Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunway Pyramid cool experience (Week 30)

This week has been pretty good. We have been able to teach a lot of lessons with members present at the lessons. When I was in Klang that never happened. So that is a big change that I really like. Having members there is really important. I have learned to have the investigator be able to connect with someone other than us missionaries, proves to be effective.

Elder Stahle at Bubba Gumps sharing a Book of
Mormon with Forest Gump!

Today is transfers. I think that I will be staying here in Puchong and finish Elder Misa's training. We had a pretty cool story that happened this past week. We went to IOI Mall to go get some lunch and we were walking back home to do Weekly Planning. When we were crossing the bridge I had this super strong impression that we needed to get to Sunway Pyramid. It is a huge mall that is super nice. About 15 seconds after I had that impression, Elder Misa said. “I feel like we should go to Sunway Pyramid.” So that was a awesome experience! Elder Misa and I have never been there before so it was going to be an adventure. So there is one bus that goes to that mall and it only comes one time per hour. We walked to the bus stop and when we got there the bus pulled up!! The past 6 weeks I have been here I have never seen bus #68 before. This time it pulled up right on time for us! We went to the mall and started to go around trying to find who we were intended to meet. So we talked to this one guy and we didn’t feel like it was the one we were supposed to meet but we still gave him a Book of Mormon. Then we met a woman from Kenya and gave her a Book of Mormon. It still didn’t feel like it was her either, so we kept going. We went down to the ground level because there was a hockey tournament going on for all the Asian countries.  It was these two little kids teams playing and we got to meet lots of white people from Canada. Their kids were playing but they lived in Singapore (haha). So we were just about to leave and I saw this one guy who kept following us from a distance. So we were watching the hockey game and he came by me and just wouldn't stop looking at me. I had a very strong impression that I needed to talk to him. So I started to talk to him and I had a very peaceful feeling come over me like to let me know that he was the one we went there to meet! Come to find out that he is Catholic and his Pastor told him all about Mormons and how we are bad people. He knew who we were. He said he was looking for a true church that wasn't corrupt. A church that had God's power and hand in the church. So that was amazing! We are going to meet with him this Thursday.

Elder Stahle with Michale at Dim Sums

This past week we were able to place 11 Book of Mormons! I have not had a week here where Elder Misa and I haven't placed at least double digits so -- 10 or more every week! It has been super fun to see all the good that comes from it. We have a new investigator named Mr. Tho. He is an awesome guy! He takes us out to lunch all the time to teach him! We have him on date for October 20th and Anekwe is on date for September 29th. So hopefully we will get Puchong Branch it's first baptism of the year! [ I clarified this with him. Yes, the first baptism in all of 2013 in the Puchong area! ]

I’m doing alright. My back still hurts but not as bad. I’m still going to go see the doctor though.

Hi Dad! That is way exciting about Hannah's team winning the tournament! And that is so funny that Utah killed Weber State. And I can't believe BYU beat Texas Longhorns! Was that in Texas or Utah? Dang, the Alabama game should be way good!  I love you so much Dad and I miss you. I can't wait until you and Mom get to come here and eat all the good food!

Hey Mom. Don’t worry about me. It will be fine and I actually haven’t done any P90X since I have been here in Puchong.  When I did do P90X it was very modified. No new foods this past week but, no we don’t really cook at all in our house. I bought 3 cookbooks to send to you and they all look amazing. They are Singapore and Malaysian cuisine cookbooks and they look unbelieveable!!! That is way good about Hannah's softball team! I love you so much Mom and I miss you!!!

Hey Hannah, that is so exciting that you have been able to do so well in your softball games! I hope you are having fun with school also. I love you so much keep doing good. I miss you!!

Hey Maddie, ya my week has been okay and don’t worry about me i will be fine! I love and miss you!

Hey Lydia, Keep up the good work. I am sure you will play varsity soon! What kind of volleyball shoes did you get? I love you so much!! I miss you. Keep doing good with sports and school!

Hey Brooklyn, I love you I hope you had a good week! I miss you too!


Elder Stahle

I got a terrible hair cut this week. This is my before photo...

...and after! Now I am Sargent Bilko!! Elder Misa
fixed my hair since he cuts his own hair.

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