked.  Oh well!

BEFORE -- My old suit...way too big now
I called this guy who Elder Robinson and I had met.  I called him to see if we could meet up soon. He told me to buy him a drink and how he misses me so much. He told me wine and champagne have no alcohol. (haha) We were at the bus stop waiting to go into district meeting. This guy came and sat by me. He started to just fly at me in Bahasa! I was able to respond and everything so that was very fun!  When I was at McDonald’s this past week I ordered in Bahasa! They gave me an extra sandwich and fry!! (hahahaha) This girl that works there also gave me all these free coffee vouchers and food vouchers!!

AFTER -- My new suit and custom made to fit!  I love it!
When I was teaching yesterday in church to Yeni and Henrick it was so much fun! I was able to teach the whole lesson in Bahasa and they understood everything!  That is a huge confidence builder for me!  I feel my Bahasa isn't too bad considering I'm in West Malaysia, which doesn't have a ton of Bahasa! I gave my old suit to Henrick because it is way too big for me now. When he put on my suit coat it literally looked like it was custom made for him! He loved it so much! He started to tear up. So that was very special for me to do that for him!  I love my new suit!  It’s amazing the steamstress even embroidered my name on the inside of the jacket. it is just a great quality suit!

Me in my new slacks
He even sewed my name into my suit
Hey Dad, that sounds so sweet about Trina meeting other people and dogs. I miss Trina and Pepper. Trina is going to be such a good dog!  I cannot believe how hot it is in Utah!!  Here it is always hot, but right now is considered summer I guess!  The rainy season I have heard should be here in about 3 months or less.  It has been pretty good for Elder Dailey and I.  I have actually got to talk to Elder Rasmussen quite a bit lately because we are trying to send some records to Tawau where he is.  I also got to talk to Elder Madsen. He is now a zone leader too. The missionary work here is just like it is anywhere in the world. It’s slow contacting, not always very effective, and we usually meet people when we are just going about our day. Every baptism here is either a referral or you just run into them on the street. Yes, I love my mission!  How many other missionaries can say they have baptized an American, Chinese, and Indian on their mission? Not too many!!  (haha) This mission is so unique! Yes, it is very challenging but very worth it!  Oh yeah, being on a mission is way better than going to college!  I love you so much and I miss you Dad! Keep doing good at home!

Hey Mom, I miss the cabin and just being able to fish which is what I miss so much! Send my package to Singapore because I might be getting transferred. There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that says "studying the gospel changes behavior faster than studying the change of behavior."  I love bike riding now!  I'm still getting in better shape and still losing weight! We bike probably 4 miles a day. This is like one of the least biking areas in the mission too!  I love you so much! Drive safe when you go back home from the cabin. I miss you!

Here is me in my new suit and I gave Henrick my old suit
Hey Maddie, it’s going great out here! Yes that is all we do everyday. All day long we plant seeds! A really good chapter about faith that I share with everyone here is Alma 32 26-43. It talks about faith being compared to a seed.  Keep reading the Book of Mormon. It will help you so much in life!  I love and miss you keep doing good at home!
Henrick and his family
Hey Lydia, that is good you’re having fun at the cabin.  Keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying! I love you so much and I can't believe summer for all you girls is already halfway over! I love and miss you keep doing good!

Hey Hannah, sounds like you are having fun at the cabin and with everything. Keep doing good and reading and praying. I’m glad you liked the bracelets I sent home. I love you!

Hey Brooklyn, wow I am so happy you are good at crawdad hunting!  I can't believe you ate them!! I don’t even like to eat them! (haha) I prefer just to catch them! I love you so much Brooklyn.  Have fun at the cabin! I miss you!


Elder Stahle

[ C.J. has lost so much weight in his neck and waist too, he has requested we send him 8 new shirts too. Proud of our boy. This missionary loves serving the Lord and he loves this mission. :) ]

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