Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Ordered More Book of Mormons! (Week 32)

This has been a very good week!  We were not as busy as usual but we were able to do a lot of missionary work! We passed 21 Book of Mormons this past week also!!!! We have ordered more than 200 English Book of Mormons over the past 6 weeks and none are even recognized by SLC. So we are in trouble! This week we will not pass out very many...because well, we have none to pass out! We are having a baptism this Sunday and it will be the first baptism since December 2012. So that will be very exciting!! Elder Misa will baptize him and I will confirm him on Fast Sunday! It has been hard to meet up with some investigators that we have. They are just getting very busy lately and not as able to meet right now. It isn't very good but we are sticking with it!
Elder Stahle and Anekwe at church this week.
Anekwe is hopefully getting baptized this Sunday!

We had President and Sister Mains at our apartment on Saturday night. They did a house inspection and interviews with us. My interview was so good with President Mains! He is such an awesome man and he has so many good insights about so many things!  He has helped me to grow so much! Transfers will be in 4 weeks so who knows where I will go! I will most likely leave since Elder Misa will probably train here in Puchong.

We have been teaching this new guy named Roger and he is from Ghana! He is so awesome and is really progressing well. He is going to be moving back to Ghana next week though so he wants to meet the Elders there when he goes back!

Hey Dad, I'm so happy that the Utes won!!!! That is now 4 years in a row!!! That is super cool about the Braves this year. Do you think they could take it all? That is so exciting that they are finally getting a new Maverick and that we got a new Apple Store closer to home! I have heard from a lot of members that the new iPhone is nothing special. How is Apple Radio? So to come and get me you will only need a passport when you go through immigration. They will give you a 90-day tourist visa. When you pick me up it will be in Singapore because for my last day we all go to Singapore and have a final interview with President Mains. So you will pick me up in Singapore then we will bus or fly around Malaysia! Ya, being here in this foreign country has taught me a lot and I would easily call this my new home in the future.  I would have to live in KL where all the Americans live (haha)! love you so much!  I sent a package home and in there is a newspaper in there which is the 50th year of Malaysia Day! So it is a special and rare newspaper so keep it and you can see how they print here in Malaysia! There is also 3 cookbooks with amazing recipes and then the sweet sticker [ I*Gotta*P, from Bubba Gumps ] for you! I love and miss you Dad I can't wait for you to come here!

My new investigator drives this 2009 Lamborgini Gallardo
Hey Mom, ya I saw my doctor again and it is going good. He gave me some more medicine to help the swelling go down a little more, but my back is doing good. My back is just sore and stuff, but no big deal. It sounds like the primary program was very good! That would have been very fun to see! I can't believe that when I come home Hannah will be in 7th grade and Lydia will be in 9th and Maddie will be graduated! Time really does fly fast. I'm coming up on 8 months in a few weeks!  That sounds like the girls had a good week for softball, volleyball and soccer. That is fun Maddie went to a dance at WX. It sounds like this next week will be very busy for the family!  Oh, I sent a package with Adrian this week and he works for FedEx so be looking for a package with cookbooks and newspaper!! It should take 4-5 days.  I will find out my release date in February, usually a year before I go home.  We will probably just use taxi's or we can rent a car. I can drive since I’m used to the other side of the road now (haha)!  All the girls want to come here? We can stay at Marriott so that will be good. We could even bus from Singapore up to KL if we wanted to. I do miss American food! Especially good tasting food with American influence!!! I love you so much and I miss you! I know that my mission will fly by because it already is going super fast...which stinks!

Hey Maddie, why would you go to New York and who would you go with?? Duh, I could have told you that accounting is easier than math. It is so simple!  It sounds like you are having fun at home with everything. Keep doing good. And who knows maybe you will come to pick me up at the end of my mission. I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, Happy Birthday today in Malaysia!! I miss Wingers so bad and just being able to get in my car and drive!! It sounds like you have had a good birthday weekend! I love you so much and I hope you had some red velvet cheesecake with me in mind...because I’m so freakin’ hungry right now! Have a great birthday tomorrow in America!!! I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, it sounds like you had a really good week and got a lot of new really good friends! That is great! That is good that you did awesome in your primary talk! Mom sent me your talk. It was so fun to hear what you said and everything! I can't believe you are almost in young women’s. You are growing up so fast! It would be very cool if you all came to pick me up after my mission! I love and miss you Hannah!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you so much and it sounds like you did good in soccer and that girl who pushed you sounds very mean! Wow! You got me a Utah Utes basket? Awesome!!! How is school going for you Brooklyn? It sounds like you did good with your primary program! I love and miss you!


Elder Stahle

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