Monday, September 16, 2013

Two New Roommates (7 months)

District Meeting with KL Zone

This past week has been very good but also very busy. Last week when we were emailing I got a call from President Doss and he told me he got me into a back doctor and that I had to leave right then to get to the hospital in time. I saw the doctor and he gave me a bunch of medicine and told me to just rest for 1-2 weeks. He said that he wants to see me on Saturday this week. He might give me a permission slip to go swimming to help my back. So I might get to swim on my mission, legally (hahahaha)! 

We were able to have a lot of really good lessons this past week. Anekwe is doing great! He is getting very close to baptism. We have him scheduled for baptism in 2 weeks. Which would be good because our branch hasn't had any baptisms in a year!! We got new Elders this week in Puchong. So that has been interesting to say the least having four (4) Elder’s in the house now.  It was kind of a slower week for Elder Misa and I because I was resting at home a lot more than we ever do.  I'm starting to feel a lot better. On Friday, Elder Misa and I went to KL and I had to do a baptismal interview for the Zone Leaders. The interview went very good. It’s like when I do an interview it doesn't really feel like I'm doing it at all. It’s like I feel like I'm there, but it is the spirit talking through me. It’s a really cool feeling!

Cool sunset

Our mission is getting so big now. It is crazy! I can't believe that by December 5, 2013, we will have our maximum number of missionaries allowed here in our mission of 176.  I don't know how President Mains will be able to fly everywhere and do all of the interviews and everything! I really admire him and how well he handles everything that he has to do.  I'm really surprised that he ever has any time to sleep. He is coming to KL on Thursday to do Elder Misa's new missionary training. I can't believe general conference is in 3 weeks either!

Hey Dad, ya I'm feeling pretty good now. I'm not really taking it to easy anymore. The meds has really helped a lot. I have been icing a lot lately. Yeah, the Harley shirt I got for you was so cool! I have noticed a big change in myself, with just like everything!! I have had a very long trial to get out here physically and now that I am out here, I am so grateful for the service that I am able to provide and the love I have for my mission!  I love being out here! I never thought I would experience some of the things I have either!!  This country is amazing!  

This past week I was kind of sick also. They call it Demums and it is so miserable. It is like runny nose, cough, headache, and body aches and you just feel like crap!  That freakin’ stinks about the Utes!! Was Oregon State ranked?? How did the Rangers fall behind Oakland?  Elder Misa raps, so it is funny. He is way good at free styling! Elder Misa and I this past week have been able to place 8 Book of Mormons which is still very good.  Yesterday coming home from church we met a guy named David. He's from Algeria and hopefully we are going to start to teach him! I love you so much Dad and I miss you!!

Hey Mom, well I'm doing very good and I loved your letter from this week!  I loved your testimony and I’m going to start sending post cards more often! I love you so much! It sounds like it was a good week for the Stahle family back home! That is so cool that Hannah got a double play! That is legit! That would have been a fun fireside to go and see! That is awesome! I love you so much!  I don't have a ton of time left to email today, but I love and miss you!

Cool new feature I found on my camera!
Hey Maddie, it’s going good here...just busy being a missionary on God’s time. That fireside sounds really cool! I love and miss you. Keep doing good in all that you do!

Hey Lydia, it sounds like volleyball is going really well for you and that is awesome! I love and miss you so much and I hope you get to play varsity more cause you deserve it! I miss you!

Hey Hannah, dang it sounds like you are doing really good with sports! I love and miss you!

Hey Brooklyn, yes I love Malaysia and I’m happy! Do you like your shirt? I’m so happy you are a good helper! You scored 2 goals? That is so good Brooklyn good job! I love and miss you!!!


Elder Stahle

Baptismal Interview I did with this sister this week 

At church  yesterday
Gift for mid autumn festival for Chinese New Year.
It is mooncakes for Elder Misa and I.

District leader life on Sunday nights

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