Monday, September 2, 2013

Merdeka Day BBQ (Week 29)

This has been a pretty good week here in Puchong. We have been able to meet up with a lot of new people lately. We have been able to teach quite a bit, which has been good. This past week we placed 10 Book of Mormons! So in the 4 weeks I have been here in Puchong we have placed more Book of Mormons than I did in Klang in 4 months! We went to FHE for the YSA here on Friday. We brought Anekwe and he loved it! We watched a documentary called Two Brothers (more info - click here) and it was awesome! I would suggest it to anyone and everyone!! It is probably by far one of my favorite documentaries I have ever watched in my life.

Eating snake. So good!
We met this new man named Mr. Tho. He is Chinese. He is awesome! He said he's Buddhist and we asked him what he liked about it and he said, “that he doesn't care for it". I was able to practice some of my Chinese on him and Malay. He was very impressed! So that was fun. He took us out to get some roasted duck and it was amazing!!! The best I have ever had in my life!

We have been able to get a lot of missionary work done lately so it has been nice to do! On Friday, August 31, 2013, it was Merdeka Day, which means their freedom day. So like their Independence Day. Elder Misa and I went over to a members house for an Elder's Quorum BBQ with all of the young men. It was good. I feel like we have gotten a lot closer with the branch this past week. We have been trying to bring back less actives. It has been very hard also because half of the people who are less active only speak Chinese. My Chinese is rusty so it is hard to speak to them right now, but has been coming back just a little bit...but not very much!

Us with Jo Jo
I think this week I will get to do two more baptismal interviews so that will be good. This past Monday we went to the crazy food restaurant and it was so funny! We walked in and there was 8 of us missionaries in the white shirts and ties. The first thing they told us was "we are just a normal Chinese restaurant. We only sell chicken, pork, fish, noodles, rice, and beef". We didn’t even ask what they sold (haha). We found out that they sold crazy exotic meats. So we got crocodile from Africa, ostrich from Africa (It was the best meat I have ever had in my life!), flying fox, turtle, and snake soup. The snake soup was my favorite meat and soup. It was so good!

Hey Dad, Ya it has been a really sad week because I knew Elder Wiberg pretty well. I served here in KL with him for 6 weeks and at district meetings I would talk to him quite a bit. So it was super sad when I heard he passed away. I still am in shock that he died because, the doctors all said that he should be fine and that he will make it. But God had other plans for him I guess. His Dad told President Mains that, "Elder Wiberg has been transferred to his new area on the other side of the veil." When I read that it really hit me hard and really has given me a perspective as to what life is really all about. The movies, songs and things of the world mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. We are all working to get back to the Celestial Kingdom and I have seen that first hand since I have been out here.

Everyone here in the Singapore mission from Davis High has become an AP or at least a Zone Leader (haha). It looks like Davis High knows how to represent (haha). I can't believe I have now been out 7 months, in my journal I just had my 200th day on Saturday! I will probably be here in Puchong for 12 weeks. By the end of the year there will be 50 new missionaries. So Elder Misa will have to train, after I train him. So I will probably leave after 3 months here in Puchong. Yes, Elder Misa and I we get along very well we don't really fight or argue about anything.  He is really starting to like being here a lot more now.  I don't know if he can ever love it as much as I do though!

The members can see that we are working our butt's off.  They are starting to respect us a little more is the vibe I am getting. I feel that since we have been here we have made a huge difference for this area! It has been good to be able to do so much missionary work! It’s good to be able to report to the branch how many Book f Mormons we have handed out in the week.  We are at at least 10 per week!  

That is awesome that Utah did so good. Hopefully this will be a good season for them! I love that BYU lost!! (haha) Elder Misa started laughing when I told him that!  I love and miss you so much Dad thanks for all that you do!  

FHE with YSA
Hey Mom, That is very exciting about the girls and how well school is going! That is awesome that Brooklyn likes school and all of her new friends. I have been reading my Patriarchal blessing lately. There is a line that has been sticking out to me so much lately. I have never really picked up on before. So that has been very cool. And also my personal studies have been very good lately.  I have asked many missionaries who is on top of the temple? And everyone says Angel Moroni but in D&C 29:26 it looks like it will be Michael AKA Adam. So that has been a big debate lately (haha). President Mains couldn't even answer the question. So, I feel like I need to take it to the Prophet! I miss Mexican food so much!  [...since I had just told him about an event I had catered with a Mexican restaurant.] 

I am getting my last pair of pants altered and a long sleeve white shirt to fit me perfectly now on my arm sleeves. So it is nice! I love you Mom so much. Keep doing good and I miss you!

Hey Maddie, so it has been good. I ate a lot more crazy food. So far on my mission I have eaten turtle, snake, flying fox, ostrich, stingray, and crocodile. That is good you are taking accounting. It is such a fun class and I love Mrs. Ward. She's the best! Keep doing good in school and doing what you should do. I love and miss you. Have a good week.

Elder Stahle with Brother Adrian, a counselor in
the branch presidency here
Hey Lydia, that is so exciting that you made the volleyball team and that you are doing so well! That is cool you are able to do blocks now. I'm sure that has been fun for you! Keep doing good in volleyball. I love and miss you!

Hey Hannah, That is good that you enjoy being the top dog of your school now. That has to be fun! And make sure that you become the leader in all that you do. It will help you for the rest of your life! Keep doing good in softball!! When does volleyball start again? I love you so much keep doing good! I miss you!

Hey Brooklyn,  sounds like you really enjoyed your first week of kindergarten and your first soccer game!! I hope that you like going to school because it is very fun!! I know that you are a very fast runner -- like a cheetah! I love you so much. Keep doing good!

I was in a small bus accident that has left my back really sore.  I flew up in the air 18” and came down really hard on my butt. The pain is not on my incision. It is 2-3 levels below my incision. Icing helps it. It could be a bruise. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or lay down, but something is off. I’m going to call Sister Mains. Everything will be fine. My patriarchal blessing tells me that I WILL SERVE A FULL TIME MISSION  and I'm only at 7 months right now so that isn’t a full mission yet. It will be fine and I will keep you posted.

Make sure everyone reads the Book of Mormon daily and prays as a family. I need all the help i can get out here. I have to go. I love you all!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Stahle

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