Monday, July 1, 2013

Buta Caves (Week 20)

Tallest Hindu statue in the world
This week has been pretty good but also very tough! We had 6 appointments fall through, but somehow we still managed to get 10 lessons in this week which is a lot! We were supposed to have an appointment with a man named Santa! He canceled on us so Santa is now on the naughty list (haha)!! Compared to how many fell through, we could have had a ton. We made some new contacts but they were pretty much impossible to get a hold of.  Maybe this next week we will be able to meet with some of them.

We went to Batu Caves!! I took so many great pictures and videos. We got to play with monkeys! We took up Lychee (fruit) and we were feeding the monkeys and stuff. I got to legitly play monkey in the middle!! I got it all on video!! It was so much fun! It was super smokey so the pictures are not as clear as they would be on a clear day!  I can't wait to send home my SD card so you can see all the videos and the fun stuff that we get to do here!

Buta caves - 277 stairs to the top

My breakfast of champions

Being senior companion is a big responsibility! We get along really well!  It’s very good to be companions with Elder Dailey. Everyone always is confused who is talking on the phone. When we answer, we say who it is but they are still kind of confused. So he says Elder Hari Hari, which means Daily in Malay!! (haha) 

People here have small families. It seems like either they are older people or younger. So they don't have many kids.  It seems like when we go contacting they say, "Oh I am already a Christian. Go find the non-Christians.” Then we try to find the non-Christians and they say, "I don't want to be Christian. Go find the Christians." So it is very hard! It is kind of like at home. I ask Dad if I can do something and he tells me to go ask Mom and I ask her and she says go ask your Dad!! (haha)  It seems like when we go out contacting and set aside time to do it we find no one. But as we go about our day with like riding buses to meetings, or at the store or haircut that is when we find people. God really does have these people cross our paths at the right time!

This week has been very hot except on Wednesday! We were staying in doing some planning for the week. We had a appointment with VJ at 4:30 PM so we were leaving our house at like 4:00 PM to bike there. The whole time we were in our apartment the weather was great and sunny! When we leave it starts raining harder than I have ever seen it rain in my life! We had to go see VJ. I was soaked from head to toe in about 1 minute of biking from our apartment. I had about 4 cars drive by and soak me with like the huge wave sprays from cars! When I showered that night I had gravel in my hair and everything!! When we got to VJ's place my shoes were full of water! I took them off and literally poured out a ton of water!! It was crazy!

My new favorite drink called Revive Epal
 (apple flavored) and it is so good. I got
all 3 bottles for 6 RM! They are usaully 4 RM
each and with my Bahasa (Malay speaking), I  got
them down to 2RM each!!
I have seen a lot blessings this past week with my Bahasa (Malay). We went to see an investigator and she only speaks Malay. When I would go to see her in the past with Elder Robinson, I would rarely talk. This time I was talking a ton. I have seen how God has had a hand in my language ability since I am with Elder Dailey now! It is so fun to speak it now!!! I'm still not very good but people here can understand me!

I had a Mega Mac at McDonalds!! It was very good. It has 4 meat patties on it!! (haha) Big Mac's are my favorite thing at McDonalds now...hands down!! That is crazy it has been that hot in Utah. It has been super hot here the past 2 weeks!! It has only rained one time and usually it rains everyday, so it’s miserable outside!

We are pretty busy today. We are going into KL! Elder Dailey wants to go to Pasar Seni (cheap Chinese stuff).  So that should be fun today. The smoke isn’t too bad anymore. The air was terrible when we had to wear masks for about a week!!

I love you so much Dad and I miss you.  Keep doing good with everything!!

Hi Mom, yes making plans for everyday is very tough and stressful!! We always want to have something to do for every hour of the day. I have really had to "simplify" my English. Other missionaries say that I sound so strange now when I speak. They say I talk like I'm talking to a little kid. It’s true. I have noticed it big time! My back is doing good! I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger everyday!  Yes, the girls need to do all that they can to get their young women’s values medallions! It will boost them up so much and so will seminary! That would be so cool if the girls served missions! It’s way fun and totally worth it!  That will be fun for Hannah to get braces! I had braces forever because my teeth are stubborn.  It has been super hot here too!  I pray for everyone every day! I love you so much Mom! I will continue to work hard out here everyday!

Hey Maddie, being senior companion is fun, but very challenging. You need to get your young women’s medallion so you can be the best Mom and woman you can be! I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, that is too bad they sent you the wrong size of shoe! They actually sell a lot of shoes here at the place I bought all the glasses! They do have high tops I think. The bracelets here are nice and they have so many different kinds! I love you so much and get your young women’s medallion.  It will help you so much in life! Read your scriptures! I love and miss you!

Sunset in Malaysia tonight
Hey Hannah, I have been having fun, always! That is good you might get braces soon! Maybe they will be off before I even come home!  I love you and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you and miss you Brooklyn! I got to play with lots of monkeys here!!  I will show you pictures and videos! I love you and miss you so much!

Love, Elder Stahle

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  1. Think of you often and pray for you all the time. So proud of your progress and accomplishments on your mission. Keep up the awesome work!
    Take care!
    Love, Rose